The Genres of Liz BlackX: Student-Teacher

Teacher writing on a blackboard  while you see a student texting in the forefront.

The hot teacher offering to up his student’s grades in exchange for…services. I’ve used this trope many times in my writings, both published and unpublished. The set-up of the story can be pretty straight-forward and what I love is the inherent conflict in the setting. All things considered, no matter how consensual the relations, it is still forbidden. I also love the power-dynamic in this theme. One partner has by definition more power than the other, that makes writing the story for me real interesting. And, of course, I have some personal interest in the genre. But let me first explain why I love the style of the story.

Length Matters

All my stories between teachers and students are short stories. The longest one is about seven thousand words. I cannot imagine writing a full-length novel in the genre. In my opinion, it’s better suited to a shorter form where you start with the problem, in most cases the low grades. Then you follow up with the solution, getting together in a credible set-up, and then you finish with the resolution. It’s a simple structure, but can be a layout for an exciting hot tale.

The Power Balance

One theme you will always find in my stories is that of a skewed power balance. It could be about the girl with money problems who needs to be rescued by the strong Dominant, the slave girl who willingly submits to her Master, the fangirl who gets to spend the night with her idol rock star, and in this case, the desperate student, about to be kicked from school, will need to comply with her teacher’s demands. This power set-up is a natural occurrence in the real world, and yes, it’s often abused, but it can also be seen in a less malevolent way.

For me, as a submissive woman, I love it when a man takes control. I revel in the feeling of being protected, of not having to make a choice, of being able to function in a state of trust. And so I enjoy putting my characters in similar situations, and they usually enjoy whatever I put them through. Because of my intervention, they get to graduate, where otherwise they would have failed.

I’m a Sapiosexual

Like most of my genres, there is an aspect of personal interest in the trope. No, I’ve never shared the bed with a teacher to save my grades. But yes, I have been in love with a teacher. It wasn’t at high school, back then I was too preoccupied with being in love with my male peers. It was later that I did encounter this phenomenon. I think it’s closely related to my kink: sapiosexuality. Intelligence is a turn on for me. You can be the prettiest boy in the world, but if you can’t put two sentences together when I’m talking to you, I lose my interest instantly. So, almost naturally, I became enthralled by my teachers who did display intelligence. They inspired some of my stories, but none that I published. It gives me a connection with the characters.

Forbidden Fruits

So it’s a forbidden theme, it’s an easy form to write, and I’m personally invested in the matter. I see myself definitely coming back to this genre and writing more hot student-teacher dallying. And just to be clear, no I don’t condone teachers abusing their power and blackmailing their students. To me, this is purely a subject for works of fiction, and as such, they function well. Some things are better left in the realm of fantasy. And what a fantasy it is…

Teacher Student Erotica by Liz Black