Celebrating New Year’s with friends, but what if things just got naughtier than anticipated?

Picture from Depositphotos.com
Picture from Depositphotos.com

“Oh shoot, you know what I’ve forgotten?” Laura called out after we had just sat down in the living room after our New Year’s eve dinner. She had just installed herself with great difficulty since she had sprained her ankle a day earlier.

Everyone turned to her.

“My dish of hors d’oeuvres. Remember, Kelvin, what I’d been working on all day yesterday?”

“Yes, I know. Shame you forgot.” Kelvin was a man of few words.

I wish I could go and pick it up.” She looked with a pained face at her hurt leg. “It only needed a few more additions, which were already prepared too.”

“I could pick it up if you want,” Kelvin suggested.

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t know what needs to be added,” Laura mused.

“Vicky can join Kelvin, and then she can fix it, right?” Vicky’s husband Darren suggested.

Vicky’s heart sank. That was absolutely the last thing she wanted. Kelvin was such a cold figure that she didn’t look forward to spending more than an hour alone with him. “Yeah, I could,” she heard herself reply.

“Great, that’s settled then. I still have some YouTube technology clips I wanted to show Laura, so we’re gonna enjoy ourselves here,” Darren replied happily.

“That’d be awesome,” Laura responded. “Come here; I’ll tell you what needs to be done.”

Vicky went over to her and listened to the instructions.

Only a few minutes later, she was in Kelvin’s car in the passenger seat. Their house was in the next town over, roughly a half an hour drive.

“So, did you have a nice Christmas?” Vicky asked Kelvin.

“Yes, fine. You?”

“Yes, we visited my parents. We did our usual walk over the beach and had a lovely dinner after.”

“Sounds good.”

‘Okay, this is going to be one long hour,’ Vicky thought to herself.

They drove in silence most of the way. When they were getting close to their town, Kelvin took a deep breath.

“Vicky, I want to ask you something. If this is completely inappropriate, you may slap me in the face and pretend I never asked, okay?” He continued talking without waiting for her answer. “I’m afraid Laura is out of love with me. I think this because we never have sex anymore. And I really love her, and I want to make love to her so badly. I miss having sex.”

Vicky blinked her surprise away. Wow, she had expected many things during this ride, but not this.
“I’m sure Laura still loves you. Have you tried seducing her, maybe a candle-lit dinner? Or a massage?”

He shook his head. “I turn to her in bed at night, but nowadays, she pushes me away or pretends to be asleep.” His expression was pained.

“Show her some love and attention. Be firm and tell her what you want. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

From her interactions with Laura, Vicky knew more than she could say.

“I miss sex.”

The air in the car tingled with a strange atmosphere. Vicky had never seen this side of Kelvin. She knew him as a cold hedge fund analyst. Laura’s stories about their marriage hadn’t really softened Vicky’s view of him. But right now, she could feel he was hurt and vulnerable.

They had arrived at Kelvin’s place, so they exited the car and went inside the house. Vicky tried her hardest to put aside the strange conversation they had just had. Instead, she made her way over to the kitchen and began preparing the hors d’oeuvres.
She was nearly done with adding the mayonnaise when Kelvin entered the kitchen.

“I love your tits,” he stated.

In confusion, Vicky turned towards him.

Kelvin took a step forward and pulled her into his arms, his hand firmly grasping her left breast.

“You told me to be firmer, didn’t you? Is this firm enough?” he breathed into her neck.

To her surprise, Vicky enjoyed his initiative. The intense emotion was enticing. “Kelvin, what? Why?”

“I’ve lusted after you ever since you first came in that door. And didn’t you just tell me to take what I want. You haven’t slapped me in the face yet.” He scrutinized her.

“No, I…I haven’t,” she uttered softly. Her response surprised even herself. This sudden explosion aroused her more than she would have thought.

“So…can I continue?” He held his hand before her right breast.

“Yes, go on.” It was unwise, quite stupid frankly, but now she wanted to see how far he would go. Could there be any passion inside this guy? And how far would he go? Her relationship with Darren was such that he would be okay with it.

Kelvin grabbed her boob and massaged it roughly. “God, it feels even better than I imagined.” His hands slid under her shirt.

“Hold on,” Vicky said and pushed him away slightly. She took off her shirt and bra. “Isn’t that better?”

“Yes, oh God, yes.” His eyes became as large as saucers as he lovingly caressed her nipples. Vicky arched her back when he softly pinched them.

“Do I turn you on, even a little?” he asked.

“No, not a little.” She undid her jeans, took his hand and guided him inside her panties. “Check for yourself.”

Kelvin moaned as he discovered how wet she had become. “I’ve missed this so. Did I do this?”

Vicky lowered her jeans and panties some more to give him more space. “That’s all you.”

Before she realized what was happening, Kelvin had sunk to his knees and placed his lips over her pussy. Vicky moaned loudly at the intense ministrations. She clawed at the countertop. She forgot where she was and with whom. This pleasure couldn’t stop; that was all she knew.

The next thing she realized was when his hard cock entered her wet pussy. She stretched around his wide girth while he hit all the right places. He fucked her like crazy.

While she was overtaken by lust, she managed to utter: “Calm down, slow down, I want this to last longer.”

He nearly stopped while they looked into each other’s eyes. “Oh yeah, you want more of this?” He pounded deep inside of her to stress his words.

“Yes, please, yes. Don’t stop.”

“I won’t. I’ll never stop fucking you.” Teasingly slow, he continued making love to her. Vicky’s hand went to her clit, but he grabbed her wrist and pushed her arm away. “No. I control your pleasure.”

Vicky smiled at his newfound confidence and willingly gave over. His dick felt too good inside of her.

For what felt like an eternity, he continued to fuck her. Now and then, he would stroke her clit, bringing her close to the edge, before letting go and taking her back down. He was playing her like an instrument. He pulled out and turned her around. He placed his dick to her entrance. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, yes I do,” Vicky moaned.

“Then push back and take it.”

She followed his instructions and enveloped his manhood with her wet folds. He took hold of her ponytail and arched her upper body upwards while pounding hard inside her. “You’re mine now, slut. I’m never gonna stop fucking you.” Drops of sweat dripped onto Vicky’s back. His dirty talk only aroused her more. Only a few moments later, his pounding became erratic, and he came deep inside of her.

Vicky moaned along with him, enjoying his orgasm as much as he did.

He pulled out of her and walked away. Vicky crumbled to the floor. What the hell had she unleashed in this man? He had only ever been cold to her, and now he had fucked her like a maniac. What the hell?

It took her a few deep breaths before she had somewhat composed herself again, and she was able to get up. She went over to the faucet and splashed cold water in her face. She put her clothes back on. Where had he gone?

Vicky fixed the mayonnaise on the hors d’oeuvres that had become smudged during their sexual bout and finished making up the snacks.

Kelvin entered the kitchen. “You almost done? I think we should get back.”

Vicky could hardly believe what she was seeing. He was impeccable. Wearing a different shirt, he looked like nothing had ever happened. All of his red colour and passion was safely tucked away.

She smiled and shook her head. “Yes, I guess I’m ready. We should return.” She added a slight smirk.

“Okay, let’s go.”

During the ride back home, Vicky wondered if she had imagined the whole thing. The delicious throbbing inside her pussy told her otherwise.

Vicky carefully carried the plate inside and placed it on the coffee table between the glasses filled with drinks.

“That took you long enough,” Laura said with a grin. Could she tell what had happened?

“You only had to fix them, not pick up new ones from France,” Darren added. Would he know?

“It was a lot of work. Did you enjoy yourselves here?”

“Oh yes, we watched the clips I had mentioned.”

“Good, good.” Vicky took her place on the couch, the seat furthest away from Darren. She was afraid he would smell Kelvin on her.

“Did my man help you?” Laura asked while taking his hand.

“I think I did my part,” Kelvin replied.

Vicky blushed more profusely. “Only an hour and a half to midnight. Let’s enjoy our time together,” she said.

Darren looked at her closely, but Vicky only smiled uneasily and looked away.

“Three, two, one. Happy New Year!” The couples stood close to each other for the countdown. Darren pulled Vicky in a close embrace, and they lost themselves in an intense tongue kiss. Vicky was acutely aware of Kelvin’s sperm still leaking out of her pussy. Kelvin and Laura also exchanged a kiss, though a pretty tame one.
After these kisses, the couples interchanged. Very uncomfortably, Vicky shook Kelvin’s hand and kissed both his cheeks.

“Is that all you’re gonna give him? You just fucked him for crying out loud,” Darren said.

In shock, Vicky turned towards her husband. “You knew?”

“Honey, you know you can never hide anything from me. Laura and I have placed bets on whether Kelvin would actually have the balls to do it and whether you would allow him.” By now, Darren was embracing Laura, though somewhat clumsy because of her hurt leg.

“Did she teach you anything good?” Laura happily asked her man.

He still wore his unreadable face, but his hand had slid down to intertwine with Vicky’s. “I think I taught her plenty.”

Vicky’s stomach tingled as she was catapulted back towards the most passionate moments from earlier.

“Did you know about Laura and Darren?” Vicky asked Kelvin.

“Yes, I knew. No one spends so many nights discussing technology developments. That’s why I was okay with having sex with you. If she can do it, then I can have my pleasure too.”

“So, what do we do now?” Vicky asked, her mind reeling with the options available.

“I suggest you give him the New Year’s kiss he deserves,” Darren said.

“And did he make you come? Because he always forgets that when he’s with me. Maybe Darren or I can offer him some tips,” Laura added.

Plenty of options indeed. Vicky lost herself in a passionate kiss with Kelvin.

What a way to start the new year. It was good to have their relationships out in the open. Her first sex and kiss with Kelvin had been great, so there would be more than enough to explore there. If this night was a precursor of what would be coming, then this would indeed become an excellent year. Happy New Year!

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