Topless bodybuilder. Picture from - edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from – Edited by Liz BlackX

Bralar invites Enania and while she’s eager to meet him privately, she was not prepared to encounter his revenge

Brapax tried to adjust to his new planet and their customs. During his first visit he was nearly successful. Much to his surprise, his human shows him ‘BDSM.’ Together they discover the benefits. Brapax takes on the challenge and discovers primal sex. Brapax invites his brother Brayhr to join in on the fun. BDSM is still forbidden on planet Earth, so when they find out Enania is convicted, this includes Brapax and all his family members. Brapax’s half-brother Bralar shows up. He’s not amused at the restrictions he now suffers, but together with Brayhr they have fun together.

Enania’s heart made a little jump when she saw Bralar’s name pop up on her communication pod. Last week’s play with the three aliens had been very intense and satisfactory, and Bralar in particular had made a big impression on her.

“Enania, I summon you,” Bralar commanded.

She giggled at his words. “What?”

He was dead serious. “I summon you. Come here now.”

“Ah, you’ve been talking to Brapax. But okay, I’m actually free. I’ll be right over.”

Bralar grunted and nodded before he broke the connection.

Wearing a big smile, Enania quickly prepared. She checked her reflection. The short dress she was wearing was perfect for an impromptu date with this enticing alien. She added some lipstick and decided she was good to go.

Her mind was all over the place during the ride. Every night since they met, Bralar had filled her dreams. Enania didn’t want to openly betray Brapax’s love which was why she had refrained from taking the first step to contacting his half-brother. Their first meeting had been on Brapax’s invitation. Meeting one on one with Bralar did seem to be on a different level. But she was extremely excited they were now going to spend time together.

The door buzzed open when she arrived. She found the alien in the living room, waiting for her. He slapped her cheek, not even as hard as she had expected. “Good, you here. Want hug first?” he asked and opened his arms.

“Hi Bralar, I’m so happy to be here.” She stepped into his embrace and placed her head on his shoulder. His scent overwhelmed her, awakening all sorts of sexual feelings within her. She still couldn’t fathom why he had this effect on her.

He didn’t give her time to worry about anything, really, as he pulled up her dress and plunged his fingers into her pussy.

“Oomph!” she uttered, but soon he wriggled his fingers just the right way and had her squirming in his arms.

“I want sex,” he stated simply.

“So…I…noticed,” she replied, almost doubling over at his intense fingering.

He removed his fingers from her. He dragged her to a nearby chair and pushed her to her knees in front of him on the floor as he sat down. He removed his two penises from his pants.

“You suck.”

“Oh, okay.” The aura of sexuality around this alien was so intense that she didn’t even have time to process what was happening. All she knew was that she wanted more of him. She had a desire to please him.

Bralar gasped and arched his back as she took hold of his lower penis.

He reached up and slapped her in the face. “Not that one. Other one and only suck.”

“Yes, Bralar,” she replied meekly. The last thing she wanted was to upset her lover. She turned her attention to the top penis. She knew it was less sensitive than the bottom one but started her task nonetheless. She took him into her mouth and circled her tongue around his glans.

Without warning, he thrust his dick inside her mouth and throat, making her splutter. He hardly gave her time to breathe, pounding her mouth hard. Enania could only react. She barely knew what was going on, only knew that she needed him. It was all right what he was doing to her.

Like a rag doll, he pulled her up and pushed her over the back of the couch. He plunged his upper dick inside her pussy and fucked her hard.

“Oh, Bralar, yes, take me hard. Fill me up,” Enania implored him. All her dreams were coming true. Every thrust he gave was a moment of bliss.

His hands went around her throat, and he applied pressure with every pounding. Right before Enania lost consciousness, she thought she heard a hiss, but her world blacked out before she could identify it.

When Enania came to, she found herself no longer in the living room. To her horror, she was fastened to the wall with her arms and legs spread wide. Her heart was racing. She tried to get free but could not move an inch.

Bralar entered the room wearing a big grin.

“Bralar, get me out of here! This is no fun!”

He grinned with an evil touch. “Good. I no want fun for you.”

A green alien entered the room. Bralar pulled it close to him. Their eyelids blinked sideways, reminding Enania of a lizard.

“Good, Quorta, she tight.”

Quorta nodded and stroked his chest. “Naturally, Bralar. You know I’d do anything for you.”

Enania’s hair rose at the alien’s lispy voice. It was as if she could see ‘evil’ oozing from this creature.

“You said this human liked pain, right?” Quorta said as it cocked its head and slowly made its way over to the captured human.

“No, that’s not…Ow!”

Quorta pinched Enania’s nipple hard.

“No, please, untie me. Don’t do this,” Enania pleaded.

“Untie you? Where’s the fun in that?” The creature picked up a length of rope and tied it around Enania’s breasts.

“Ow, no, don’t…please,” Enania begged.

“Anything you want to say, Bralar, before I add my poison?”

Enania’s eyes went big as the alien flicked its split tongue at her like a snake.

Bralar came up close. “I hate your court restriction. You fuck Brapax, your problem. Now court, you make my problem, so Quorta help me.”

Quorta sniffed the air. “You used my pheromones plenty, I see.”

Bralar smiled. “Yes, plenty. She loves. Now you poison.”

Quorta hissed and flicked its tongue again at Enania. “You ready, filthy human?”

“No, please don’t.” Enania shook her head from side to side, but it didn’t help. The forked tongue touched her nipple. The saliva sizzled when it hit the tender flesh.

Enania squealed. At first, it stung a bit, but the sensation seemed to trickle down inside her boob. Quorta also licked her left nipple.

Soon Enania was sweating with her chest heaving. Her breasts were throbbing and burning. It felt like they were going to burst.

“Want the honeypot too, Bralar?” Quorta asked as they pointed to the human girl’s groin.

“Yes.” He was watching Enania’s demise closely, his two dicks standing proud.

“No!” Enania screamed but could do nothing to prevent Quorta from kneeling before her and flicking their tongue over her clit. Enania’s world collapsed as the poison went through her pleasure centre. It spread quickly. While Enania was suffering, the two aliens used that moment to fuck intensely.

Enania gave in and again lost consciousness while her body burned inside and out.

She came to in what she quickly identified as her car. She was still naked and sore all over.

“Car, please take me home.”

“That is my current destination. Do you need medical assistance?” the metallic voice answered.

“No, car, just take me home.”

Enania rested her head against the cool metal of the car’s door. How could she have been so stupid? Of course, there would be payback. And there hadn’t been ‘wild attraction’ to this alien, merely a perfume of intoxication.

It wasn’t until she reached her apartment that she realised her identification pod was still at Bralar’s place. She was glad her apartment was quite old, and the door still functioned with a ‘Touch ID’ to open the door.

Enania had only stepped inside when an alarm indicated someone was contacting her. Brapax appeared on the large screen in the living room. “Hello? Enania?”

She pushed the button to accept the call. “Brapax, I’m here.”

“Where were you? You no reply?”

Enania dropped her head. “Bralar asked to see me. He…I…” She burst into tears.

“Is wrong? Stay there. I come.” The call was disconnected.

Enania went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She cried harder when the water seemed to reignite the poison that had run through her body earlier. She tried to scrub it off, but it didn’t help. She dried herself, stepped out of the bathroom and fell into Brapax’s arms.

“Come, I hug you. I kill Bralar, no worry.”

She cried onto his shoulder. She didn’t want him to murder his brother, especially not on her behalf, but she didn’t know what to do. She only knew one thing.

“I love you, Brapax.”

“Yes, need hug cuddle?”

“Yes, Brapax, I need loads of hug cuddles.”

Enania knew dealing with aliens was always dangerous, and embarking on the path of BDSM with them even more so, but at least with Brapax, she felt safe. She trusted him. Now she needed to ensure things wouldn’t get out of hand in retaliation, and she had to get her identification pod back.

Tomorrow she would see if Brapax had any ideas how to get even with Quorta. Enania was not prepared to let this lie, Quorta needed to see they wouldn’t get away with poisoning but for tonight the only thing she wanted was to recover in Brapax’s loving arms.


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