Life’s Strange Roads

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Photo by Maxim Kharkovsky on Unsplash
Photo by Maxim Kharkovsky on Unsplash

Liz BlackX was destined for a great future. The child of two nurses, both hard-working and intelligent, there was no doubt she would become successful in life. Her life, however, took many twists and turns. Many rocks have been thrown at her, trying to beat her down every time. No one could have foreseen how this smart girl from a small town would become an expert in objectification fetishes, bimbofication and sex dolls. Let’s hear her wondrous story.

Top of the Class

The first thirty years of her life were not that remarkable. From an early age, Liz excelled at school. She could read by the age of three, and write by the age of four. Throughout her early childhood, she would write short stories, usually one page, and plays she would perform together with her younger brother.
Education-wise, she was top of the class all throughout high school. She ran into some problems when faced with a higher level of subject matter at university but still managed. Her first big blemish was leaving university without graduating. However, she was still confident she would find her spot in life one day.

Writing Erotica

Liz had been writing erotica in secret for most of her life. For the first twenty years, she did this purely for herself for entertainment. She may have occasionally shared a piece with a partner, but it was still a hobby.
When ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ became a hit, Liz began to realise this was something she could explore. She had already written so many sexual stories, why not try to publish them and see what happened? Her first stories were unedited and frankly, not very good, but to her, it did open the door to a possible way of life.
Around the same time, while browsing Tumblr for leisure, she discovered a new fetish, or rather a spin-off from her already present objectification fetish: bimbofication.


Liz had not heard of this genre before, but she was intrigued. She decided to try her hand at writing a story in this style. Her version of becoming a bimbo combined her love for BDSM, submission and loads of sexiness. As she explains it:

‘To me, it’s a benign escape from reality, where the characters end up in a good place. It’s not a feminist, society’s happy ending, but it’s what’s best for them.’

Well-spoken, Liz.

Sex Dolls

Apart from writing more great bimbofication tales, such as ‘From Deirdre to Deedee’ and ‘Kristin Deceived,’ Liz hopes to focus on a closely related kink: sex dolls. These life-like figures becoming more and more available, affordable and popular, she hopes to ride this wave of success. She wants to give the world her take on this phenomenon, with blogs such as ‘Help, Should I Be Jealous of my Partner’s Sexdoll’ and reviews such as ‘Tantaly Review of Stacy’s Mom.’

All’s Well that Ends Well

What an exciting new venue for this smart girl from a small town in Holland. She was destined for a great career, and instead chose to go her own way. One where she did fit in and felt at home, instead of stuffy academics or joining healthcare like her parents. No one would have guessed this route from a blond-haired blue-eyed girl with high grades. It sure sounds like she has everything well-planned out. Good luck with everything you do, Liz!


    1. Thank you ?
      I’m so relieved you found it amusing too ?
      When you write something that makes you giggle, you never know if it’s just gonna be you or whether it will transmit through the text. I’m glad it did work this time ?

  1. I love what you did with the prompt here!
    Had to laugh at “No one could have foreseen how this smart girl from a small town would become an expert in objectification fetishes, bimbofication and sex dolls.”

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