It was time for another lesson for Celine. Master brought her to his office so she could service him…and his employees

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“Do you have any plans today, Celine? A job interview, perhaps?” Master asked Celine, opening the curtains while she squinted her eyes at the bright light.

“What? Plans? Pff. Coffee is what I need,” she replied groggily before letting out a big yawn.

“Great. That’s settled then. Get out of bed, take a shower and have a hearty breakfast. You’re gonna need it.”

She slowly shook her head, trying to make sense of the cyclone whirling through her room. “Why?”

“You’re coming to the office with me today. Come on, get out of bed.” He pulled back the covers.

“The office? But why?”

“No buts. Just do as I say, submissive.”

A tingle shot up Celine’s spine. If Master used the word ‘submissive’ before lunch, then something was up.

Celine suppressed her sigh while Master was in the room. She got out of bed and followed the orders she had been given.

“I need you on your best behaviour today,” Master said as they drove.

“We are going to my office and, while most still work at home, I know some of my employees will be present today.

Some you may recognize from your lesson about masturbating without my permission. How do you feel about what we did that day?”

Celine tried very hard to get back into the mindset of that particular evening. She had enjoyed it, yes, quite a lot actually, but it wasn’t something she wanted to think about after just having had breakfast.
“It was all right.”

Master glanced at her quickly before watching the road again. “I know we don’t often do it like this, but I’m trying to get your consent here should a similar situation arise today.

“Yes, Master, that’s all right.” Even to herself, she sounded snarky.

“And if it were to go further than a blowjob?”

“Yeah, fine.”

“You’re lucky you’re already up for a lesson, missy, else I’d pull over and take you over the knee here and now.”

“Yes, Master.” Celine stared at her hands while she fiddled with her fingers. She was not in any sexual mood, yet she enjoyed being put in her place like this.

A few minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot and entered the building where Master worked.

The whole place was eerily quiet. Celine had been here before, so she knew the way to the Master’s office.

Master placed his bag behind his desk. “I would like some coffee.”

“Yes, Sir.” Celine darted out to the coffee machine.

Two espressos in one cup, she remembered it well. What a day it had been so far. She wondered what Master had in store for her today. Her previous lessons had been, well, entertaining; and though she wasn’t in the mood at this moment, she was certain her dominant could change that soon.

For a split second, she considered making a coffee for herself but decided against it. When Master was in this mind frame, she should not push any boundaries. Master nodded in acknowledgement when she placed the cup of coffee before him.

“I would have preferred it in my cup, but okay.”

He handed her the pink remote-controlled toy they had used before. “Put this in your pussy.”

“Right now?” Celine blurted out before realizing the mistake.

He merely regarded her sternly.

“Of course, Sir.” Celine took the toy and made for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Oh, I, erm, thought I would go to the bathroom.”

“Plenty of space here,” he said as he motioned with his arm.

“Of course, Sir.”

Celine pulled down her pants and panties and sat down on the chair opposite her Master. She spread her legs wide while she sat on the edge of the seat and pushed the toy inside of her.

“Did you turn it on?” Master asked.

Celine pushed the button. “It is now, Sir.”

A soft rumbling motion began inside of her.

“Good girl, I can see in your face it’s working. You may remove your panties and put your pants back on. Take off your shirt and bra. I want something to look at.”

She did as he told her to.

“Come here.”

He held out her wrist cuffs and applied them to her wrists. He pinched each of her nipples before attaching her cuffs together behind her back.
Her breasts stood out pertly in this position.

“Beautiful. Now stand in the corner.”

A short wash of fear came over Celine. Corner time? Now? What for?

Celine walked over to the corner Master had pointed at.

“Back to the wall. I want to see your tits.”

And there she stood. Master had turned off the vibrator. All you could hear in the room was Master’s typing as he began to work. Within minutes, Celine got bored. Standing here like this was exciting, absolutely, but it quickly lost its charm.

“What is it, sub? You bored?” Master turned on the vibrator. “Well, answer me.”

“Only a little, Sir,” Celine answered while trying to deal with the vibrations inside of her.

“The lesson today is because you do nothing all week. All you do is your social network stuff on your phone. I thought I’d let you make yourself useful in the office for a change.”

“Yes, Sir.” Her hips bucked at the sensations inside of her.

“What a beautiful sight you are.”

Master pushed a button, and the vibrations stopped. “I want you to think about ways you can make yourself useful.”

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Celine’s heart nearly stopped. A visitor now? While she stood here all exposed? That wasn’t meant to happen. As long as the visitor faced her Master, she wouldn’t be seen, but he only had to turn around to see her. Her cheeks went red hot.

“Hey, Jasper. How can I help you?”

Jasper! He was one of the guys she had serviced at their house during her masturbation lesson, so not only had they met, but she had also sucked his cock. This couldn’t be any more embarrassing. Just don’t make any sound, and it will be well.

“Hey, Mr Browning. I was wondering where I could find last year’s sales numbers for the first quarter.”

Master nodded. “Yes, they will have been archived. Here, let me show you where you can find them.”

Jasper had some more questions, which Master answered. Celine had been quiet as a mouse, careful not to attract any attention.

Her pussy exploded with the most intense stimulation she had ever felt.

Celine shrieked at the feeling. Jasper turned to her instantly.

“Celine!” He went to her and touched her shoulder. “Are you all right?”

Oh, that sweet boy, worrying about her wellness and disregarding the fact she stood here half-naked in his boss’ office.

“Yes, yes. I’m all right.”

“Celine is here to make herself useful at the office for a day. You know what, take her.”

Jasper shook his head in confusion. “I’m sorry, what do you mean?”

“Take her with you to the office you share with Edgar and have some fun with her. I need to make some important phone calls, and I have little use for her here. Here.” Master handed Jasper the remote. “This controls a vibrator hidden in her pussy.”

“So, what can we do with her?” Jasper sounded way too happy.

“Oh, anything. Just no dick-action without me present. No blowjobs, no fucking. Any piece of her is free game.”

Celine’s breathing quickened. What the hell was going on now? She was just discarded – traded off to whoever wanted to use her? This was terrible – and extremely exciting.

“Oh, and Jasper? Keep an eye on Edgar. Sometimes his ideas can be a bit, well, extreme. I want her back safe and whole.”

“Of course, sir. I won’t let anything happen to her. Can she cum?”

“Oh yes, as many times as you can make her. I want her back here in an hour.”

“Yes, sir. Let’s go, Celine.”

Celine met eyes with her Master, but he said nothing, only nodded to her encouragingly.

Jasper gently led her through the corridor. Like earlier that morning, it was still quiet. Jasper’s office was only a few doors down.

“Don’t you worry, Celine. I’ll take good care of you. I often think back to the blowjob you gave me. Some talents you have, girl.”
“I’m glad you liked it.” It was so odd to talk politely about fellatio, but Celine really didn’t know how else to respond.

When they entered his office, Edgar was on the phone. Her eyes widened as soon as he saw Celine. Her heart raced seeing this man again. He had left quite the impression on her the previous encounter they had had. She would never admit it to anyone, but she did have secret fantasies of him now and then.

“Yes, thank you, Mr Drums. I will let you know tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to go. Sorry, bye.”
Edgar was next to Celine in a split second. “What do we have here?”
He stroked her left nipple. “Where did you find this, Jasper?”

“Mr Browning’s office. She’s ours to play with for the next hour.”

“Then you can finally finish that blowjob, girl.”

Jasper shook his head. “Nope. No dick-action, Mr Browning said. We do have this.” He held up the remote control.

“Oh, I know what that is.”

He pushed the + button a few times. Celine moaned at the sensation.

“Oh, this is gonna be good. Wait, let me put myself at ‘unavailable.’ This is more important than work.”

Celine continued to moan at the vibrator.

“Shouldn’t we tone it down?” Jasper asked carefully.

“She is here to suffer, right? I guess she has another lesson to learn. So I’ll teach her a lesson.”

Edgar made a few mouse clicks before coming back to Celine. “So, slut, remember me?”

“Yes, Sir,” Celine managed to utter.

“An hour to play with you all by myself. Let me see how we can make this worthwhile.”

“Mr Browning asked me to stay present, so I can monitor her wellness.”

Edgar made a move as if swatting an obnoxious mosquito. “Just stay quiet and watch. So what am I going to do with you?” This last question was aimed at Celine. He took hold of both her nipples and pulled hard at them, so hard she had to stand on top of her toes.

She squealed at the pain.

Edgar let go of her right nipple and rubbed her clit. “You’re gushing all over. You like the pain, don’t you?”

“Yes…Sir.” The waves of pain and pleasure made it difficult for her to speak.

“Jasper, go get me rubber bands and a ruler before she cums.”

Jasper went over to his desk and returned with the requested items.

Edgar let go of her nipple and clit and took one of the elastic bands. He placed it around the base of her boob. Celine winced. He did the same with her other boob.

“Fits perfectly. Let’s see how they swell up.”
Edgar turned off the vibrator. “This part is about pain, not pleasure.”

Celine looked at the two men. Her hands still bound behind her back, she really was theirs to control. Without her Master present, this was incredibly scary but also amazingly exciting.

Edgar took the ruler and tapped her boob.

Celine grimaced at the pain.

“I can whip her, can’t I?”

Jasper nodded. “Yeah, I guess so. Nothing permanent. Mr Browning wants her back whole.”

Edgar hit her again with the ruler. “They still need to swell up some more. Bend over the desk.”

Edgar swiped the desk clean, so there was space for her upper body.
He helped her to get into position. He made sure she had room to breathe. Her arms still bound, she rested entirely on her tits.

Celine yelped as Edgar yanked her pants down and hit her ass with the ruler. Over and over, he hit her thighs and ass.

“Nice and warm,” he remarked.

Jasper went to the other side of the desk and stroked Celine’s hair. “You all right?”

Celine nodded.

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m okay.” Her ass burned, her thighs burned, her tits were squashed, but overall, she was doing fine. Being used for a man’s pleasure, two men even was one of her biggest fantasies. And it was definitely coming true.



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