BDSM Blowjob Menage Story

This is a continuation of Brattiness Defied – Lessons for his Submissive

Celine wished that she was blindfolded. Instead, she stood here with her leather cuffs around her wrists chained behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth. She was entirely naked, of course.

One by one, the men entered the room. Master welcomed them.

“Hey Leon, good to see you. Martin, glad you could make it after all. Take a seat, take a seat.”

Celine wasn’t even acknowledged, which she loved and hated at the same time. Master was here to keep her safe; she knew that much.

Two more men entered the room. One of them she had seen some other time. Edgar was a friend of her Master’s who had been to their house before. More than once, he had expressed a wish to play with Celine, which she had always brushed off. Now she was no longer in a position to deny anyone.

Master fetched them all a drink. He stood before the group.

“Usually, my lovely submissive here would have made you your drinks, but as you can see, she’s currently unavailable for domestic service. We wouldn’t want her to drool in your glasses.”

The men chuckled.

“Thanks for coming here tonight. Instead of our usual Dom Circle discussions, it’s time for a new lesson for my submissive. Celine here was caught masturbating while I had explicitly forbade her to do so. The good news for Celine is tonight, she can cum as much as she wants to.”

“Just like that? That’s what you brought us over here for?” Martin asked.

“Don’t be hasty, Martin. Celine gets to sit on the chair over here, which all of you can see, and will have one minute to reach an orgasm. If she, however, doesn’t reach her orgasm within that minute, she will have to please one of you until you’re satisfied. We’ll go clockwise, so you’ll be first, Leon.”

“Hey, that’s not fair!” Edgar protested.

“Because you’re at the end of the line? Fine, then it’ll be your turn after Leon. Don’t worry, I’m the one setting the rules here, and I can adjust them how I see fit. Do you have any questions?”

The man Celine hadn’t seen before spoke up: “How is she going to satisfy us? What are we allowed to use?”

“Excellent question, Jasper. When it’s time to serve you a lot, I’m gonna take out her gag. She will use her hands and mouth to please you. That is what we agreed upon, right, Celine?”

She nodded. It was similar to her lesson in the sex club the other night. She had discussed with her Master that even as humiliating as it had been, she was eager to experience it again.

“So no fucking?” Jasper inquired.

“You get to use her mouth and hands. Her pussy and ass are mine and mine alone.”

“Okay, just asking.”

“When we begin, I’m gonna set a timer.” Master held up a phone displaying the timer app. “Once in place, Celine will have one minute to reach her orgasm. After that minute, she will have three minutes to please you, Leon.”

“Can I spank her? I think bad girls deserve to be spanked,” Edgar asked.

“Not right now. Let’s see if she learns her lesson after servicing you this way.”
Master looked around the room. “No more questions? Then I guess it’s time to begin.”

He approached Celine and released the clip between the wrist cuffs. “Do your best,” he said while he stroked her cheek. The moment you sit down on the chair, the timer starts. Understood?”
She nodded. A drip of drool hit her chest.

“Your one minute starts…now.”

Celine spread her legs. She surprised herself by how wet she was already. She slipped one finger inside her pussy and began pumping. It felt good, definitely, but the situation she was in was too distracting. She felt too tense with all these men watching her every move. She was not even close to orgasm when the timer went off.

“That’s it. Leon, better get ready.”

Master removed Celine’s gag and guided her to Leon’s seat.

“Kneel here.” Celine assumed the position while she moved her jaw a few times, happy to be released from the gag.

Leon had taken his penis out of his pants and spread his legs so the girl could scoot in closer.

It felt strange for Celine. She had to cross a bridge mentally to perform this intimate act with a stranger. Doing it so up close was more personal and real than it had been through the glory hole.

After a quick glance at Master, who nodded encouragingly, she enveloped her hand around the man’s cock. He was hard already. She bent forward and took him into her mouth.

It was similar to last time’s experience. The same different smells, small moans of pleasure, learning what each man preferred. Leon liked it best when she sucked him hard, which she did. It didn’t take him long to reach his orgasm.

Master guided her back to the chair.
“One minute, love.”

Celine blinked at the change of scenery but dutifully began to stroke her pussy. She was wetter now than she was before. She was more in the mood than she had been the first time but wasn’t in time before the timer went off.

“All right, Edgar. You’re up.”

Edgar smiled menacingly. “Come on up,” he said while pointing to his erect dick.

Celine knelt before him and immediately closed her mouth around his member. Edgar wrapped his hands in her hair and guided her movements.

“Can we do that?” Martin asked with sudden interest.

“Sure you can,” Master replied.

Edgar played with the submissive girl, pushing his cock in deeper and deeper, only granting her permission to breathe now and then. She coughed and spluttered when she had air, only for it to be restricted again. He pounded hard into her throat. With a loud moan, he reached his orgasm inside of her.

He pushed her off him when he was done and nodded contently. “Yeah, she’s decent enough.”

Celine hated to admit it, but she had secretly enjoyed it. When back in position on the chair, she was considerably wetter than the last time. This time, she actually felt the orgasm rising, but before she could reach it, the timer went off.

“All right. Jasper, you’re up.”

The man addressed smiled shyly as he retrieved his penis from his pants.

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna do great,” he said to Celine as she was getting in position.

His words calmed her down while she closed her lips around his almost-erect penis. When she glanced up, she saw how he sat enjoying her movements with soft moans and closed eyes. He looked to be the most appreciative of all the men she had serviced.

Before she knew it, he had reached his orgasm, and she was back in her chair. Although still excited, she was nowhere near orgasm before the minute passed.

“Finally, my turn,” Martin said.

He grabbed Celine’s face as she had knelt before him. “I know I’m last, but you’d better give it your all. Else I am gonna see that you’re getting that spanking you will remember for days to come.”

“Yes, sir,” Celine replied obediently. The man, with his intense eyes, intimidated her. She was happy Master was close by.

She took his penis into her mouth, which was thicker in girth than the others.

She had hardly begun as he forcibly shoved his penis deeper inside her mouth, rougher than Edgar had been.


Celine tried her best to accommodate the man but was truly struggling to manage.

“Martin, behave,” Master admonished.

Martin removed his hands from the girl’s shoulders. Celine was relieved and used the current freedom to give the man a good blowjob.
After three minutes, the timer went off before the man had climaxed.

Celine looked at her Master.

“Continue; he’s the last of the night anyway.”

The other men grumbled a bit at how this was unfair.

Celine sucked her hardest, and finally, Martin did cum.

To her surprise, Master put the massage table they used for play in the centre of the room.

“Come here, Celine. You’ve done very well. I think you deserve your reward.”

“Thank you, Master.”

He helped her onto the table.

“My submissive here will get to masturbate one more time. I think we should all help her a little. Come here around the table. Stroke her where you can. No spanking, no fucking, just an unforgettable end to a special evening.”

The men gathered around the table while Master remained next to her head. He bent forward and whispered to her: “I know you can do it. You’re gonna cum hard for me, aren’t you, girl?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, again feeling somewhat nervous with all these men so close around her.

She closed her eyes, still relishing the slightly bitter taste of the men’s cum in her mouth. She had really done this and was still doing it. Grabbing back to how the men had felt as she was servicing them, her orgasm began to draw near.

The men began touching and stroking her. It felt like heaven as her breasts were caressed, her thighs, her shoulders, everywhere, really. All her worries and stress dissipated as she gave over to the feelings of lust.

She would swear it was Martin who squeezed her nipple so hard she went over the edge, but she was too far gone by this point to be able to identify anyone. With a loud scream of pleasure, she plunged into the abyss, with fireworks all around.

“Thank you, everyone, for sharing this lesson for my submissive,” Master said a few minutes later.

“I still think she should have been spanked,” Edgar remarked.

“Maybe next time, Ed, though, Celine, there’s not gonna be a next time, is there? You’re gonna be a good girl from now on?”

“Yes, Master, I promise.”

Had she learned her lesson? She’d learned she got a night of hot sex and a mind-blowing orgasm to boot, so, who knows, maybe there was merit in breaking the rules?


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