I Had Sex With A Doll

Can you imagine falling in love with her?

My first sexual experience with a woman was with a sex doll, which you can read about here. It was very special and confusing at the same time. Why was I making love to an object with the same properties as a beach ball? Why did it turn me on so?
At the same time, I felt bad for her. She’s so slim and pretty while I’m so big and clumsy. What was it like for her to endure this?
Anyway, our shared experience made me bond with her. I miss her. The time we spend together was a few weeks ago, and I think about it often. But why do I say our sex made me bond with her? She is an inanimate object after all. Why does she feel like a friend, a lover even?
People say doll lovers are eccentric, weird and even dangerous. Is this true, according to today’s science?


First of all, having sex with a doll is, by definition, objectification.

‘In social philosophy, objectification is the act of treating a person, or sometimes an animal,[1] as an object or a thing. It is part of dehumanization, the act of disavowing the humanity of others. Sexual objectification, the act of treating a person as a mere object of sexual desire, is a subset of objectification, as is self-objectification, the objectification of one’s self.’


Feminists state it’s bad to objectify anyone and that it leads to feelings of anxiety and shame.
Orehek and Weaverling say there’s nothing inherently wrong about it.
My personal opinion is that it’s like stereotyping: a way to make sense of the world. You can’t possibly analyse and address everyone around you, so your brain makes assumptions based on prior experiences. And yes, in case of a sex doll, your mind is going to rightly assume it’s a doll. The question is whether this has ramifications for the person’s other interactions.

Does A Doll Lead To Violence?

People assume one is more prone to sexual violence after objectifying a doll and having sex with such an object. The problem is there’s no evidence for such a causal relationship, as stated in Sex Doll Ownership: An Agenda For Research. It’s just as people assume playing violent video games leads to more aggressive behaviour in the real world. There is no evidence for this.

No, It Doesn’t

My opinion is this: people aren’t stupid. On some level, people know they’re playing with a doll, with an inanimate object. When they leave the bedroom and go outside into the real world, they know the women walking by aren’t dolls. They know full well these are living and breathing creatures with a will of their own.
But inside their house, their bedroom, the doll is a safe substitute. It won’t laugh at them or mock them. They may even fall in love with their silicone bed partner, and that’s okay.
They’re not harming anyone. Like I said before, I’m guessing even love hormones are released when interacting with the object.

I Love My Doll

To conclude: I think I’m gonna blow up my inflatable doll. I miss her. I often think back to the time I had sex with her. And no, it doesn’t make me look at other women as objects. I realise she’s an inanimate object just like the vibrator in my nightstand. Though, secretly, I hope she misses our time together too.

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