This is the first time I have chosen a parody version of a song for Song Lyric Sunday, but I figured it was time since I realized I had never featured Jim Carrey on my website before.

With my blog being in a sort of nineties revival, I can’t leave out Jim Carrey. Like the Men in Black movie, I mentioned last week; basically, all Jim Carrey movies were a big hit within our family.

The first one on the list is Ace Ventura – Pet Detective. We loved the animals in the movie and, of course, the over the top humour. I can’t say how many times my brother and I have copied the ‘road is rough’ spiel while on the train. We had so much fun watching and copying parts of the movie.


The Mask was one of our favourites too and then mainly for Jim Carrey’s expressions, which obviously, he is most known for.

My all-time favourite comedy movie is ‘Dumb and Dumber.’ The film still makes me giggle today. How he found the name ‘Samsonite’ when he was trying to remember her name. It really is precisely my kind of humour. And this movie never gets old. And I will laugh at it every time.


A little more serious, but still, one of my favourites is ‘Bruce Almighty.’ It answers the question of what a regular person would do if he were to have God’s power for a day. It also raises more profound philosophical questions. Whose prayers would you answer? Like with the jackpot in the movie: once everyone wins, no one is really a winner.

I’d like to highlight the final movie: ‘The Truman Show.’ I love this movie because it’s so close to today’s reality. With the family vlogs on Youtube, I’m afraid this is a reality for many children growing up today. And not only those on YouTube. All children nowadays are aware of how they want to be portrayed on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. I count myself extremely lucky these platforms weren’t around in the 1990s. I would have made such a fool of myself, and it would still have been around today.

But okay, back to today’s song. ‘Imposter’ by Jim Carrey is a parody of ‘Informer’ by Snow. I heard the original countless times in the nineties. And then, like today, I have no idea what he is singing or what the song was about. For this week’s theme, I had planned to write about times I have been duped and become the victim of fraud, but I like Jim Carrey’s movies and humour a lot better than that theme. And this song matches the prompt perfectly. I loved these lines best:

‘But everything I know, I learned from a auctioneer
The bidding will start at seven for this here Gauguin
Eight, do I hear eight, nine who’ll give me ten
I got ten, ten gone once, going twice sold
I can spout gibberish, and it will go gold’

I hope you’ll enjoy the song as much as I did.

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