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I’m not easily satisfied with what I do, but there are some instances that I’m proud of in my life. They all deal with hard work, so not things that happened to me or that I was given. They weren’t instances of luck, neither were they instances of love. I mean, I’m proud of the loving home that I have been able to create for my cats and husband, yes, in that order, but that’s not what comes first to my mind. I prefer to look at what I have accomplished in work-related situations.

Steady Employment

Occasionally you hear of people who aren’t able to hold a job. Who get sacked after only a couple of days, weeks, months. I am not one of those people. But Liz, you don’t have any employment right now? That’s right, I don’t, but I have had several jobs over eighteen years, ever since I was fourteen years old. And I was able to keep a post for a long time. I’ve worked at one place for three years, at another for five years, and at my last position for seven years. Funny how that adds up, feels like there is a numerological significance there.
Employers have always liked me. I work hard, I’m always on time, I take responsibility for what I do, and I deal well with my colleagues. And yes, that is something I am proud of. It feels good to know that I did something right, even if it was a job I hated. I was appreciated. Probably also taken advantage of, but that’s just another side of the same coin.

Set the Stage

The second accomplishment that I’m very proud of is something I did for fun. I was a member of an amateur theatre crew. One year we performed a comedy play in which I had a role. But, next to acting, I did a host of other activities for the group that year. I acquired props, I arranged the music to be played during the performance, and I designed the poster, together with another group member. I was so proud during the performances that everything came together. We drew in an audience, partly thanks to the posters we made. The props were the perfect match for the script. Afterwards, people complimented us on the choice of music, because it had fit the play so well. I had really attributed to the success we enjoyed those shows.

Just a Story

The third accomplishment that I’m proud of happened only last year. It’s the fact that I got to write for I’m so immensely proud that I was able to acquire that assignment based on something I had written. That was really my merit. A year earlier, I had been accepted into a group to write anthologies together, but it didn’t feel like my invitation was based on my writing skills. I doubt she ever read my work, and if she did, it felt more like a convenience to her that I would be able to set one word after another and not that she liked my style or skillset.
To me, it feels like the FrolicMe assignment is the one time I have been paid what I am due, what I’m really worth. Why I feel so strongly for an erotic story, I wrote for a pornographic site? Because it came from my heart. Writing erotica is what I want to do, what I have been doing for the past twenty years. And to get paid a fair price for a hot erotic tale was terrific. I didn’t believe it was true until the money showed up on my account. Until that moment, I thought it was going to be a fail. Surely it was some form of scam, that I, unfortunately, have also encountered in my life. But it wasn’t. And it really is one of the proudest moments in my life.


Another writing-related proud moment was the fact that I made the Chaturbate Sex Blogger Top 100 in 2019. That was all on me. This website was built by me. I’ve written the words that got me a place on the list. My husband didn’t coach or prompt me, only support me so that I was able to write. My musings, my thoughts, my writings were all that got me to that place. I didn’t even know it was possible. I figured I’d have to wait at least another year to get some form of recognition. And not only was I in the Top 100 list, but I also made it to several Top 20 lists of individual bloggers. To be recognised and appreciated for my sex blog writing is astounding, and definitely something to be very proud of.

Work, Fun, Home

All of these are examples of what I made happen, instances I created for my own success, you could say. In the case of my retail work, they were instances that cost me a lot too, a lot of my own happiness, and it caused me a lot of stress. And yes, I am also proud of the loving atmosphere I have created at home.
Last night my cat jumped off my chair before I wanted to sit down, so I said ‘thank you, girl.’ My other female cat who was nearby opened her eyes groggily and smiled at me in a way that said: ‘you’re welcome.’ So yes, I showed her my gratitude for being in our house and for showing us her love. A simple interaction like that also makes me proud. She does feel loved and appreciated, and I know just how important that is.
Whether it’s work-related, fun-related or home-related, I definitely have many things that make me proud.



    1. Thanks ?

      I’ve done theatre multiple times in my life. I love everything about the theatre ?
      The funny thing is that I dislike groups of people. I’m uncomfortable talking to multiple people, like in a dinner setting. But on stage, when I have lines that I have rehearsed, it’s not a problem. I’ll be nervous, but I’ll play my part as rehearsed. To me that’s great fun ?


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