BDSM – Gloryhole Lessons

Celine’s heart was racing while she sat in the car next to Master. She knew she had gone too far too many times. She was a brat, and this was something her Master loved about her. But part of being a brat was also being put in her place. She chewed at her lips while her foot trembled. Accepting punishments at home was one thing, but now they were going out. She didn’t even know where they were going.
Master had instructed her to wear her short red dress and high heels. 

Celine knew better than to interrupt Master while he was driving. And she’d known him long enough to know his mind wouldn’t be swayed. She tried to focus on her breathing while they were getting closer to their goal. She trusted Master. Whatever he had planned for her, she would submit to him. He put up with her brattiness, and in return, she accepted whatever punishment he laid on her. He knew her limits, and she always had her safewords.

Deep inside, though she would never admit it, she was looking forward to what was going to happen this evening.

Master turned into a parking lot.
When the car was parked, Master released her seatbelt. She remained seated until he had walked around and opened the door for her.

She glanced at her Master nervously, but his blank stare gave nothing away.

Celine took a quick look at her surroundings. A sex club, that was where they were!

Master guided her by the shoulder into the club. After placing her coat and clutch in a locker, she felt extra naked in her short dress.

“This way, Celine.”

Her heart froze. He never called her by her real name. Something was really wrong.

He took her into a small room and locked the door. Inside the room, there was only a bed and a nightstand that held condoms, lube and towels.

“On your knees, Celine.”

“Yes, Sir.”

When she had assumed the position, her Master took a deep breath. “I’m very disappointed in you. We were building something good together.
Your refusal to give me a blowjob last Monday was the final straw. As far as I know, you had no valid reason to refuse me, or was there something I don’t know about?”

Celine’s head dropped even lower. So that’s what this was about. She should have known.
“No, Sir,” she replied meekly.

Out of his pocket, he produced a toy, a bright pink vibrating egg with a long tail.

Celine gulped. They had played with this vibrator before. She knew of its options.

“I’m going to put this inside your pussy. Until I say otherwise, you have one restriction for today: Do not cum.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Get in position on the bed,” he commanded.

Celine laid down on the bed with her legs spread.

Master sat next to her and fingered her pussy. “It’s such a shame I can’t use you right now. Just imagine what I could have done if you had been a good girl.”
She moaned as he rubbed her clit.

He pushed the insertable part of the vibrator into her. Being filled was good, but she would have preferred her Master’s cock. The first vibrations went through her body. He rubbed her clit some more.

“Thank you, Master,” Celine managed to utter while the feelings of pleasure were mounting.

“Get up and make yourself presentable.” Master’s voice suddenly became cold.

Celine blinked at the unexpected change. She got up, took a deep breath and lowered her skirt.

“Very well. Come with me.”

Now she was truly lost. She had no idea what she was expecting. What could Master’s plan be?

She followed him to another part of the club. Walking with the toy inside her was awkward, and she imagined everyone around her knew.

They entered a room that was softly lit. There was one chair in front of a blank wall and many pillows strewn on the floor. On further inspection, the wall wasn’t entirely empty. There was a hole in it.

Master took the chair and brought it to the other side of the room. He sat down in it and pulled Celine close to him.
“Here’s what’s going to happen now. Men are going to stick their dicks through that hole, and you’re going to suck them.”

“What? No!”

Master lowered his chin and looked at her intently. “What was that, slave? Are you defying me?”

Celine swallowed. “No, Sir, I’m just, well, surprised. Shocked really. Is this what you want me to do?”
She had expected many things, but sucking off strangers wasn’t one of them.

“I promised you a punishment. I thought this would be fitting. Now tell me, can you do this for me, or will you use your safeword?”

Celine stared at the floor. She knew she had gone too far lately. Sucking off strangers was quite a punishment, but the idea of it was strangely exciting too.

“I’ll do it, Sir,” she mumbled.

“What was that? Repeat it while you look at me.”

“I will suck the men here, Sir. I accept my punishment.”

Master gave her a brief nod. “Good. Kneel before the hole, suck whoever sticks their penis through it. I will remain here to see that you’re doing your job properly. Remember, no orgasms allowed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She picked up one of the pillows and took up her place on it before the hole.

It didn’t take long before the first man positioned himself on the other side of the wall. The rustling sounds of him unbuckling his belt and undoing his zipper made her stomach quiver. Could she really do this?

Celine braced herself mentally. This was it. This was what Master wanted her to do.

The dick was smaller than her Master’s, but it was wide in girth.

“Go on,” the man behind her urged.

Celine closed her hand around the man’s penis and began stroking him. When she had gathered the courage, she bent forward and placed a kiss on the dick. That wasn’t so bad.

Carefully, she opened her mouth and began to pleasure the top of the man’s penis. He twitched in response. She became bolder and took more of the man into her mouth.

His form and taste were different from what she was used to, but her actions were the same. To her surprise, she didn’t feel disgusted at all. Actually, she became somewhat aroused. It didn’t take long before the man reached his orgasm and shot his load inside Celine’s mouth. Before she could question if that’s what she wanted, she swallowed his jizz. The man retracted and disappeared.

Celine wiped her mouth. Wow, that was something.

“Well done, slave. I hope you’ll serve the others as well as you did this one,” her Master remarked from behind her.

Others? She hadn’t realized how many others there could be.
Celine concentrated on her breathing. She deserved this punishment. And still, it wasn’t as bad as she had initially thought.

The vibrator inside of her came to life. In shock, Celine turned around.

Her Master wore an innocent expression while holding up his hands. “Not me. I have left a phone on the other side of the wall so that the men you work on can control your vibe.”

A blush rose to Celine’s cheeks. Not only was she sucking off strangers, but these same strangers were also in control of her most private part of her body!
Somehow this made the vibrations extra intense.

The dick which now protruded through the hole was just as wide as the previous one but slightly larger.

Since she was extra aroused from the vibrations, she immediately took him into her mouth. She sucked him hard. The harder she sucked, the stronger the vibrations became. Her hips gyrated at the intense stimulation.

She bobbed her head back and forth to give the man the best experience.

“No orgasm!” boomed her Master’s voice.

She tried with all her might to focus on other things, on images to cool her down, but the continual stimulation in both her mouth and pussy made that extremely difficult.

She was relieved when the first spurts of sperm came out, and she drank them happily. Maybe now she could cool down.

She heard the man put his penis back inside his pants. She heard him walk away, but he hadn’t turned down the vibrator.

Celine’s hips continued to gyrate to the vibrations. Her orgasm was still building inside of her.

“Uh oh, looks like he forgot all about you, didn’t he? Funny how that can happen after ‘le petit mort.’” Master grinned at her deviously.
“Make sure you hold back. Here comes your next man.”

“Master, please,” she begged.

He only nodded towards the next penis sticking through the hole.

This stranger was well-endowed. His penis was long and somewhat thinner than the previous two, but still thick enough.

He changed the program on Celine’s vibrator. Instead of continuous vibrations, he cycled through the different modes. Celine was relieved the hard buzzing had stopped and begun pleasuring the man’s dick. The way he was changing the modes was distracting, but she did her best to focus on the blowjob.

He seemed to be giving her instructions through the vibrator.
When he was less interested in what she was doing, he changed the mode. When he wanted her to continue, he let the vibrations as they were.

She took his penis deep inside her mouth and sucked him hard. That’s when he set the vibrator to continuous vibrations and increased the intensity. Almost by itself, she applied the same increase to her sucking. He, too, went over the edge in her mouth.

Celine couldn’t help herself anymore as she swallowed this man’s cum. She bucked her hips from front to back. She had to cum.

When yet another customer appeared, and she took him inside her mouth, she went over the edge. The sucking, combined with the persistent vibrations inside of her, unravelled her.

Feelings of shame overtook her. Master had explicitly forbidden her to orgasm, and yet here she was, sucking off strangers while cumming with pleasure.

“I forbade you to cum, slave.”

His words sliced through her.

Disappointed in herself, she continued to please the man in front of her. He had nothing to do with this; it was still her job to make him happy.

And so she continued, for what felt like hours. Sucking off man after man and reaching orgasms from doing this task. Finally, Master allowed her to step away from the hole. He left the room while she lay splayed on the floor, devastated by what had happened. The evening was one blur of dicks she had sucked and orgasms coursing through her body.

Master returned, holding the phone connected to the vibrator. He sat on the chair.

“Come here.”

She sat down on his lap.

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Ssh. I couldn’t be prouder of you. You persisted and brought so many men pleasure. You did better than I could have dreamt.”

“But I came so many times.”

Master grinned. “But you tried not to. That’s what I admire. Have you now learned your lesson? Or should we come back here next week?”

“No, not again!” she exclaimed. “I have learned my lesson. I will gladly give you a blowjob whenever you want, Sir.”

“Then let’s consider it a lesson learned.”

Celine was relieved the night was over, her task was complete and she had survived the punishment. But why was she disappointed at never having to endure this again?



  1. As for punishments, this may be my new favourite. Very creative! I once went to a sex party that had glory holes but didn’t have the courage to try. What a regret that is now 🙂

    1. The punishment was actually my husband’s idea 😅
      I complained the idea I had for a story wasn’t exciting enough and he came up with this input. I’m glad it worked out the way it did 🙂

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