Being with him was an experience you’d never forget. Funnily enough, no one would go into detail.

Picture of a male from, edited by Liz BlackX
Picture from Depositphotos – Edited by Liz BlackX

It was a slow night here at Club Rouge. Not many takers. I tried my best to entertain them at the bar, both the humans and the other species. After all, it was 2050. Yes, there were still some human-only clubs out there, but they weren’t the best from what I’ve heard. Many businesses did virtual only. We were one of the few to still do real-life. Usually quite busy, but today was slow.

Then he walked in. A purple coloured male who was quickly rising the ranks to become our regular. The girls couldn’t stop talking about him, how being with him was an experience you’d never forget. Funnily enough, no one would go into detail.

He scanned the girls at the bar and, after I winked welcomingly at him, sauntered over to me. He slapped me in my face. That was how the Aicahn greeted. Though I knew he was only polite, it was a hard slap. I lowered my head and extended my flat hands towards him. He grunted and slapped my other cheek. “You. Come.” The butterflies in my stomach jumbled. Looks like I was finally going to discover the secret.

I followed him quickly, holding my arms out and my hands open towards the floor. I had to show my submission. I knew it must look crazy, but to them, this was dead-serious.

Inside the room, he took a quick shower. He knew human customs. He emerged from the bathroom entirely naked, flashing both his penises. So the rumours were correct.

“Why you no naked?” he asked.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what you wanted,” I replied as I quickly undressed.

He grunted though it sounded like approval. He gripped my boobs hard, his talons pushing deep into the skin. He yanked so hard, I was afraid they were going to tear off. The more he abused them, the harder his penises became.
He pushed me back on the bed and shoved fingers inside my pussy and ass. I thought the talons would scrape me to death, but he knew what he was doing. He hit just the right places and had me moaning and twisting in pleasure. He yanked them out and punched me in the face. I blacked out.

When I came to, the purple alien was inside my body, pumping his appendages into my pussy and ass. He was fully focused on the job and groaned loudly. His fucking was intense and better than the gangbang I had had years ago. The slap in my face came unexpectedly. His eyes were set somewhere far away, so it must be an expression of his lust. While I saw the tell-tale signs of approaching orgasm, his hands folded around my neck and applied pressure. I exploded into an orgasm, so extreme like I had never had before. I lost consciousness.

The next day I was off to recuperate. I don’t even know his name, but this Aicahn man is welcome to my services anytime


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