Free BDSM Spanking Story

Picture by Couleur via Pixabay
Picture by Couleur via Pixabay 

“Go get the calendar, slave.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She traipsed away and returned with the item requested.

She knelt before her Master and let the calendar rest on her boobs, just as he liked it.

“And slave, what does it say for today?”

“Eeeh,” she uttered while she clumsily turned the calendar around so she could read it. Her face fell when she read the single word. “Belt, Master.”

“That’s right, slave. Are you ready?”

“Oh, erm, I don’t know, Sir.” She added a nervous smile.

“And why is that?”

“I’ve never had the belt before, Sir, and I think it’s kinda scary.” So far, she had only been whipped with a cane and a flogger.

“It could very well be it will be difficult to sit for you tonight, or maybe even the rest of the week,” he said while he shrugged.

She gulped visibly.

“But that’s for me to decide, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Master,” she replied and cast her eyes down. She had submitted to him, so she had to do whatever pleased him most.

“Get on the whipping bench, naked, of course, and wait for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Her heart racing, she went to the playroom as quickly as she could. She was not looking forward to this session. Just one look at her chest reminded her of what she owed her Master. He had been kind enough to gift her a pair of enormous boobs a year ago for her birthday. It only made sense he now wanted to make use of her body in every way he wanted. She was his to use, after all.

She hissed as she lowered her upper body on the cold leather upholstery of the whipping bench. She smiled to herself. Soon she would be in greater discomfort than merely this chilly fabric. She hoped Master wasn’t going to hurt her too much.

Master entered the room. Without saying anything, he fastened her wrists to the cuffs of the legs of the whipping bench. No escaping this time, his actions seemed to say. He moved to her ass and stroked it softly.
“Such lovely skin. Almost a waste to wreck it.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.

“Too bad for you it’s what makes me happy. And that is your life goal, isn’t it slave?”

“Of course, Master,” she replied, louder this time. The energy in the room was laden with sexuality. His slight touch on her behind was nearly electric.

Master took up the belt and held it before her face. “Can you smell the leather?”

She nodded.

“Look at how thick the leather is. I can’t wait to see the marks it’ll make.”

He returned to her backside.
“Are you ready?”

“Yes, Master.”

He hit her for the first time.

She groaned and reached herself up a little. It was a sharp, deep pain.
The second one followed soon after.
One swat followed the next while Master worked in silence. Soon she was out of breath but still trying to take the punishment like a good slave should.

She had lost count. She only knew her ass burned like never before and was still being assaulted with the belt.
Through her haze, she heard the belt being dropped to the floor. She moaned as Master rubbed her ass and slid his finger inside her pussy.

“Mmm, slave, those welts turn me on immensely. Feel how hard you made me.”
Without warning, he removed his finger from her wet slit and pushed his hard cock deep inside her.

Slave let out a long moan. This was not what she had expected.

Master fucked her with short jabs, his hand still going over her ass cheek.

She let out a sharp cry as he slapped a particularly painful spot.

“That’s it, slave, you suffer for me, only for me.”
He fucked her hard and with little consideration.

The slave moaned in pleasure and from being brought to such heights. Sooner than she would have wanted, he reached his orgasm deep inside of her.

When they both had regained their breath, Master removed her cuffs and helped her off the spanking bench.

“Come here,” he said as he led her to the mirror. “Tell me what you see.”

She studied her backside. “Well, Sir, my ass is red, and there are some welts.”

“But is it as bad as you expected?”

She decidedly shook her head. “No, Sir. Not at all. I thought it would be way worse.”

He took her hand and looked into her eyes. “Now, slave, what date is today?”

She thought back hard to what she had seen on the calendar early. “April first, Sir.”

He nodded and kissed her hand.



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