Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box

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I’ve been a fan of advent calendars all my life. Over the last five years, I’ve reviewed several erotic calendars. Since they’re the ultimate combination of my preferences: gifts and sex, they’re usually a hit in my house. And even though I love the concept, sometimes I’m disappointed when there are many jewellery items inside. I understand you can’t fill every box with an expensive toy, but still. But I was really excited when given the opportunity to test the WOW Holiday Gift Box by Tracy’s Dog. And even though I was prepared, I was still surprised by the contents.

Packaging and Description

The Tracy’s Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box comes delivered in a blank carton box. When you take the gift set out of this box, it immediately made me giggle. I love Tracy’s Dog logo, which is displayed on the outside. The gifts are divided over twelve boxes to be opened in nine days. But, in all honesty, you can open them whenever you want. If you prefer to do it in one go, then that’s up to you.

If you don’t want to know what’s inside, stop reading now. If you do want to know, please continue reading.


Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box

Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 1: It begins nicely with two boxes: a thong and a bandage. The thong is a sexy open-crotch garment. Because of the design, it will fit many.
The bandage is a simple bondage item. It’s made of silk, probably polyester. It may not look like much, but we used a similar piece of fabric, the first few years my husband and I did BDSM together, mainly as a blindfold. It’s a versatile item and can be used for tying wrists together too. Wherever you fancy leads you.

Day 2: Aroma candle. According to Tracy’s Dog’s description, you can use this candle for wax play. I love the design of the little pot, and the smell is pleasant too.

Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box

Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 3: Bath Salt Ball. What better way to get into the mood is there than to spoil yourself and take a long bath, either alone or together.

Day 4: Unisex. Here we find our first sex toy: the Nina couple vibrator. It’s a fun and versatile vibrator that can be used both for solo play and as a couple during intercourse. When you use it together with the remote control, it has 49 combinations and vibrations. The toy is easy to clean and waterproof. It’s not entirely whisper quiet, but that’s also because the motors are pretty strong and intense. The vibrator is rechargeable. It’s a well-designed toy which I think can bring pleasure to many people.

Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 5: Nipple clips and Feather Brush. This day holds two light BDSM items: nipple clamps and a feather brush for tickling. The brush is well-made and feels quite sturdy for only a feather tickler. The nipple clamps are really cool. Each clip holds a little bell and several feathers as decoration. I’m not often a fan of such over the top jewellery, but these look so attractive I feel like trying them out. The sliding closure of the clip ensures that it doesn’t have to be too tight and painful. They’re just adorable.

Day 6: Suction. Here we find the second sex toy: the OG sucking vibrator. Like the Nina vibrator, it’s rechargeable and waterproof. This toy has a unique combination of vibration and air suction. If you enter the bottom half into hour vagina and hold the suction part against your clitoris, it’ll be difficult to resist an orgasm. The vibrator is easy to control. It has ten suction and ten vibration modes. It’s an elaborate and high-quality toy to find in a gift box like this.

Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box  Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 7: Shrink Ball. Day 7 contains two sets of vaginal balls: one single one and one string of two. They’re made of high-quality silicone and are easy to clean. The flexible tail will make sure they’re easy to remove after use. Inside the balls are smaller balls that will cause stimulation once you move with them inside you. That can make it extra exciting. They’re pretty heavy and thus perfect for Kegel exercises.

Day 8: Anal Plug. This buttplug is ideal for beginners. It’s made of silicone and is easy to use and clean. The design is perfect since because of the way it is shaped, it’ll always be possible to easily remove this toy after use. The plug is four centimetres at its widest, so that can be too much for a beginner, but it’ll give you something to work towards.

Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box  Copyright Liz BlackX

Day 9: Cards and Collar. The final day leaves you with plenty to explore. The black collar is one of the cutest I have ever seen. The inside is made of PU leather, while the outside is made of stylish fabric. There is a small bow tie at the front while the collar is finished with gold-coloured details for the clasp. The red bell is a great extra, making the product extra festive.
The card game is perfect for a night of fun together. There are questions in the game you can ask each other, or you use the small challenges presented in the game. Should you just want the inspiration, you can use the backsides of the cards for positions you could try.


Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box  Copyright Liz BlackX

The Tracy’s Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box is a great product. Unpacking the boxes brought me, even as a reviewer, a lot of joy and laughter. There are toys inside this calendar that I genuinely hope to use, like the nipple clamps and the collar. I have already tested the next edition of the OG vibrator, which you can read here:
The gift box holds many toys which will appeal to many people. You don’t have to be into BDSM to enjoy this set, though they may be fun to try. Just the two sex toys would be a perfect reason to order this set. But unboxing this set together with your partner will be a great experience and lead to a lot of sexy fun. The products are worth it; the experience is fun. What else is there for me to add? Happy Holidays!


Review of Tracy's Dog WOW Holiday Gift Box  Copyright Liz BlackX


  • Great design
  • Two vibrators
  • Four light BDSM toys
  • Four sexy accessories
  • Versatile gift box
  • Worth its money


  • Only nine days of fun 😉

Overall 9 out of 10

End verdict: Love

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