Picture from Depositphotos.com
Picture from Depositphotos.com

He enjoyed listening to her screams so much better than old Mariah.

“Come on in, come on in. You’re here to bring Christmas cheer, right?”

The girl giggled and nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Go upstairs and change into the dress we had discussed. When you’re done, report to me downstairs.”

“Okay.” She quickly vanished upstairs to follow his instructions.

Mr Davis smiled to himself. He had done well. All it had taken was a short search on Fetlife with an offer for the ultimate Christmas experience for submissives. He had selected Qutiee03 simply because she had the best body from the girls who had responded, and her replies had been respectful.

He took place in the living room and made himself comfortable. All equipment he was planning to use was already displayed on the coffee table.

When Qutiee entered the living room, she took his breath away. Her skimpy red dress was perfect. She really was the cutest, and he would improve the way she looked even more.

“All right. You’ve done well. Come here, and we’ll add the matching cuffs to your outfit.” Again, she giggled nervously, but offered her wrists and ankles obediently.

“The game we’re gonna play is as follows: you’re going to suck me while we listen to the radio. Every time Mariah Carey comes on with ‘All I want for Christmas,’ you will receive twenty spanks. Next to that, we’ll improve the way you look. Agreed?”

“Yes, Sir.” The way her pupils had dilated and how fast she now breathed, gave away her arousal and anxiety.

“Let us begin.” Mr Davis turned on the radio and she began sucking. Only five minutes later, the first chords of the song appeared.

“Here we go. Present your ass.”

Qutiee rose, lifted her dress, and bent forward. Mr Davis took place behind her and hit her with the cane. She yelped at the sharp pain but didn’t move. He gave her the remaining nineteen while the song kept playing. He enjoyed listening to her screams so much better than old Mariah.

“And twenty. Turn around. We’re gonna start with nipple clamps.” He quickly attached red nipple clamps with little bells to her hardened nipples. “Twirl for me.” The tinkling sound filled the room. He loved how embarrassed she looked.

He changed the radio to a Christmas station. She resumed the blowjob, though only briefly as soon the song came by again. He spanked her hard, making her nipple clamps ring out loud. Qutiee didn’t look as happy as when she walked in.

He filled her mouth with a large red ball gag after the spanking. She looked adorable.
He clipped her wrist cuffs together. “Lie down on your back.” He helped her take place on the floor.

“Your ass and pussy both are deliciously red. Let’s match the lips.” Without waiting any longer, he slapped her pussy lips hard with a short slapper. Her body doubled in pain. He pushed her back in position and hit her again. After six more hits, she really couldn’t take anymore.

He sank his dick deep into her pussy. She wailed and protested, but he continued. When he came, he shot his sperm over her red pussy lips. “Different song, baby: ‘may your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white’”