Neverending Dark Desire

Life on Earth is difficult for the vampire Vidia Viridi, the angel of envy. Together with her loyal submissive, the guardian angel of gratitude, Olof Ministro, she wants humans to respect her again, as they should.
This one human, the vlogger Snappy Susanna, especially irks Vidia. Susanna has it all: a pretty face, a loving fiancee, thousands of happy followers. Her popularity knows no bounds. But what will be left of her once Vidia is on her course of destruction? Will she still have her vlog, her lover, her life...?
One thing is certain: Never cross the Angel of Envy.

'Never-ending Dark Desire' is an intense BDSM-erotica story intended for a mature audience that contains scenes of F/m/m encounters, whippings, and more...

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About the Book
Genre: Erotica
Tag: Vampire
Format: e-book
Length: short story
ISBN: 9781540114433
eBook Price: 2.99
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