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Free Sex Story by Liz BlackX

Shopping as a way of therapy. That was my goal for this afternoon. My break-up with Dirk was still hot on my mind. Not that I really missed him or that it had come as a surprise, but it was still…sad. We’d been together for five years. They hadn’t been particularly happy years, but you know, good enough. He was polite and kind, and sometimes a partner like that is better than being alone.

I had been the one actually to break it up. The final straw was when I was planning our next holiday since I never like to spend Christmas at home, and he said he didn’t want to. His mother had complained that they never got to spend Christmas together, and so this year he was adamant we would go to her place. That was it. We spent every Sunday at that woman’s house, and still, it wasn’t enough for her. We talked things through, and two weeks ago he left my house. I was finally free to start over with a clean slate.

Hence the shopping. I browsed through the racks. Like most shoppers, I didn’t really need anything, but it was pleasant to browse. The department I was at was too juvenile, so I went to search for the adult-wear. After all, I could do with a new blouse for work.

I walked around until I had found the escalator. Just as I am about to step onto it, a large man strutted in and almost knocked me over.
As the stairs were ascending, he turned around.
“I’m so sorry, I was completely lost in thought,” he said.
“That’s okay.”
I could have sworn he was the cute guy from Burger Today, but it’s always hard to tell when you see someone without their uniform and out of their usual habitat.

The second floor did indeed have the more adult style of clothing, and I soon found two blouses to my liking. They were decent enough for work, yet in a modern cut.

I turned around and made for the cash register. When I passed the escalator, I saw the cute guy from Burger Today again. He nodded at me. I never realized his smile was this alluring.

“Do you happen to know where we can pay?” He held up the package of t-shirts.
“Yeah, sure, I think it’s this way,” I said, as I pointed to the back corner.
“Great, thanks.”

He moved so fast in the direction that he nearly knocked her over yet again. At the sound of me stumbling, he turned around.
“Oh no, I did it again, right?”
I chuckled. “Yes, again, you made me stumble.”
“I’m so sorry, I’m just so eager to get out of this place. Are you all right?”

He looked me over to check for visible damage.
“Yes, I’m fine.”
“Well, after you then.”
With an extra gallant move, he let me pass as we made our way to the counter.

The guy was sweet. I knew he had had no evil intent in cutting me off, and he was just like every other man on the planet: born with disgust of shopping.

Luckily there was no line, so we both paid quickly.
We finished at the same time. He again made eye contact with me.
“Could I, erm, maybe ask you something?” he asked hesitantly.
My stomach jittered. What could this guy want from me?
“If this is inappropriate, then just say so, but I couldn’t help but notice when you were at my place, Burger Today, the other day, that things between you and your partner were…erm…intense.”

My cheeks flushed red in an instant. Dirk had had a way of arguing with me that would sometimes go so loud that it would draw the attention of bystanders.
“Thanks, but I’m okay. We actually broke up.”

The burger man even seemed a little relieved. “Ah, I see. I didn’t think he was actually hurting you, else I would have intervened.”
“That’s sweet of you,” I told him, and I loved his shy smile. It had been hard for him to ask me this question.
“Just looking out for my customers.”

He really was attractive. Since I had always been with Dirk when visiting Burger Today, I had never really paid heed to other men. Dirk also had a nasty, jealous streak too, so it was better not to incite him. But now that I was free, I could look all I wanted. And the guy in front of me now was definitely eye-candy. He was tall, just what I liked, and his jaw was fierce and chiseled like a Greek god. His eyes were dark-brown and dreamy, while his hair was short and practical. And what I could tell from the shape of his body, he was quite athletic.

“So how come you’re forced to go shopping on your own? Your girlfriend at work?” I inquired.
Oh, there was that shy smile again as he shook his head.
“No, no girlfriend. And my mom hates shopping as much as I do.”
“So how can you be sure you pick the right thing?” I asked coyly. Maybe it was a bit sexist of me to say it, but whatever.
He held up the package. “It’s basic white T-shirts that I need for work. Nothing fancy. Are you sure your blouses aren’t too sexy for work?”
Now I was the one getting shy. “How do you know?”
He shrugged. “I noticed you were getting blouses, and they were simple and straight, so work was the most obvious option.”
“You know what?” I said, “Maybe they are too sexy for work. Maybe I’d better get an expert opinion. But who to ask?” I tapped my chin as if thinking hard.

He let out a genuine laugh, which warmed my heart. Dirk had never laughed like this at one of my jokes.
“For what it’s worth, I could offer you my opinion.”
“Really?” I asked pseudo-surprised.
“Not an expert per se,” he said, “but I have spent the majority of my life admiring the other sex. I dare say I know a thing or two.”
“Hmm, but what do you know of fashion?” I asked, with a sparkle to my eye.
He held up the package of white T-shirts. “Say no more.”

I doubled over laughing. “I think that’ll do. Do you want to come to my place? I don’t live far away from here.”
His shy expression returned. “Sure.”
The butterflies in my stomach jumbled over. Was I really going to do this? Had I really invited this good-looking man to my house?

I showed him the way to my apartment. I walked fast as if fearing he would change his mind.
But he didn’t, and after a short walk I opened my front door, and he stepped inside.
Ever the gentleman, he closed the door after me.

“So here we are,” he said while taking in the place.
My heart was racing. This man was handsome, available, and in my apartment. Did he know my mind was overflowing with lustful images? Fantasies of me ripping off that shirt of his, sliding my nails over his firm chest?

“So, erm, you want something to drink?” Why had my voice gone all husky all of a sudden?
“Sure,” he replied with a chuckle as if knowing exactly what had been on my mind a moment earlier.
“What can I get you?” I asked while we entered the living room.
“Some water will be fine.”

He looked around the room. He probably noticed the beat-up second-hand furniture, but yeah, that was all I could afford. I had tried to make the place decent with some landscape pictures on the walls, and I bought a bouquet of flowers every Saturday.
“Coming right up,” I replied to his request, “Please sit down wherever.”

I dashed to the kitchen and quickly returned with two glasses of water.
“Nice place you got here.”
“Thanks.” Now that the mood was so awkward, I became even more nervous. I definitely wanted to jump his bones, but how to get there? Luckily he saved me.

“I’m Stuart, by the way.”
I nearly spit out my sip of water. I’d completely forgotten to introduce myself. “Irene.” I stood up to shake his hand.
Instead of letting go, he held onto my hand. “What a lovely name, Irene.” He rubbed the backside of my hand. “Wanna show me the blouse?”
“Right, be right back.”

Okay, this was cheesy, and it felt like we skipped a few steps, but I would take it. I grabbed the two blouses from my bag and retreated to the bedroom. I took off the shirt that I had been wearing and wiggled myself into the new blue one. I left the top three buttons undone so that Stuart couldn’t miss my cleavage.

My heart pounding fast, I returned to my guest. With a hand on my hips, I took on what I hoped was a model’s pose. “Erm, tadaa, I guess,” I cheered uneasily.

He rose and approached me while chewing on his lips. He stopped when his body touched mine. He nodded. “It’s a good design, tight fit, but not too tight. The color is good for your skin. Professional outlook. But…”
He took on a charmer’s smile. “Maybe.” My breathing hitched as his finger touched the top of my left breast. “You show a little too much of this deliciousness.”

He bent forward and placed a kiss on my boob. Feeling his soft lips on my skin was divine. I needed to feel more of these lips.

“You think?” I asked in an even huskier voice than earlier.
“Mmm, I don’t know. Let’s see.” He pulled down the fabric around my breasts by just a little bit. He stroked the skin he had just revealed.

“This might be too much for Kevin from Accounting.”
I giggled. “How do you know his name is Kevin?”
“Most accountants are called Kevin. And I doubt you would want someone from Accounting to see these delicious globes. They’re way too special to be…”

I placed my mouth over his. I didn’t want to hear about stuffy accountants, I needed Stuart who was here. I wanted his attention, I craved his touch, and with his hands on my body, I couldn’t restrain myself any longer.

He returned the kiss. One hand slid to my lower back and pulled me in closer. His taste was delicious. He tasted of mint, while he smelled of cinnamon. He was a passionate kisser, igniting the fire within me even more.

While kissing, he tore open my blouse and tossed it away. He took my breasts out of the cups of my bra and massaged them expertly. I moaned in his mouth. He played with my nipples, which sent signals straight to my wet pussy. Meanwhile, I held onto him where I could. I grasped his thick arms, his shoulders, even his chest. Every bit of him I touched, and it was as good as I had imagined.

He broke off the kiss.

“Please,” I begged, not knowing why or what for I was pleading.

Without talking, he took off his shirt and indeed revealed the athletic body I had already felt. I took off my bra, wanting to be as naked as he was. But he didn’t stop there. He unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. I swallowed but followed suit.

He took me back in his arms. Our chests connected. “The jeans were too restrictive,” he murmured.
“I completely agree.”
Both our chests were heaving with excitement.

Stuart stroked the side of my breast. “You look ravishing,” he moaned in my ear, before kissing my neck. My back arched in response, pushing my chest against him even stronger.

His movements became rougher as if he was starting to lose control. I groaned hard as he groped my breasts. This was precisely what I needed.

Without thinking, my hand slipped down his boxers. I was greeted by a very stiff cock. I closed my hand around him and moved it up and down.

He looked taken aback for a moment, but then closed his eyes and mimicked my earlier moans. I loved feeling the proof of his arousal, knowing I was the one who had turned on this stranger so much.

I alternated between stroking him and rubbing the tip of his cock.

Just as I was starting to learn what he enjoyed, he pushed my hand away. “Lie down,” he uttered in a gruff voice.

I frowned. “Where, here?” I looked around my living room, trying to find out what he meant.
“Trust me. On your stomach.”

At the most open space, I laid down on the bare floor. What was he going to do now?

The crinkling sound of a foil packet reached my ears. I was so far gone in lust, I hadn’t even thought of protection.

Stuart knelt down next to me before straddling me. “You ever been fucked this way?” he asked, while his chest covered my back.
I shook my head. “No.”
“Do you want to try?” He asked with an amused hint to his voice.

His hard dick was already poking at my buttocks. That feeling alone had my breath hitched, so there was no way I was going to stop this now.
“Oh yes,” I managed, sounding more desperate than I intended.

He stroked his finger through my labia. I gyrated my hips, so he had better access. The slopping sounds of my wetness surprised even me.
Without speaking, he removed his finger from my pussy and changed position. The next thing I knew, his hard rod was asking for entrance at my core.

“You ready?” he asked.

Without using words, I arched my back and pushed myself onto him. He did a sharp intake of breath as he accepted my invitation and drove the remainder of his length inside of me.

It was like I had never been penetrated this deep.
“Oh,” I groaned as he was all the way in.
“You good?” He asked with concern.
“Yes,” was all I could reply. He was a lot, I felt full, but it couldn’t stop, not yet.

He moved out slowly and pushed back in. This felt even better than the first time.
“Fuck, you feel good,” he moaned.

Over and over he penetrated me, filling me with long intentional strokes. It was like he touched spots within me that had never been touched before.

“Can you handle more?” he asked as he pulled out.
I grinned. “Even more?”
“I can’t hold back forever, love,” he said with a sense of urgency.
“Show me what you got.”

Instead of just increasing his speed, he pulled up my hips and helped me until I was sitting on my hands and knees.
“Hold on,” he warned me.

Stuart’s hard cock filled me once again. I moaned at the different sentiment. Instead of the long strokes he had used before, he now pushed into me in short, decisive moves. Soon the room was filled with our outbursts of lust.

His hand moved from my hip to between my legs. He stroked my most sensitive spot. He wasn’t careful either, he was rubbing hard.

This was too much. Both his hard fucking and his intense fingering brought me to my edge in no time. Without even realizing what was happening, my world exploded in all colors and, as if from afar, I heard a low, deep moan. Soon I heard the same kind of moans from behind me.

I lay back down on the floor in the position where we started. Stuart lay down on his side next to me. We were silent for a long time, each processing our own thoughts.

I rolled over to my back and kissed the handsome man on his lips. “Thank you, this was…special.”
A grin curled around his lips. “It was indeed.”
“Maybe we should exchange phone numbers,” I said with a grin. “Or is that too soon?”
He placed a hand on my bare boob. “I don’t know, is it?”
“Yeah, maybe we should go for coffee first.”
“I’m afraid we’ve skipped that stage by now,” he replied with a sly smile.

He glanced at my clock. “Yeah, I’m gonna have to go. Have to get ready for work.”
I got up and gathered my clothes. “I understand. Maybe we can do it again sometime soon, though.”
“I would love to. Be sure to call me when you need extra fashion input.”
I chuckled. “Oh, is that what this was? I never knew I loved fashion so much.”

In-Depth Fashion AdviceWe both cleaned up and got dressed, and we did exchange phone numbers. I wasn’t sure if I was going to see him again, but I was convinced I would never again find such in-depth fashion advice.