One page with all my sex toy recommendations and a code for a 10% discount? Now, that would be really cool. And you know what? It exists right here, just click the banner:

Looking over the toys I selected, you can see I like clitoral stimulators. What’s also striking is that many of these toys were released years ago. What can I say? I’m now in my forties, I’m not the youngest kid on the block anymore 😝

But really: check it out and use the discount code ‘LizBlackX‘ for 10% off on, and you’ll sponsor me with your purchase. And go back to the page once in a while, as I’ll keep it updated with my latest finds 😀

I never dreamt this day would come: me – a sexpert. And now I hope to continue being one for a long time to cum, pun intended 🤭