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I love everything digital. My father was the same, and I loved exploring every new update he brought into the house. I’m an early adapter. I love gadgets and getting new features into my life. This goes for mainstream items like smartphones but also for sex toys. And I have a significant digital announcement for this blog.

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Digital Developments

All throughout my life, we have had a computer. Yes, even though I was born in the early eighties. My father was interested in technology and made sure he always had the latest equipment. I loved playing with it and would always join him when he turned it on. I would make banners in the current ‘Word Art’ style or browse through the clip art.
This means I was there when we first had a computer mouse, when we got a colour display, when we received a hand-scanner to import images. And yes, we were among the first to adopt the Internet and explore its features. For a while, I was known among my friends as ‘the girl with the computer.’

Predicting Gadgets

All throughout my life, I have kept this love for gadgets. I owned a miniDisc player. I’ve had several MP3 players. I’ve been listening to podcasts since around 2003, long before it was mainstream. When I met my husband, he convinced me to buy an iPhone. I did, and I’ve had one ever since. I love the convenience these gadgets bring me.
When I was a teenager, I remember dreaming with my best friend how it would be so cool to have one device combining a walkman and a camera in one. Or if there was a device that would show whether a person we were interested in was in a relationship. Yes, looking back, we dreamed of smartphones with Facebook.

Digital Sex Toys

My interest in gadgets also expands to sex toys. I love how more and more sex toys can connect with apps on smartphones. I recently reviewed one which connected the sex toy with a porn video. I applaud this development, and I hope it continues to grow. Being able to control the toy from anywhere in the world is something I still marvel at.
Combine this with my affection for sex dolls, and I’m very curious to see where this will end. I really hope one day I’ll have a sex doll with AI on board as a friend.

Text to Speech AI

Speaking of AI, two weeks ago, I discovered another digital feature that I have gladly welcomed into my life. Through App Sumo, I found a deal for the website. They offer a service where you can translate your text into audio using AI. This is no longer the metallic, can-like voice from the olden days. The outcome is almost human-like and sounds very natural. Using both the website and a similar service by Blakify, I will use the opportunity to convert my posts into audio. I’m going to use the service for video reviews, and I’ll find an outlet where you can purchase audio versions of my stories for a small amount. That’s how much faith I have in this innovation.

Digital Life

As you can see, I have a lot of faith in digital innovations and apply many of them in my life. I love my smartphone and use many of its options. I spend most of my time online in a digital world, whether on my website or in games like Lord of the Rings Online and Animal Crossing. Expanding my business to also include audio is a logical next step. Let me know what you think of this development in the comments below. I know I’m excited 🙂 Or, as Salli says: Welcome to the future!


  1. I, too, like you, love gadgets and computers and use them for a long time and every day. But…
    Sometimes the thought comes to me, maybe this is the wrong way. I mean that we develop and improve all sorts of external devices, instead of developing the feelings and capabilities of the human body. After all, until now we do not really know how it functions. How does our medicine work in general, if not a single person on earth knows how the human brain works.

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