Brand New Washing Machine

When my previous relationship broke up, and I moved out to live on my own. I bought my first washing machine, refrigerator and stove. It was the first time I bought such appliances. In previous houses, one had been available in a shared room, or we had used an older hand-me-down.
I remember feeling all grown up when my first fridge and washing machine were installed. It does feel like a milestone in life.

New It Was

Right, that was in 2009. Last week, in 2020, my husband and I decided the washing machine needed to be replaced. Over the past five years, he has repaired it several times. I was having doubts about whether my laundry was coming out clean for a long while. But, since it’s a lot of money, we postponed the decision many times. Until the machine started to make yet another weird sound. It was time.
We selected a Bosch washing machine. It cost double what my first one cost, but there are definitely many changes. First of all: the one’s silent! I can hardly believe it’s possible. It has many other features too, with many new programs and overall better quality.

Coming of Age

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write an advertisement for Bosch. It struck me how much buying your second washing machine is also a milestone. This too is a coming of age moment, at least it was to us. I was twenty-six years old when I bought the first one, still in university, so sort of at the beginning of life. Right now I’m thirty-eight, no longer in university, and filling my days with writing about sex. In throwing out the first washing machine I ever bought, after eleven years of service, I can no longer deny that I’m an adult.


No one ever talks about buying your second washing machine or your second car. But, in all honesty, it’s just as significant as the first. The first may be scary where everything’s new and shiny, and you’re on the cusp of life on your own. But with the second, you start to feel old. I’ve had this appliance for more than ten years. That means I’m ten years older than when I first bought it. How old am I really? When the new one breaks, how old will I be then? Does this make me middle-aged today? Or after the new machine breaks down?

Age and Memories

So many questions and so few answers. I’m getting old. There’s no denying that. I think it’s safe to say I’m also officially an adult now. That’s not a fun realization either if it means I have to act responsibly and sensibly. Ah well, I guess I have been doing that for a while already.
I will say it was hard to discard the old washing machine. I remember when my cat was a kitten, and he would watch Program 9 with intrigue. And how the two cats both played on top of the machine. And now they’re both seniors.
But hey, that’s how life goes. I’m definitely going to enjoy all the features of the new machine. And yes, just that statement alone reveals my age and station in life.


    1. Would you believe my first fridge and washing machine were both Indesits :p
      I was adamant my next one had to be an Indesit too, seeing how we have always mistreated the poor thing with cat hairs and not cleaning properly. But then we found this one by Bosch and it was so well-reviewed and well-tested and it had all the nice features. We hope it will last us just as long, and maybe longer, as my first Indesit.

  1. We recently bought a new washing machine and dryer too, and I was amazed at how quiet the washing machine is! Haha, and almost had to take a course to figure out the new high tech panels on the front 😉
    ~ Marie

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