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It’s not often I go for the first song I associate with the prompt. Usually, I try to go for a more obscure song, taking pleasure in sharing an unknown piece with a larger public. But this time I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t stray. ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ was released forty-three years ago on the 9th of September in 1978 as part of the soundtrack of the movie ‘Grease.’ I have many memories of this song; about belting it out loud, hearing it performed live and of course of seeing it in the movie.

Singing the Song

When I was a teenager, I loved singing this song out loud. Don’t tell anyone, but I followed singing lessons for a while. Like young people today, I also dreamed of a career as a pop star and a model. I know that could have never worked since I’m not exactly a natural performer and absolutely can’t dance or sing. But this Olivia Newton-John song was one of my favourites to sing out loud while home alone. I would sing it with much conviction, and I’m really happy this was never recorded on video.

Grease on Stage

My high school performed a production of Grease. I took part as an extra, and I loved every minute of it. The actor playing Danny had a great voice, and I loved listening to him sing. I definitely had a great time during the rehearsals, and of course, during the days we performed the show.

The Movie Grease

I love the movie ‘Grease’ too. I love all the songs and the story in itself as well. In a way, I identified with Sandy. Always playing the nice, good girl but deep down wanting to explore and go into much darker places. I loved the ending of the movie where, in the end, she does go off with Danny into the sunset. I’m not a big fan of the car taking off into the air; that was just weird. But she did choose the bad boy and ended up with him, and that’s always a win for me.

All-encompassing Love

I love the lyrics because it’s the most genuine love song I know. It’s about loving someone so entirely you’d give up anything. I never dare to love someone so abundantly. Out of self-preservation, I don’t dare to let go so much. Even my husband I only give so much. Should anything happen, at least not all of my heart will be broken.
That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy listening to a love song or watch a movie about a romance so all-encompassing it takes over everything. And I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be on the receiving end of so much love.

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here:


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