Official poster for Showgirls
Official poster for ‘Showgirls’

I’ve got a confession to make: I love the movie Showgirls. It’s been called the world’s worst movie ever multiple times, but I can’t help it. I loved it when it first came out, and, for reasons of nostalgia, I still love it today.

BDSM, F/f and Porn

The movie Showgirls was released in 1995. We had recorded it from a television airing, so that must have been a few years after that.
I loved the movie. I loved how there was pornography in it, some BDSM and even girl-girl action. The sound of the chains in the dancing scene arouses me to this day. I was probably fifteen/sixteen years old around that time, so it was sexy and forbidden and mega-interesting.

My Father Hated ‘Showgirls’

I was devastated when my father wanted to use the videotape to use it again for other recordings. How could he not like this? It was the best movie ever!
He said it was an awful movie which he had disliked very much. I couldn’t understand it. I do think we kept it on that videotape a while longer because I had enjoyed it so much.


Now, as an adult, I can see it’s a pretty lousy movie. The acting is abysmal, and the storyline, well, yeah.
But considering this was before the internet got really big, I can certainly see its attraction. It was porn, and it was shown on regular television. Basically, it was all I had. There was no Pornhub, Chaturbate, OnlyFans around. And when you take that into account, to a teenager with a definite interest in BDSM and sexuality, Showgirls was a pretty good second best.

The dance scene I love starts at 25:27


  1. It may be seen differently now, but at the time of the release of the film it was a bomb. And I wouldn’t call it the worst movie. Try now to invite fans of science fiction to watch some Robocop. Here they will die with fur. But these are not comparable things. The ‘Showgirls’ is still looking with interest.

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