I had asked Samuel meekly about the offer to sleep on his couch, but I couldn’t have foreseen this outcome

Picture from Depositphotos.com
Picture from Depositphotos.com

My company has completely lost its mind. Or rather, the government has. Due to new environmental regulations, the staff is no longer allowed to travel to work using cars fueled by gasoline or diesel. We’ve been given a choice. Starting next week, we can opt to walk to work, ride bicycles, travel by public transportation or with an electric car. 
Do they really think I’m gonna rely on a bus service, which stops once per hour, every two hours at night and during weekends? I need to use my car. I’m not sure the local supermarket or church could use a laboratory assistant and they are the only employers nearby. I really have no idea how to solve this. We have a work meeting tomorrow. Let’s see what Samuel and Sandra have to say about it.

That was quite a storm. Everyone was upset. And management’s advice to ‘carpool’ didn’t land the way they had hoped either. Samuel jokingly suggested I could sleep on his couch. Completely bonkers, of course. There’s no way I would ever do that - what would his partner have to say about that? Really, governments and their stupid environmental measures. Most companies are too worried about the backlash to fight it. And since no one at the top is hurt by this, they don’t care. It’s a bloody mess; that’s what this is.

All right. I gave in. I stubbornly tried to go to work by car, but they cut my salary in half for the days that I did. And I can’t afford that loss. I used the bus and train for the other days, but that’s just unworkable. Instead of the twenty minutes by car, it took me two hours to get to work on time. So when I next worked with Samuel, I asked him meekly how serious he had been about the offer to sleep on his couch. At first he laughed in my face, but when he saw I was serious, he said I was welcome. So that’ll be my solution for next week. Utter madness.

Week 1

Well, the first workweek staying over at Samuel’s is a fact. I can’t say this is how I imagined my professional career: sleeping on my team leader’s couch. But with him living a ten-minute walk away from the company, it’s a lot better than the other options I have tried. Coincidentally, Samuel’s girlfriend Laurel is in a similar situation and is staying with a colleague. Samuel is really kind. Maybe I should ask him if I can eat at his place once or twice per week. MacDonalds is fine occasionally, but not for every day. But well, my job and income are safe for now.

Week 2

Samuel really is the sweetest. He noticed how sore my back had become from sleeping on the couch, so he bought a guest bed for me to sleep on and set it up in the living room. It feels a thousand times better. When I asked him about eating with him, he wondered why we hadn’t done that earlier. So now we share our dinners together every day. He wouldn’t hear of me chipping in. Before all this happened, he had been a colleague I enjoyed working with, but I see there’s more to him than I knew. Even though the reason why sucks, I’m happy with the situation.

Week 3

Oh fuck. It happened. We had a lovely meal together, like every day. Man, I never knew how well he could cook. But anyway, after dinner we shared some more wine and watched television together. His hand was on my thigh the entire time, and then, during a commercial break, we kissed! It was the best kiss I have ever had. It felt completely natural, and it was so freaking intense. Even now, thinking back to it, it sends shivers down my spine. It happened yesterday. Today is Friday, and he’s ignored me entirely at work. I do hope it’s okay for me to return to his place on Monday. We can return to how things were before. But that kiss…

Week 4

Last weekend I threw out my back, but luckily Samuel was kind enough to let me continue staying with him, he even offered his bed to me. Things have been a little weird between us since we kissed, but we’re adults - we deal with it the adult way. We act like nothing happened. So I definitely shouldn’t tell him I masturbate to his scent in his bed? The sheets are clean, naturally, but you can’t remove all of a smell. Knowing I’m in such a private space, his space and replaying our kiss gets me so freaking hot. I can only imagine what it would be like if we crossed those boundaries and went all the way. I know I’d love to.

Week 5

Shit hit the fan last week. Laurel found my pair of panties. And yes, maybe I have been wearing extra sexy ones the past couple of weeks. With the tension between Samuel and me the way it is, I wanted to be prepared for every eventuality. I mean, we’ve been doing pre-sleep hugs and kisses; he has taken up tickling me. You can just smell the lust in the air. But he still loves Laurel. So I’m back to the guest bed in the living room. Would he know I’ve taken one of his T-shirts from the hamper and masturbate to it while he’s sleeping in the next room?

Week 6

It happened. And it was the best sex ever. He had reinvited me to his bed, but instead of him taking the guest bed, he slipped into his bed with me. We never even talked. Just like the kiss, it was the most natural thing ever. His hands went under my T-shirt and softly massaged my breasts. I didn’t respond at first, not wanting to break the magic. I did utter soft gasps to show my appreciation. His loving strokes continued downwards, his firm hands spreading my thighs. I was so wet his finger slipped right in. I moaned harder. His breathing intensified too. His lips stroked mine, and I pulled him into a tight embrace. To hell with the world, we were going to fuck now. My kiss was demanding, urging him on.

I don’t know when he put on the condom, but he was protected before he sank his hard cock inside me. Finally, after all this time, he was mine. I clamped my pussy around him. I know I did it right when he moaned in response. Soon drips of sweat were rolling down his forehead. It was the most romantic fuck I’ve ever had. Like his kiss, it was all-natural; every move flowed to the next. I arched my back, wanting more of him inside me. He pounded me hard in response. He fucked me straight to heaven. Only a slight touch to my clit, sent me over the edge. The stars of my orgasm shone brighter while he continued his rocking. His orgasm quickly followed mine.

That’s where we are today. We have made love every night after that first time. We haven’t always waited until bedtime either. The kitchen counter, the washing machine or even the wall next to the front door sufficed too. I have no idea what’s going to happen next. He might break up with Lauren; he may not. I don’t really care, as long as we continue to have our ‘with benefits’ relationship. 
I did not forsee this outcome of the government’s environmental decree. I don’t know if it will improve the world, but, for what it’s worth, it has improved mine.

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  1. I like that quote in the comments. “There is no bad without good.”
    I liked the diary and the romance.
    My brain sees the logical next step being inclusive of the partner. But this stands on its own really nicely with a myriad of places the reader can go from here. Nice.

    1. Yes, it was written with the idea of being inclusive with the partner too, though I expect there to be something of a row first. And who knows what the partner has been doing while staying over at her colleague’s place? Many options indeed, but I like it as a standalone 🙂


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