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In Part 1, Donna went to the spiritual helper Topaz Gord to seek help with improving her sex life. In Part 2, Donna returned to Topaz for another session and learned how to give the best blowjobs, with help of two others, Onyx and Ruby. In Part 3, she showed her husband what tricks she had learned and he was convinced Donna must be cheating on him. In Part 4 Donna leaves Randy to stay with Topaz, Ruby and Onyx for a while. Ruby takes care of Donna and introduces her to girl on girl love-making. In Part 5 Randy visited Topaz to ask about her plans with Donna. An argument ensued. Donna, on her part, became so emotional, she sought refuge in Ruby’s arms, and also had an encounter with Onyx. In Part 6 Topaz spoke sharply to Ruby. Ruby, as a result, made a visit to Randy which went further than he had foreseen.

Part 7

“That jerk! That asshole! How could he! And she too…” Donna fumed as she paced her office, trying to keep her voice down to not disturb any others.

Lynn got up and placed a hand on Donna’s upper arm. “Donna, what’s the matter?”

“That jerk!”

“Calm down. Come sit down. Tell me what happened.” She pulled Donna towards her chair and leaned on the desk in front of her.

“Randy, I called Randy since I’m staying with Topaz, and I wanted to know how he was doing. You know, like a wife is supposed to ask.”

Lynn nodded calmly.

“And then it turns out he’s fucking my…that skank!”

Lynn’s eyes grew large. “Wait, Randy was…?”

Donna closed her eyes and shook her head. “Randy, my husband, is fucking my lover, Ruby.”

“Okay,” Lynn replied, “And who’s Ruby?”

The question confused Donna. Who exactly was Ruby to her? A dear friend, yes, but also her lover. Could she admit this? “Ruby’s a friend.”

“And also your lover?”

Donna’s cheeks turned fiery red. “Yes, since recently.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were into that kinda thing.”

“Recently,” Donna repeated. What was she gonna do now?

“Okay, Don, calm down. You know my nickname is Lynn’s Lists. Let’s make a list. Randy?”

“He’s my husband, and I want him to stay my husband, I think.”

“Okay, that’s good enough for now. Ruby?”

“She pulled me through a lot of shit these past few days and taught me a lot.”

“Can you forgive Randy?”

“How the heck should I know! I’ve never had to deal with this. You said going to Topaz was a good idea.”

“My friend spoke highly of her. As far as I know, she was never in this kind of a mess,” she replied, slightly sheepishly.

“Topaz is all right. She is trying to help me. Maybe I should just go to her place and retreat to my room. I might run into Onyx.”

“Onyx? What do you mean, Onyx? Where did you pull that from?”

“He also stays with Topaz. He’s Ruby’s lover.”

“He. Okay. I get it. And you like him because?”

“He’s the greatest kisser.” Donna swooned in her chair.

“You mean you and he…? Oh fuck, Donna. And here I thought Randy was the bad guy.”

The door swung open, and Mr Danell barged into the room. “Ladies. You’re having a lovely tea party, it seems. Anyone know why we’re here? At work!”

“Sorry, Mr Danell.” Lynn resumed her seat behind her desk.

“Why are you behind on last week’s reports, Donna?”

“Excuse me, Mr Danell. I’m almost done with Friday’s reports.”

“You better hurry up.”

“Yes, Mr Danell.”

The two women focused on their jobs, and soon their rattling keyboards were the only sounds that filled the room.

Half an hour later, after they’d both done a substantial amount of work, Lynn threw a wad of paper at Donna. Donna looked up. “You should fuck Onyx,” Lynn whispered.

“What? No,” Donna whispered back.

“I’ve been thinking about it. His girlfriend fucked your man, so it’s only fair. I say screw them both.”

“You’re crazy.”

Lynn shrugged one shoulder. “Just my two cents.”

Lynn’s words followed Donna home. Donna couldn’t believe the mess she was in right now. She had meant to make circumstances better for herself. She had wanted to explore her sexuality, somehow sensing there could be more than what Randy was giving her. She had definitely found more, maybe even too much. As had Randy. But did she fault him for it? Could she even? Perhaps monogamy was just not for her, not for them. Donna grinned at her reflection in the car’s mirror. Years earlier, she thought people in open relationships were just lazy and didn’t love their spouses enough. And what exactly was she planning now?

Donna parked the car and rang the doorbell. Topaz opened the door. “Hi, Donna. Maybe we should get you a key soon,” she said with a wink.

Donna smiled politely. A key meant permanence and continuity. Was she ready for that?

“Maybe. How are you?” Donna asked Topaz as she followed the other woman to the living room.

“I’m doing good, thank you for asking. We were just talking about you.”

When Donna entered the living room, her heart jumped as she noticed Onyx. “Hi. Were you two having a moment together, cause I can just…” She turned towards the door to head upstairs.

“She said we just talked about you, and now you want to bolt?” Onyx remarked in that deliciously deep voice of his.

“No, I just, well, I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re never intruding, Donna. You look distressed.” Topaz rummaged in the closet’s drawer. “Here, take this tablet and sit down for a moment. Onyx, will you get her some water?”

“Sure.” Onyx rose and made for the kitchen.

Donna turned the tablet around in her fingers. “What is in it?”

Topaz smiled apologetically. “I’m afraid I can’t tell you. It has always made you feel better, hasn’t it?”

Donna nodded. “Sure, I was just curious.” Every time Donna had taken the pill, she had felt better afterwards. And honestly, the way her head was spinning at the moment, she didn’t mind the escape.

Onyx returned and handed her the glass.

“I have one for you too, Onyx.”

After a brief look of confusion, Onyx accepted the tablet and swallowed it dry.

“If you want some water?” Donna asked while holding up her glass.

“Thank you.” Onyx’ smile warmed her heart.

“Sit next to her, Onyx. Remember what we talked about.”

Donna held her breath as the tall man came to sit next to her. Her leg tingled where his leg touched hers, even though they were both wearing jeans.

“Okay, now I’m curious what you were discussing,” Donna said with a nervous giggle.

“We were discussing your healing energy,” Topaz said, now serious.

“My what?” On top of everything that had happened today, Donna had not expected this message.

“You have what I call a ‘restorative aura.’ This means you have the power to repair other people’s disturbances. That’s why Randy married you. Instinctively, people are drawn to you because you mend their pain. Onyx has the same qualities, though his work on a masculine level. That’s why you saw us holding hands the other day. Even I need to be restored sometimes.”

“Okay.” Donna glanced from Topaz to Onyx. He looked apologetically.

“Hey, to me, this was all hocus pocus too before I met Topaz. But I do think she speaks true.”

“Onyx has come a long way since he first got here. I’m very proud of him. I just had a great idea. I think the two of you should spend some time together and balance your energies. Do you remember what I taught you, Onyx?”

He blew out some air. “Yeah, looking into your heart, directing the flow of energy, that stuff, right?”

Topaz nodded. “Exactly. Why don’t the two of you head to your room so you can practice in quiet?”

“Sure. Let’s go,” he nudged his head to Donna.

Butterflies were swirling inside her stomach. Did she really get to spend time alone with this handsome man?

Girl with long blond hair wearing only a towel, looking into the camera

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Donna followed Onyx upstairs to his room, the one he shared with Ruby.

“Come sit with me,” he said as he took place on the couch. His large body dwarfed the small couch.

“Don’t be scared.”

Donna sat down next to him. She wasn’t scared but definitely apprehensive.

“Give me your hands.”

She placed her hands in his. “And then?” she asked.

“Close your eyes. Focus on your hands and what you feel.” Their fingers were laced, and their palms pressed together.

When the first awkwardness of the touch was gone, it was like their energies opened up.

“Very good. Now I’m going to send my energy into your body. It’s entering you in the form of green waves, slowly filling your body from the top of your spine to the tip of your toes.”

Donna felt the green waves coursing through her body. The more it went through her, the more electrified she felt.

“Now, you try sending your pink energy through me. Imagine it flowing from your hands.”

She followed his instructions. She had no idea if she was doing it right, but it did feel like the correct way.

Onyx began breathing through his mouth. As Donna opened her eyes, she found him watching her.

“Look into my eyes,” Onyx said huskily. “Connect with me.”

Unconsciously, Donna’s mouth opened too. Never before had she felt this close to another human being.

Slowly, they inched close together until their lips connected. Their kiss was soft and searching. It wasn’t like the last time when it had been passionate and urgent. This time, they savoured the feeling.

Images of their bodies becoming one were intruding in Donna’s head. Donna pulled away, her chest heaving from the intensity. “Onyx, please, I need…”

“Ssh.” He placed his finger on her lips. “I know what you want. I need it too. Come.” He invited her to the bed.

Donna laid down on the bed, never losing sight of Onyx. While still fully clad, he laid down on top of her. His hands found hers while he began to grind his groin onto hers. “We need to merge. Our bodies are calling for it.”

“Yes, Onyx, I hear it too.” Donna was now so hot she thought she was about to explode. His energy, hers, what they had built together had to erupt.

Onyx grabbed a condom from the nightstand, pulled down his pants and underwear and sheathed his cock in the rubber.

“May I?” he asked Donna.

“Yes, Onyx, please.” She helped him undo the button of her jeans and slipped it down, together with her panties.

Onyx resumed his position on top of her. He spread her pussy lips and sank his cock deep inside of her. A ripple of pleasure went through Donna. He was large, but she didn’t mind being stretched by him. This was meant to be.

Onyx held still and again took hold of Donna’s hands. “Now we’re truly connected. Look into my eyes and feel me.”

Slowly, he began to move in and out of her. She had never experienced sex like this. Every small move he made send a ripple of explosions through her body. Their souls rejoiced at their being entwined.

Onyx rested his body on top of hers and continued to make love to her. Magic, this was pure magic.

Donna lost track of time, existing only in Onyx’ space. Finally, when they could not become any closer without losing themselves, Onyx gave over to his orgasm. Donna was sorry she couldn’t feel his life essence. She squeezed his ass during his zenith, hoping to pull him even closer.

Even after he was spent, they lay together in their embrace for what felt like forever. Their breathing synchronized. Donna wanted to stay in this position for good. She didn’t need anything else in the world as long as she could remain in Onyx’ arms.

Onyx cleared his throat. “I think Ruby’s gonna be home soon.”

It was like the words cut through Donna. “Okay.”

“I don’t think we should tell Ruby about, well, this.”

Donna frowned, but she wasn’t in the right state of mind to argue. “Okay.” With a sigh, she rose and pulled up her jeans. “I enjoyed it.” She sat down on the bed on her knees and gave Onyx a kiss on his lips.

“So did I. I think we could be, well, soulmates.”

They sealed his words with an intense tongue kiss. “Now, please go. I think Ruby’s here.”

Donna rose and left the room. Sure enough, Ruby was climbing the stairs when she closed the door.

“Hi, Donna. Listen, I don’t know what you heard yesterday or what you think, but…”

“Not now, Ruby. I’ve got a headache and need to lie down. We’ll talk some other time.”

“You all right?” Ruby asked with concern in her voice.

“Fine. Just let me be.” Donna escaped to her room and leaned into the door, resting her skull against the surface while staring at the ceiling. What the hell had just happened? She had just shared the bed with Onyx, and it had been the most mind-blowing sex ever. Would Ruby be upset? And what was Randy going to say? Instead of clearing things up, she had made everything even more complicated. Now, what was she going to do?


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  1. So much has happened in Donna’s life in a fairly short period of time. Will she be able to cope with the information and new feelings and knowledge that has flooded her? Where will it lead her?
    Such questions arise from the reader of this wonderful series.
    Thanks to the author.

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