After watching her from afar, she walked into my arms. One time.

Dark haired woman looking into the camera anxiously

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Content warning: It’s a crime story, there is aggression and murder in the following tale.

I enjoy watching crime shows. It’s fun to see how much they get wrong.

Take me, for example. I come from a happy background. My mother is the most loving person you could imagine. My father was strict but never unjust. Would you say I was spoiled? Yeah, maybe. But being doted on is never one of the traits they deem indicative of being a sociopath. I don’t identify as being either a sociopath or a psychopath. I only happened to find out what brings me the most pleasure in life. That’s a feat most people don’t reach. And I’ve decided to embrace it.

The crime experts may have one thing right: I’m always looking to reconstruct the first time rush. But unlike what they say, I’m able to get it back every time. Every time is different, every girl’s energy is different, and so is their end. Sometimes I even surpass it. Like with Lolita.

No, that wasn’t her real name. Her name was something dull, like Paula or Sandra. I don’t even remember it. But everything about her screamed ‘Lolita.’ Her sweet voice with the most adorable giggle. Her pouty lips. And her eyes. Oh, so submissive and yet so coy.

I worked at the local college as a janitor. Not the real full-time one, but the backup who would work the holidays and night shifts the real one didn’t want.

But Lolita. I had noticed her when I was fixing the beamer during class. She had smiled so politely when I asked her to move to a different seat when I needed to work where she sat. I can still hear the melodic ring of her voice. I had to have her.

I’m not usually a patient man, but some are worth the effort. I found out her real name and which other classes she took. Coincidentally, all the rooms she had class in needed fixing. A new lightbulb, the window shades needed testing, anything so I could get a glimpse of her. I’d wink at her, and her cheeks became the sweetest shade of red. Oh yes, this Lolita was going to be mine.

Sooner than I had counted on, Lolita practically walked into my arms. It was after ten PM, and I was fixing a fixture in the sports complex. Yes, now and then, I did actual work. When she turned around the corner, I had to blink to see if she were real or another image I had conjured up.

“Hey,” she said with that sexy voice of hers.

“Hey, you,” I replied and quickly put down my tools. This opportunity was too good to let slip by.
“What are you doing out here all by yourself?”

She shrugged. “I like to take a swim before bedtime.”

“Aren’t you scared?”

“Nah, there are security guards around, and once I’m on the square, the cameras will keep me safe. It’s not like I have anything on me they can mug me for.”

Such confidence in the world. She wasn’t wrong about the cameras, but I doubted she knew half of them weren’t working. And no, that wasn’t my fault. The system was so old there was no fixing them.

“I’m happy to finally meet you.”

“You are?” She eyed me suspiciously.

“Oh yes. The prettiest girl of the class, of course, I’ve spotted you.”

Her stance became opener and the coy demeanour spread over her face. “You did?”

I took a step closer, my arms wide so as not to appear threatening.

“Of course. You have a natural beauty that shines from everywhere.”

I took another step closer, nearly pushing her to the wall. I stroked her cheek. Her eyes were large, her pulse visible in her neck. “I’ve always wanted to taste your sweetness.”

She let out a nervous giggle. “That sounds funny.” She ducked from underneath my arm and took a few steps back.

She wanted to be chased. I liked that game. Every hunter’s instinct inside of me sprang to life.

Lolita walked backwards into a door. “You scare me a little,” she uttered.

I let myself fall onto my arms around her on the door. “There’s no need,” I whispered and let my nose caress her chin. She smelled of chlorine, but that didn’t mask her feminine scent. My mouth covered hers, and I took what I needed. Being the submissive I had expected her to be, she accepted my kiss and answered it best she could.

I pushed down the door handle. Lolita nearly fell backwards, but I scooped her up and carried her to the pile of sports mattresses close by. Probably before she realized what was happening, I tore away her pants and panties. Her bright pink panties definitely screamed Lolita.

“What…what are you doing?” she asked.

I used the opportunity to rub her clit roughly. Her body responded immediately. She pushed her stomach up at me and spread her legs.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m making love to the most beautiful girl of the class.”

Lolita blinked in confusion. Part of her mind wanted to reject my words, but her body sent conflicting messages. Her body urged her to comply. I was more than willing to help.

Letting go of her, I reached into my back pocket and produced the condom I always carried with me for exact situations like these.

“Your body is really perfect, you know? Has anyone ever told you that?”

“My boyfriend tells me.”

“So you have a boyfriend? I bet he’s all nice to you?”

“Oh yeah, he’s back home and…oh!” I pushed a finger inside of her. Enough with the small talk. The condom was around my raging hard-on. It was time for business.

I added a second finger and fucked her roughly. “He ever did this to you?”

Her moans of pleasure were just as delectable as she was. She slowly shook her head from left to right.

I pulled my fingers out of her and pushed my dick in. God, her pussy was just perfect. So tight and pristine. She had trouble adjusting to my size. Her eyes had flown wide open in shock, but again she was betrayed by her body.

Dark haired woman looking into the camera anxiously

Picture from
Picture from

“Tell me you want me. Say you need me.”

“I, I want you.”

I thrust extra hard inside her. “And what else?”

“I need you?” she whimpered.

“That’s right. You need me.” She most definitely wanted me. Her pussy was gushing with her wetness.

I pulled out of her and turned her around like the little ragdoll she was.

“Hey!” she protested, but before she could think of fleeing, I had again speared her on my hard cock. There would be no running now. I pushed her upper body down and fucked her hard. It was nearly time. “Any last words?”

“Last words? What…oh.”
I pulled her all the way down on my rod. She had no chance to digest the words. “Say thank you,” I commanded.

“Oh…thank you.”

My hands wound around her neck and began to squeeze. I never stopped fucking her. This was the best position ever. She gurgled as her face turned red and then purple. It was difficult to control a person dying. Where it was my instinct to hunt, control and overtake, it was hers to flee, to escape death and continue living. I won every time. Her body sagged while I spewed my load inside the condom. This went down into one of the top 5 orgasms so far. Lolita was definitely a star.

I pulled out of her, tied off the condom and stashed it together with her panties in my pocket. I closed my pants and made sure I looked decent. I picked up Lolita’s lifeless body and, far away from any working cameras, walked her to the faraway place in the forest where she would rest with my other girls. I’d bury her tomorrow. The high of the kill was still raging through my body. It was time to enjoy it now before the memories would fade away and I’d need a fresh girl. Just for today, Lolita was my star.


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