My Experience as a Straight Female with a Female Sex Doll

Picture of Liz holding a sex dolls hand.

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Liz holding the doll’s hand

Last night, I was in bed for a masturbation session. Alone, since my husband was away for the evening. I had a vibrator to review, so I decided to have some fun on my own.
I wrote some fiction to get in the mood, I watched some videos and tested the vibrator. Worked well, I must say, and that was that.
But I wasn’t entirely alone. Together with me in the bed was Ling, an inflatable sex doll sent to me by for a review. She arrived earlier this week and was spending some time in our bed since that was the best place to keep her. I still need to take detailed pictures of her. My husband also wanted to try her, so I can give an in-depth review.

The Doll Entered the Scene

During the first round of testing the PMV20 Tone vibrator, I took the doll’s hand in mine. It was a comforting feeling. I felt less alone.
After my orgasm, I turned to my side and smiled at my inflatable friend. She had been there with me all along. I stroked her chin, her nose, her breasts. She has the most beautiful nipples that I just had to touch and flick. I stroked her soft belly, her arms, and again held her hand. Ling turned me on.
The more I stroked her, the more my breathing increased. I was half over her body and nearly rode her. Her female shape turned me on.
I rolled off of her, took another vibrator and quickly reached my second orgasm of the night.
Afterwards, I stroked and kissed the doll, thanked her for her presence and help.

What the Hell?

Picture of an Amiga inflatable sex doll

Copyright Liz BlackX
Isn’t she irresistible?

What happened here, surprised me. I mean, I know I’m a sexual being. I’ve always known I’m not 100% heterosexual. I had foreseen a similar scene happening with one of those fancy $1000+ silicone, life-like dolls. I had not guessed my first sex doll experience would be with an inflatable doll.


During the act, it was very confusing. I felt stupid in a way, and ridiculous. I’ve never played much with dolls, also not as a kid. What the hell was I doing making love to a blow-up doll?
I felt unworthy of having sex with such a thin, beautiful young lady. That is truly what was going on in my mind. I felt sorry for her that she had to deal with such a big, clumsy woman.
I had to remind myself that despite her form, she is an inanimate object. Since I own this doll, it’s my right to use her in this way. It is her purpose.
It was a boundary I needed to cross for myself. I was home alone, no one was watching or could walk in, so I could do as I pleased. If I wanted to ride an inflatable sex doll, then that is perfectly fine.

Mind Games

Your mind plays strange tricks on you. Some part of my brain really saw her as a friend, as a lover. My body responded to her proximity, to her sexiness. Ling really turned me on.

New Venues

So yeah, I now have many things to ponder. As I had suspected, I’m not 100% straight. I like having sex with girls, for the moment, at least with the inflatable ones.
I like having sex with sex dolls. That’s also something that needs to sink in. How degraded am I really? But then again, how different is a pretty girl-shaped doll from a phallic dildo?
Many doors have opened. I can tell you one thing: it was the first time I played with a sex doll, but it certainly wasn’t the last time.

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    1. That’s exactly what I hoped to portray ☺️
      The uneasiness, the awkwardness, but at the same time how hot it was ?
      Thanks for reading ?

    1. Yeah, her quality really surprised me. I think what makes a big difference is that she has a silicone head, and breasts, hands and feet.

      Can you imagine what it was like for me to acknowledge I had sex with ‘her’ ??

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