In Part 1, Donna went to the spiritual helper Topaz Gord to seek help with improving her sex life. In Part 2, Donna returned to Topaz for another session and learned how to give the best blowjobs, with help of two others, Onyx and Ruby. In Part 3, she shows her husband what tricks she has learned.

“Hi honey, I’m home,” Donna said as she entered her house. She hardly knew how she had made it safely. The images of tonight’s happenings were floating through her head.

Her husband Randy was in the living room, still playing the racing game on his console. 

She knelt next to him on the couch and kissed his cheek. “Hi love, still enjoying your game?”

He pulled away from her. “Just…one second…goddamnit, now I lost the race. Thanks for that.”

“I can make it up to you.”

Donna moved from her position on the couch until she was on the floor between his knees. She undid his belt and loosened his fly. She planted a light kiss on the top of his dick.
“Does that make it better?” she asked him coyly.

Randy’s demeanour changed, and he sank lower on the couch. “But why?”

Donna answered him by taking more of his growing cock inside of her mouth. She copied the motions she had seen Ruby make earlier. She sucked him hard while alternating with softer movements where she bobbed her head up and down.

Randy stared at his wife while the feelings of pleasure were coursing through his body.

Donna worked hard on her task. She felt so hot she thought she was going to explode. Pleasuring Randy was the only way she could give her feelings of sexiness an outlet. This time she knew for sure: she was definitely getting wet.
Donna sucked him even deeper.

“Wow, Donna…love,” Randy uttered in amazement.

Hearing his words, Donna’s confidence grew. She actually pleased her husband.

She moved her head up and down in long strokes, trying to suck him hard when she had most of him inside of her. Soon enough, he couldn’t resist her anymore. His sperm shot deep inside her mouth, which Donna happily swallowed.

“Wow, Donna, where did that come from?” Randy asked a little later. She had sat on the couch next to him while he was enjoying the afterglow.

“Well, as I told you, I went over to Topaz’ place tonight, and I picked up a trick or two.”

Randy mulled over her words with a pained expression on his face. 

“Who did you suck?”

Donna moved back on the couch. “No one, I swear.”

“Don’t you lie to me. You can’t just learn to give the best blowjobs in the world from from a bunch of diagrams. Who did you suck?”

“No one. I only watched what Ruby did to Onyx and…”

In the next instant, Randy got up from the couch, pulled his pants back on and grabbed his phone and keys. “We’re going to this Topaz place right now.”

“What? No.” Donna tried to hold him back by putting a hand on his chest.

“I’ll teach him how I feel about another man fucking my wife.”

“Fucking…what? Nobody fucked me, Randy. Calm down.”

Randy shoved her aside. “This card here, that’s the address?”

“Yes, but Randy, please, nothing happened.”

He stormed out the door. Donna trudged after him and quickly got into the passenger seat of the car. “Randy, no. What are you going to do?”

His face was grim, with tight lips and a determined stare, he ignored her questions.

Donna was worried sick all the way to Topaz’ house. Of course, she knew her husband, but she didn’t know what he would be capable of in this situation.

He slammed the car door shut and strode to the front door.

He banged on the door. “Open up! Where is Topaz! I need to speak to him!”

“Randy, please, calm down,” Donna pleaded.

Topaz herself opened the door. “What’s all this? Donna?”

Randy shoved Topaz aside and barged into the house. “Topaz, where are you! Why did you touch my wife?”

“Why don’t we all calm down for a moment. I’m Topaz. What is the issue?”

Randy looked at her in confusion then turned to his wife for answers. “This is him?”

“That’s what I tried to tell you. This is Topaz, she guides my lessons to improve our marriage.”

Randy looked from one woman to the other.

At that moment, Onyx made an entrance.

“What is going on here?” his deep voice resonating through the room.

Donna joined Randy and pulled him towards her by putting an arm around him.

“Onyx, this is my husband, Randy. He wants to know how I learned the blowjob lesson.”

“When you sucked the dildo? Look, buddy, I never touched your wife. My own lady sucked my dick. No reason to be upset, really,” Onyx said.

“Well, Randy, I’m very pleased to meet you,” Topaz intervened.
“Now that I see your loyalty, I can understand why Donna came to see me for help. And by the looks of it, the process is working. Come, sit down, then we can discuss things.”

Donna pulled Randy to the couch, happy most of his anger had dissipated. Topaz took her seat while Onyx sat down on the opposite chair.

“What goes on in this place?” Randy asked.

“My name is Topaz Gord. I’m a spiritual helper, guiding people in the area of life where they need it the most. Donna came to me with questions about her marriage, so I looked at what would help her best.”

“But why is he here?” Randy asked, pointing to Onyx.

“My friend Onyx lives here, together with his partner Ruby. You could call it a little commune.”

Randy shook his head. “I don’t understand why you needed to come here. I thought our life was good.”

“It was, Randy, and it is; I only wondered if there could be more,” Donna answered.

“Donna came to me. She made it clear she was happily married but was looking to introduce some excitement and spice. Every marriage should be updated now and then, and yours is not an exception.” Topaz explained. “You shouldn’t feel offended. We never meant you any harm. On the contrary, from what I hear, your sex life has improved drastically. I bet you can’t stop thinking about your sexy wife’s new attitude.”

Randy looked down and rubbed his chin. “I still don’t see the need.”

The door opened, and Ruby came in. “Donna! What a nice surprise!”

She planted herself on Donna’s side of the couch. “Who’s this?”

“This is Randy, my husband.”

Ruby shook his hand. “So nice to meet you, Randy. You’re so lucky to be married to this one. I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful a kisser she is.”

“You what?” he exclaimed.

“Oh, she didn’t tell you?” Ruby asked, taken aback.

Randy stood. “Donna, you promise you didn’t fuck a man, but forget to tell me you had sex with a woman like some street Jezebel? Fuck this shit. I’m outta here.”

Donna hurried after him. “Randy, wait.”

“You stay here in this orgy commune. I want nothing to do with you.”

“Randy, I was doing it for you, for us.”

“Well, then, go do ‘it’ with them. I don’t need this shit.” He slammed the front door shut in her face.

Donna gasped and was pulled into Ruby’s embrace.

“Let him go, Donna. You can crash here. It sometimes takes a while before a man is used to a situation like ours.”

Donna burst into tears. “I only did it for him.”

“I know, I know. It’s gonna be all right. He’ll be back; just calm down. We’ll take care of you.”

Donna sniffled on the woman’s shoulder.

She had positive motives in consulting Topaz. Her aim had been to improve her sex life with Randy. And these past few days, their sex had been phenomenal. Why couldn’t he see that? Why did he want to stop her from seeing her new friends? And what was so bad about her kissing Ruby?



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