A good sex doll can turn out to be wonderful for your mental and emotional health since you will feel happy most of the time. People generally grow to appreciate their dolls in ways that are difficult to imagine. You can even end up feeling emotionally attached to your doll since it provides a sense of companionship to you. And obviously, this goes without saying that you will have one of your best sexual experiences with a sex doll since you’re the boss there. It won’t just be because of the very obvious physical appearance of the dolls, but also because of the very emotional attachment, you’ll grow with the doll. 

What is a sex doll? 

Before you go about searching for different types of sex dolls online, you must have a clear idea about what a sex doll actually is. A premium sex doll is a type of sex toy that resembles a human being and is generally used for masturbation. Even though there’s much more to sex dolls than that, let’s not get into details for now. As the name evidently suggests, sex dolls were designed specifically to fulfil the sexual desires of a person. 

Who designed sex dolls? 

The true origin of sex dolls is unknown, though there are several theories. The first dolls are rumoured to have been produced by the French and Spanish in the sixteenth century. They were used by sailors as companions on their long journeys. The Dutch too took over this invention and sold them to the Japanese, hence the name ‘Dutch wives.’ 

A popular story is that Nazi and Hitler invented sex dolls back in the time to provide sexual satisfaction to the German army. It is said that Hitler did not want his soldiers ridden with sexually transmitted diseases. Thus, supposedly, Hitler came up with the idea of realistic sex dolls and gave them to the Nazi soldiers in order to give them the experience of international vaginas. Unfortunately, this theory has never been proven and none of these dolls have ever been recovered. 

Sex Doll Guide

How people felt about sex toys a few years ago is not the case anymore, and hence the sex doll industry has been booming ever since. Now, with the growth in the industry, there are more options than ever before, and hence it’s even more difficult to choose. 

Dolls come in different types varying in size and weight. Some are realistic sex dolls weighing up to 40kgs while others are rather lightweight and tiny. And on top of that, manufacturers at BestRealDoll have now started building sex doll torsos where you can just buy a sex doll’s ass in place of an entire sex doll. 

Now, all these different types of American made sex dolls have their own disadvantages and advantages. The three main characteristics that set these sex dolls apart are size, material, and price tag. 


The two main materials used to manufacture sex dolls are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and Silicone. 

Though there are many other materials, TPE and silicon are only two materials used to build premium dolls on BestRealDoll. TPE sex doll’s advantages would include the cheap price as well as the soft touch that a person feels against TPE material. These are generally for those who prefer a soft body for their dolls. Now, silicone dolls are comparatively more heat-resistant and you can even take a hot bath with them. Moreover, silicone dolls are believed to last much longer than TPE dolls. 



As mentioned earlier, sex dolls come in both mini ranges as well as realistic range. Of course, if you wish for a proper real sexual experience with the sex doll, you should go for bigger and realistic dolls. 


The cost of sex dolls from BestRealDoll quite obviously varies as you choose between the material and size of sex dolls. Premium dolls since they last longer cost more while other ones don’t cost as much. Premium dolls can go as high as $9000 while regular dolls are available for around $500 – $1000 as well. 


If you are not satisfied with those dolls’ faces, you can customized your dream doll by any picture. With a sex doll tailored to your needs, the possibilities have no limits endless, imagine that you can make you customized sex doll be like your sexy neighbor, co-worker, girl you saw on the internet, even a porn star.


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