What I Really Really Like

This week’s prompt for the Erotic Journal Challenge is: What turns you on?
The topic piqued my interest. Because, since I’m working as good as full-time on sexual topics, it actually took me quite some time to come up with the answer to this question. I get so many tiny splashes of stimulation throughout the day. I see arousing pictures on Fetlife, I see an intriguing whip on the EasyToys website, I read an arousing chapter in a book I’m reviewing. It was tough to distill my current turn-ons. But I managed. I’ll start with my earliest turn-ons.

Reading and Watching

When I first figured out BDSM was what turned me on most, I turned to the Internet to find material. Mind you, this was the nineties, and there was little to find on the Internet. I remember scrolling through tons of websites with only thumbnails. I had to scour for ages before finding only a handful of pictures I really liked. One day I came across http://www.bdsmlibrary.com/stories. That became my go-to site for sexual arousal for many years. I’ve read so much of the material posted on that website. From the weirdest fetishes to simple D/s stories. I devoured it all.
Many years later, I discovered Tumblr and finally found the full-size versions of the thumbnails I had seen a decade earlier. Here too, I enjoyed all the different fetishes and pictures. Both these websites have led me to countless orgasms.


Okay, so we’ve established that pictures and stories turn me on. What about in real life? If you take ‘the mind’ as an essential common denominator, then I think you’re right. This counts as much for my online inspiration as for the real-life variant. My Dominant, who’s also my husband, loves to use mind-play on me. He’ll insinuate something, he’ll promise me a certain number of spanks when he gets home, or he’ll give me ‘the look.’ That last one probably doesn’t count as mind play, but it can have the same effect on me. Same as when he grabs my chin and stares into my eyes. I can just melt away.


So, all of this is still sort of circumstantial. Want to know what really turns me on, hands on? At the moment I have two main kinks: bondage and spankings. The latter is a rough, immediate, impossible-to-ignore kind of stimulant. I need to get past the first three or four hits to really start enjoying it, but my juices start flowing early on. I’m not entirely sure why yet, but it’s a definite turn-on for me. Bondage is a smoother transition into arousal for me. The more rope gets wrapped around me, the more docile I become before I drift off into subspace. It’s more of a smooth, floaty kind of experience than a harsh spanking is. But both definitely have a place in my life.

Words, Rope, and Whips

So basically, there are three ways to turn me on: get in my mind, bondage, and spankings. I don’t like one more than the other. They all have their place in my life. Some are better suited for a stolen hour in between, while the other is more suitable for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. And those are the kinks I have right now. Who knows what will happen next year, over five years, or over ten. I have evolved from only reading stories online, to craving painful spankings at least once a week. My Dominant is ushering me towards suspension next. I’m not so sure yet, but who knows? Maybe you will see me dangling in a harness somewhere within the next five years.


  1. I’m definitely drawn to mind-play, as well. I love being played with and built-up. It’s funny how involved in sex-writing and erotica-reading we can get and still not be clear on our own turn-ons. It took me some time and introspection to write my own response to this prompt.

    1. Exactly! I thought it was gonna be a no-brainer and an easy-write, but it took me quite some digging to find out what truly turns me on.


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