Genres of LizBlackX – Rock star

BDSM and Rock Music

A crowd in the dark cheering at whoever is on stage

Much of my work is about BDSM and related themes. Another vital genre of mine is something sweeter, though I still often turn it around to a BDSM-ish setting. A leading source of inspiration for me is the dark and mysterious world of rock stars. Bring me to a rock concert and almost certainly I will come back fully inspired with at least two stories ready to write. So where does this fascination of mine come from?

A New World Discovered

Growing up, a fascination with music or music stars was not nurtured or encouraged. Quite the contrary, I was never exposed to pop music as a kid. We had the radio on, sure, but it was mostly music from the sixties and seventies. In addition, I listened to classical music and children’s music. It wasn’t until I went to high school that I learned there was such a thing as pop-culture and it took me quite some time to grasp the entire concept and figure out my own place in it. Through the friends I made, I learned there was another concept closely connected to the phenomenon of pop culture: fandom.

Soon I became enamored with the Backstreet Boys, and for a year or two, I dedicated my life to them. We read all the magazine articles we could find about them, we studied their pictures, the walls of my room were covered with their posters. And I did one more thing: I started to write fan-fiction.

From Pop to Rock

Soon I lost interest in the band, but I did continue to write fan fiction. I’ve worked on that story for several years. And no, it’s no masterpiece, but having an outlet helped me in daily life. A couple of years later, I also lost my interest in pop music. I found that every new album sounded too similar to the last and so I went to search for something else. With the help of my husband, who I had met by then, I came in contact with rock and metal music. It gave me everything I had missed in popular music.

I loved how the music was made, it was much more authentic than music purely designed to make money. I could relate more to the themes in the lyrics, I loved how they used different instruments, and I loved how there are artists who are heavily inspired by classical music. It felt like the right match for me.

An Adult Fangirl

Oomph’s lead singer Dero has it all:
dark eyeliner, a voice that makes me swoon, and lyrics with content

So that’s where I am today. I still listen to rock and metal music, as well as folk music or world music. It’s hard to find one name for it. Let’s say ‘alternative music.’ Once or twice per year, I visit a festival where I see many of my favorite bands, and I try to get to at least one concert per year. Compared to the pop groups I listened to as a teenager, I love connecting with these bands a lot better. There’s not as much security around them, and often it’s relatively simple to get a picture with them and score an autograph. The inner fangirl in me still squeals inside when this happens.

And, like my teenage me, I still write fan fiction. Because they’re approachable, it’s easy for me to fantasize about meeting them in real life and being invited to a backstage meeting. Rock music, by definition, uses a lot of sex in their performances and in their music. That makes it even easier for me to connect it to erotic writing.

Fangirl Till I Die

I’ve come a long way, from being a decent girl who listens to classical music, to a wannabe-groupie who writes sex stories about rockstars. Any man with dark eyeliner and leather pants makes my knees weak, especially if I can relate to the words he is singing. I’m terrified that one day I’ll become too old to write the fangirl genre, that I’ll grow out of it. Today I’m 36, and for me, there’s no end in sight yet. I hope it’s a genre that I can still escape to, at least for another decade. And who knows, maybe I’ll even get to be a real groupie someday‚Ķ