Content Warning: Virtual prostitution and dubcon scenarios

Screenshot from the Sims 4, NSFW variant

Copyright Liz BlackX
Screenshot from the Sims 4

Last week I was in a bad place. I was stressed out to the point where I started seeing stars in my vision. I’ve had it before, and it usually goes away after a few days of taking it easy. But just as I was trying to calm down, we had another stressor last Saturday. And so I quit life for a few days.

Too Much

At the beginning of last week, I had a long conversation with my husband. I discussed feeling overwhelmed and having too much on my plate. Keeping up my blog, writing reviews, and writing fiction was taking its toll on me. Each of the tasks isn’t particularly hard or difficult, but there are too many that I lose oversight, and I was crumbling. So I reprioritised. I was going to write less personal blog posts. I would finish the reviews I promised others and spend more time writing fiction. And so I did.

I took a few valerian tablets and was calming down. But then Saturday afternoon an event happened. I don’t want to spell it out here, but it’s something that my husband and I fear a lot. We couldn’t do anything about it at that time, since it was weekend. So it had to wait till Monday.


I knew I needed to distract myself until that time, so I started up my gaming computer and loaded ‘The Sims 4.’ The thing is, when real life is too stressful for me to handle, I can immerse myself in this game completely. And so I did.

NSFW The Sims 4

Screenshot from the Sims 4

Copyright Liz BlackX
My Sim working off a John

I have added many mods to the game, like Wicked Whims and Nisa’s Wicked Perversions so that I can make the gameplay very sexual. The characters can have sex, and I can even turn them into prostitutes and sex slaves. I have created entire brothels. This weekend I discovered other players made lots with prisons on them or houses with a secret cellar downstairs. I had a lot of fun coming up with stories and playing them out in these settings. My characters weren’t as excited as I was ?

That’s Enough

Screenshot of the Sims 4

Copyright Liz BlackX
Screenshot of a prison where I held my Sims captive

After three days of incessant gaming, our primary stressor was solved, and I got fed up with the Sims. This is something I’ve learned over time. I can dedicate days to my video games, in the end, I’ll get bored, and I’ll want to come back to writing. And the best part is, I’ll actually be motivated to write again. I have new ideas for blogs to write, I have storylines for the stories I’m working on, I know how I want to write my reviews.

Breaks Are Okay

What I’m trying to say here is: it’s okay to take a break. These days of gaming feel like a mini-vacation from the world. I’ve heard of the term ‘Mental Health days’, and I think that applies here too. I couldn’t solve my main stressing event, I was too stressed to write anything useful, so it’s better to withdraw and focus on something entirely different.


I do realise I have the opportunity to take this break. Trust me, I know this is not the same for everyone. When I was working in retail, I did not have this luxury. I value it and appreciate it immensely. And while it won’t be possible for everyone to withdraw from the world for days, I can definitely recommend it. And maybe you don’t have the opportunity to retreat for full days, but perhaps you can try to find an hour at night to pull back and do something for yourself. Even if it’s watching a TV show, reading a book or working on your crafts project.

Fresh Start

Taking a step back, re-evaluating and beginning anew with a fresh outlook is essential to my wellbeing and personal growth. After breaks like these, going back to writing is ten times more fun than during the weeks before. No, you don’t have to start a virtual prostitution ring to get to these results. It’s just for me, these NSFW activities work best.
I survived last week. I will continue to blog, but I hope to prioritise my fiction writing a bit more than before. And I hope to schedule in some Sims-playtime throughout the week. After all, there are always more simoleons to be made 😉

Personal Growth Matters



  1. Oh Liz the more I get to know you the more I relate to you! I have been almost addicted to sims in the past – quite a few years ago when it was sims 2 but i totally understand how it just takes the stress out of reality – I must say I got most excited seeing what can be done on sims now a days from your images- thou i do worry that kids play these games – makes the mind boggle. Do you have the online version or a disc?
    May x

    1. Lol, I had no idea you used to play the Sims ?
      I have played since Sims 1, but I have played Sims 2 the most. I owned nearly all the expansion packs and add-ons ?
      I bought the base-game of the Sims 4 a few years ago, I think a digital version, but I don’t have any expansions. The game turns boring quite soon ?
      These mods are aimed at adults, obviously. I know that doesn’t say much these days, but it has taken me quite a while to even know they exist. That too doesn’t say too much, lol.

      1. well i do have to say Mona used to build a house with nothing in it and put a sim in there until they were nearly dead. Then feel sorry for them and bring them out again and marry them off to the pretty maid or something x

          1. I once found a thread on Reddit where people shared their most intricate schemes to torture their Sims, like building a maze at the front door that was so difficult the Sim would be exhausted by the time they got out, only to have to go back in to get back to their house.

            One woman on the thread replied with: Wow, I just wanted to know if The Sims was a suitable game for my 8 year old ?

  2. It’s so good that you recognise what you need and allow yourself to have it when you need it. I work similar to you with the sims in that sometimes it’s just good because it’s so immersive so that all other thoughts and stressors can be put aside. Then I get bored within a day or two and will naturally want to return to writing!

  3. It’s never a bad thing to take a break (I have learned the hard way) and then get back to what you like to do best: write fiction. I love reading your words, whether fiction or not, and am glad to see playing with your naughty sims has helped 😉
    ~ Marie

    1. Thanks Marie. It did help last week, and with the temperatures of the coming week, I think I might have to resort to the same solution soon ?

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