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Picture of a rose as illustration to the text by Liz BlackX about her lack of romance.

Photo by Francisco Galarza on Unsplash
My love is like this rose. Only occasionally you’ll find the petals, more often you’ll touch the thorns
Photo by Francisco Galarza on Unsplash

In our house, my husband is the one who says ‘I love you,’ sometimes up to ten times a day. I only get so far as ‘love you too,’ in response.
Please don’t come home with flowers, since that’s only going to pose a danger to my cats. They could be allergic or knock over the vase. A box of chocolates is better, but often I forget I received them, only to throw them away two years later. Take me out for dinner? Sure, but nothing fancy, please. I prefer a simple hamburger place. So what is my relationship to romance? Do I see myself as aromantic, or am I maybe just too down to earth to deal with romantic gestures?

My One Grand Gesture

One hundred reasons why I love you. For my ex-boyfriend I made a small photo album with little pictures on each page and an accompanying line with a reason why I loved him, and that times hundred. I think that’s the only time in my life when I have done something romantic. Your best guess to catch me in a sentimental mood is when I am new to the relationship. At that time, I’m softer, still love-struck, and willing to go the extra mile.
The boyfriend for whom I made that photo album didn’t appreciate the gift. He thought it was ‘nice,’ in the worst possible interpretation of that phrase. Basically, he couldn’t care less.

Why Romance?

Growing older, I see less and less need for being romantic. I like to see myself as a kind partner, considerate too, and apart from my emotional outbreaks, I’m an okay companion. But after ten years of being together, why would I still need to infuse romance into my relationship? Take yesterday. We were home all day, and I asked after dinner: “So at what time do you want to do the spanking?”
I guess that’s not romantic. I could have dressed up, gone upstairs, gotten the paddle and handed it to my Master in the appropriate way, but the way I did it was more convenient. My husband was busy doing research for a project, and I don’t want to impose. So this was a more straightforward way to getting what I needed.


I’m not aromantic. After Melody’s insightful post, I wondered about this for a little while, but I decided I’m not. I do fall in love. I often have crushes on men. It could be a rockstar, it could be an actor, it could be the mailman. I get tingles in my stomach, and it often inspires me to write great erotic stories.
I think I’m too practical and down to earth for romance and maybe even disillusioned. Why add all the fluff of flowers and different clothes, when you can reach the same effect without these shenanigans?


That’s not to say I don’t feel guilty at times about my lack of romance. My husband is good to me, and I do feel he deserves more appreciation than what I tend to give. But he knows I love him. I do make his food and take care of his house, somewhat. He knows how to read me, and he knows I’m not as cold as I sometimes seem to be. And he sometimes makes fun of my cold approach. But, regardless, the spanking last night was perfect. And isn’t submission a form of romance in itself?



    1. Exactly ☺️

      If dressing up and candle-lit dinners are your thing, then go for it, good for you ??
      And if not, find your own way to express your sensuality.

  1. I loved this, so real, and I feel the same way about flowers, although I told MrH not to ever buy me flowers or I would want to know what he had done, now it is because of my cats.

    Thank you for sharing with Tell Me About.

    Sweetgirl x

    1. Thank you ☺️
      I know what you mean about to wanting to know what he has done which is so bad he saw the need to buy flowers. I think I would have the same.

    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who finds it somewhat hard to say ‘I love yous.’ I feel somewhat burdened because my husband says them a lot. We show our love in other ways.

  2. I feel quite a bit similar. I’m not a romantic and sometimes it gets to me. I don’t say I love you nearly as much as my partners do, which is funny because it is usually the woman that gets crap for being to mushy or sentimental. I don’t think we are cold- hearted, just protective of ourselves. ❤️

    1. Yes, that’s it exactly, that I, as the woman in the relationship, am less romantic than my man ☺️ And yes, I’m definitely protective of myself.

  3. I don’t go in for big romantic gestures either but I do enjoy the little things and like to plan things that I think HL will like. I think there is a time and a place and for every relationship that is different so as long as it works for you that’s the thing ?

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