Golden Silence - Liz BlackX

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Free Sex BDSM Story by Liz BlackX

He liked to toy with me, to play with my senses. Like the one time, he had used those noise-canceling headphones. 

All-day he had been sending me cryptic messages. 

Tonight you shall feel but not hear. 

Hearing is the most disposable of all the senses. 

Okay, maybe they were apparent, but upon receiving them, I didn’t know what they were about. We often tried new things, and I liked how he got all hyped up about his own ideas. 

He was all into it that evening when I opened the door. 

‘Hi,’ I said. He did not reply; instead, he held his finger in front of his mouth like the international symbol for silence. He then pulled me into his arms and put that mouth on mine. My heart fluttered at this intro. He walked into the living room as he would on any other visit. He made himself comfortable in the big chair. 

Not wanting to sign for a question, I poured him his scotch as usual. He watched my every move and did not protest when I put his glass in front of him. I took my glass of water and sat down opposite of him. No alcohol for me on the nights we were together. I waited for him to make a move. 

He took his time. Just watching me, he leisurely drank his whiskey. His eyes smiled the whole time. I tugged my skirt straight, drew circles around the rim of the glass, studied the ceiling above him. Anything to avoid the stare of those intriguing blue eyes. The dream of every woman.  

Almost, I was almost on the verge of asking him what to do. I had already drawn in my breath to start speaking when he moved his finger.

Come here, he motioned. My heart fluttered again. We began.

I got up, put my glass down, straightened my skirt, and took the four steps to him.

He traced my buttock with one finger. He held up his other hand and swirled one finger. I turned around. I knew where this was going, but I pretended not to know. He pushed at my back, signaling me to bend over. Just as I had expected. 

_Smack_ The impact of the sound and the feeling startled me. I put my feet back together.

He hit me again. He pulled my skirt up and stroked my bare ass. The next one stung harder. Blood flowed to my ass and made it feel warm and glowy.

My back and legs started to hurt from being in this position, but I didn’t wiggle.

Again he hit me, and again. In fact, he didn’t stop until my legs were so cramped and my ass hurt so much, I wanted to beg him to stop. 

He tapped me on my back as I sign I should get up.

Carefully I erected myself and turned to him. He got up, pulled me close, and kissed me. The tart taste of whiskey overwhelmed me. The spanking had aroused him as much as it had me. He guided me to the bedroom. 

He stripped me. It wasn’t lovingly, kindly or softly. Just taking off the clothes. He put my blindfold on me.

He led me to the bed and into the position he wanted me in.

I was lying on my back, arms to my sides, and my legs slightly spread apart. Then he put the headphones on me.

That was scary. We had used the blindfold before, you could say I was used to that. But being kept blind and deaf was different.

It wasn’t until now that I appreciated how many clues I had gathered from hearing alone. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hear a thing. 

For the longest time, I just lay there. Usually, I could hear him rummaging through the drawers or undressing. Now all I had for entertainment was my breathing and the sound of my heartbeat like you would holding an empty shell to your ear on the beach. 

Something stung at my breast, like an insect’s sting. My heart rate increased, as did my breathing. Soon there was a pattern of little bites. It didn’t hurt exactly, but it was a strange sensation, difficult to place.

Then it was gone, and I was left alone again.

Was he gone? I tried to use some sixth sense, but it was useless. No matter how electric our connection was, right now, I couldn’t feel a thing.

His hands separated my legs a little further. We had had sex so many times, but this felt vulnerable, naked. He spread my labia. I could feel my inner folds being exposed. 

He applied something to my clit, but the sensations were too intense. My pelvis shot upwards, and I must have uttered a cry. The sensation moved to my leg for a moment only to return a second later.

A vibrator! He kept a vibrator at my clit: that was what it was.

I relaxed a little. Without the accompanying buzz, it was like half the experience, though the vibrations came in twice as hard.

Even my own orgasm was somehow less than usual without my own auditory stimulation. The feelings were intense, but somehow, I felt alone. 

I felt the bed dent as he got on top of me. I shuddered when his penis entered me. I usually wouldn’t allow him to fuck me so soon after an orgasm, but right now, I was helpless.

Of course, I could speak, but at the same time, I felt I couldn’t.

He was hard. The situation, the spanking, my helplessness, it must’ve turned him on. He fucked me hard and deep.

Even this was surreal. I missed the sloshing sounds, the bodies colliding, anything. Now it was just him riding me, his hard penis inside of me and my body responding to it. But I didn’t hear my responses. My body moved with his. Instinct drove me. He clawed at my breasts, twisted my nipples, and fucked me harder.

Right as he was inside me the deepest, fucked me the hardest he yanked off my headphones.

His scream of orgasm was deafening. The sounds were so overwhelming I came immediately. No build-up, no nothing, just the sounds of our orgasms colliding. 

Out of breath, we got back to ourselves. Every sound I heard was so loud, even that of my own breathing. 

‘I will only say one thing tonight: I love you.’ 

‘I love you too.’ 

Our voices sounded hoarse, untrained. Silence was indeed golden.

Inspired by: Golden Silences – Christina Rossetti