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I’m quite spoiled. Yes, I’ve suffered a hard life, and yes, I’ve always worked my butt off in retail, but at the same time, I’ve always been spoiled in one way or another.
My father has always spoiled me. Even when our funds were limited, he tried to give me what I wished for.
My mother too, in her way, spoiled me. I would literally receive dozens of gifts when I came to visit. Not expensive gifts, but small, thoughtful presents, some of which I still use to this day.
I’ve never felt poor, even though a couple of times in my life I definitely was.
So how does this lead to the topic of indulgence in my life today?

The Easy Life

My husband spoils me just as much as my father did before, to the point where I get to stay at home today to pursue my writing career while virtually bringing in zero money. Still, that’s not really an indulgence. For me, it’s a conscious decision to figure out what I really want in life and how to get there.

Only the Best

What is indulgence in our life is that we like to buy expensive gadgets. We did so when I was still working in retail, and we continue to do so today.
All our equipment is from Apple. I own the full range, from iPhone to iPad to Mac to Apple Watch and AirPods. I feel weirdly guilty for saying this, but it’s true. We don’t settle for second best.
So how do we afford this, even today? We don’t go on holidays. We don’t have a fancy car. A Mercedes, yes, but a small model from 2001.
For the majority, we lead a simple life. We don’t eat steak. We don’t spend much money on clothes. Neither of us smokes, and we drink alcohol only sparingly.
Only now that we have made friends in the BDSM community do we go out to dinner at least once a month.

Hair and Chocolate

My personal indulgence is the hairdresser I visit twice a year. It’s an expensive shop, but they’re experienced in doing wild colours (my hair is purple) and the dye sticks for a long time. I don’t like to choose second best.
Next to that, I have small indulgences like my almost weekly bar of chocolate. Not even because I’m that big a fan of chocolate, but it’s a quick and convenient snack.

Spoiled for Now

Do I see myself as living a life of indulgence? Yes. Do I feel guilty about it? Definitely. But I’ve been seen so much trouble in my life that for now, I revel in it. I know it can be over tomorrow. And so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.



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