How one favour led to an illicit adventure, before he disappeared forever

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Fucked By My Neighbour Before He Moved Away

“Have a nice day.”
“I’ll see you tonight, love. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” My husband kissed me on my cheek.

When he closed the front door, I let out a sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my husband, but spending a day alone can be refreshing too. I watched to see the car leave the street before I made my way to the bedroom. It was time to celebrate my alone time. 

My night had been filled with hot dreams, and I longed to touch myself. Again, I loved my husband, but sometimes some self-love is precisely what you need. I took up my tablet and logged into my favourite site with erotica stories. I was about to slip my hand inside my panties when the doorbell rang. I threw my head back in frustration. Not now!

Whoever was at the door was persistent. The person rang the doorbell twice before I could get there. I checked and straightened my clothing before I opened the door. It was a man alone. I hoped he wasn’t going to sell me lottery tickets, though with that body of his, maybe I could be persuaded to something else. Behave, Adrienne, you’re a married woman. 

I opened the door. “Hi.”

“Hey, good morning, sorry to bother you. That’s your car, right?” He pointed to what was indeed my car. 

“Yes, that’s right?”

“I was wondering if you would mind parking it down the street. I’m moving out tomorrow, and I have friends coming over with a van to help me with the final batch. You probably saw the big trucks leave yesterday.”

“Yes, I noticed. Sure, I can move my car. Do you need it now?”

He shook his head. “No, no hurry. My friends are coming over later, and knowing them, they’ll probably be late. Perhaps in an hour or so. I wouldn’t want to impose.”

Why did it feel like he was reading me? Were my cheeks still blushing from my earlier planned frolics? Now my cheeks were definitely bright red. And judging by his cheeky grin, he noticed.

I’d been wondering about this neighbour ever since he moved in; what was it, three years ago? We’d never met before, only casually seeing and greeting each other on the street. Despite our suburban houses, he had this bad boy vibe about him. His tattooed arms revealed a wilder spirit than the neighbourhood we were living in.

“It’s no problem. Let me get my keys.” I swallowed and turned to get the car keys from the living room. He was like someone who had just walked out of my dream and rang my doorbell. I did a quick shake of my head; telling myself to move the car and continue with my day like nothing happened.

When I returned with the keys, he smiled at me, making me blush even harder. 

“I was thinking,” he said, “Out of habit, I just made a full pot of coffee, which is way too much for one person. Do you want to come over and help me finish it?”

“Yes, sure,” I responded immediately. “I’ll join you after I move the car, if that’s alright?”

“Sure, come on over; coffee is ready,” he replied. He wore his irresistible bad boy grin as if his thoughts were way naughtier than our car/coffee dialogue had evoked.

I was nearly shaking with excitement while moving the car to a nearby parking spot. When it was parked, I took a few deep breaths and caught my eyes in my reflection. Calm down, Adrienne, you’re a grown woman, you’re going to have a cup of coffee with a neighbour, that’s all. Stop behaving like a frigging teenager.

I exited the car, locked it and made my way over to the neighbour’s house. The front door was open, which left me with a new dilemma. Could I just walk in? Was that even appropriate? I rang the doorbell for as short as possible. He peeked his head around the corner from the living room. “Come on in and close the door behind you. I had left it open for you.”

Ouch, I felt that. I swallowed and followed his instructions. The house was almost entirely empty. There was a stack of tumbled furniture and boxes in the middle of the living room. The floor had been stripped of the flooring, and the walls were bare too. 

I found my neighbour in the kitchen. Randomly, I wondered if he had made love to his girlfriend in this same kitchen. He had the vibe of someone who would. 

There were two garden chairs in the kitchen. My neighbour handed me my cup of coffee. “Cream and sugar are there if you want.”

“Thanks.” The packet of creamer wouldn’t open in my still shaking hands. I hoped he wouldn’t notice.

“Sorry, I don’t have any Rammstein for you.”

My head shot up. “You know I like Rammstein?”

He shrugged. “It’s kinda hard to miss walking by.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I try to limit my loud listening habits to once a week only.”

“No need to apologize. It never bothered me, and I enjoyed seeing you dance.”

“You saw me dance!” Damn, I hoped no one would ever see.

“It’s a shame you only do it while alone. You move pretty well.”

I quickly took a sip of coffee while digesting this information. He had noticed me. “Okay, that’s enough about me. What about your tattoos?”

“What, these?” He stroked his arm with his free hand. “I like the look of them. I like how it scares people away,” he added with a wink.

“Tattoos have become quite mainstream,” I mentioned.

“But not to everyone. And these are the decent ones. Here, you should see the rest.” He put down his mug and took off his shirt.

I nearly choked on my coffee as this handsome man now stood half-naked before me. His chest was covered with many intimidating animals. I saw lions, dragons, sharks. They were all very different, but yet the similar style ensured it all matched. There was one tiger on his lower belly, just above his crotch area, that caught my attention.

“The older ladies at the swimming pool tend to avoid me.” He undid the button on his jeans. “Mothers at the beach keep their children away from me.” He lowered his zipper and revealed his bulge. “Kids are fascinated by my tattoos, but they’re not allowed to touch.” Like a trained stripper, he revealed the tiger on his stomach inch by inch. “Do you want to?” He pulled his boxers down until the elastic was right above his cock.

“Can I?” Why had my voice turned so husky?

He motioned with his hand that I could. I put my cup down and stepped in closer to him. I knew I shouldn’t, but this was too hard to resist. His musky, masculine smell enthralled me. His nipples had hardened, either from the cold or from the chemistry between us.

I let my fingertips slide over the giant snake on his right shoulder. I left a trail of goosebumps wherever I stroked him. He had leaned against the countertop allowing me lots of space to explore. He watched my every move closely. After the lion and the bear, I began touching the tiger’s ears. The further south I went, the more his breathing intensified. I had just placed both my hands on the tiger’s ears when we were startled by a mail delivery into the mailbox at the front door.

It broke our spell. I took a step back and stroked through my hair. I picked up my coffee and took a sip of the, now lukewarm, liquid. My neighbour pulled up his pants.

“Did you like them?” he asked, his eyes still dark from our exchange.

I nodded while looking around the kitchen. “You’re almost finished stripping the place.” My voice wasn’t as steady as I had hoped with this change of subject.

“The housing foundation and their rules. You should have seen it a month ago. I had turned this into a nice place, if I may say so myself.”

“Oh yes, I’ll bet that you did.” Damn, that came out way too flirty.

He held out his hand, and, fool that I was, I took it.

“The only thing I installed that’s still intact is the shower cabin. Want to see?”

Oh, there were a thousand questions layered in those three words. This was my chance. I could still back out. Just say ‘no’, Adrienne, you know where this is going to lead. Save your monogamy, your morality, just refuse.

“Yeah, sure,” I heard myself respond. The pull was too strong. No, not his arm, but his sexuality, the excitement, the forbidden fruit.

His smile told me he knew the scales had come down in his favour. He led the way upstairs. Our footsteps echoed through the empty house.

Man and woman kissing - Picture from
Picture from

When I entered the bathroom, I saw why he had brought me here. Yes, there was a luxurious shower cabin, but the window to the street was frosted. Unlike the kitchen, where everyone walking by could see what we were doing, here we were safe from onlookers.

He took me by my shoulders and pushed me against the shower cabin. “Do you really want to go there?” He glanced significantly from the tiger at his belly to my heaving boobs while wetting his lips.

“Yes, I want to.” Still so husky.

I had only just spoken the words when he kissed me passionately. And not only did he kiss me, but he also grabbed my boob through my shirt and massaged it roughly. His kissing was hard, hungry. He was a man who knew what he wanted. I squealed as he ripped apart my blouse. One button jumped away on the tiles. He pulled my breasts out from the cups of my bra.

“Wait,” I breathed and quickly undid my bra and threw it aside.

He resumed the kiss and now pawed both my boobs. I had not often been this excited.
His hand slid inside my jeans and slithered into my panties. I grunted as he found his way inside my pussy, which he expertly fingered.

“Damn, you’re hot, woman. I can hardly hold back.”

“Then don’t,” I whispered, unsure of what I’d be releasing but desperate to find out.

“Careful what you wish for.” His eyes locked as he pulled his jeans and boxers down, all the way off this time.

I bit my lip as the full tiger was uncovered, its lower jaw ending where the base of the man’s cock began.

“Turn around,” he ordered.

I did while I unbuttoned my jeans.

“Leave them.” He pushed me against the cold shower cabin door. It was heaven to feel his strong muscled body against mine. 

“I wondered what it would be like with you. There had to be more than the polite suburbanite woman. My suspicion was right. You’re an outright slut.” He paused, probably weighing how this would land.

“Princess by day…” I began with a grin.

He laughed full-heartedly. “Slut by night. I read you right. Too bad I didn’t know it earlier. Now the question is…” He bent close to my ear. “Does this slut want to be fucked?”

“Please - yes.”

He dragged me away from the shower and pushed me against the sink. He pulled down my pants and panties and thrust his hard cock inside of me. I groaned as he entered me. This was so raw and delicious. His reflection in the mirror next to me showed his concentration, his neck corded with effort.

He slowly increased the rhythm of his pounding. Soon I had the sink in a white-knuckle grip to withstand his thrusts.

“Is this how you wanted to be fucked, slut?”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned in response, the foul language only making me wetter.

“Say it.”

“Fuck me, please, fuck me.” It came out like an enchantment.

“Oh yes,” he uttered, and after a few extra deep thrusts, I felt him reach his orgasm deep inside of me. He gripped my hips hard as he released himself he let out a deep growl.
A few small pushes and moments later, he pulled out of me and turned away. I rose and splashed some water on my face.

We didn’t speak while we got dressed and made our way downstairs.
“Good luck moving,” I finally uttered.

“Yeah, sorry you never got to use the shower.”

“Me too.”

The magic we had just shared evaporated. He was entirely in his role of being the polite neighbour as I was in mine, simply trying to be helpful.

“Take good care of your tiger,” I said, with what I hoped was a playful tone of voice.

His eyes narrowed. When I motioned at his flies, he smiled knowingly and grabbed his crotch. “Oh yeah, I will. You also take care of yourself.”

I heard him think the word ‘slut,’ but we were no longer in the position to say it out loud. The moment had passed.

“I will. Goodbye.” I walked over and gave him one kiss on his cheek. He held me close, longer than he should have. We knew we would never see each other again.

“Goodbye,” saw me to the door and closed it behind me.

With my former neighbour’s cum still leaking out of my pussy, I returned home.

Six months later, I often think back to this day as I lovingly stroked my rounded belly. Thank goodness I had needed to move my car that day. Else I wouldn’t now be bearing the part of him he left behind.

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