Bad Day

I feel like I’ve found my Lucky Clover
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I will recount this story as it happened. I was having a bad day. Like really bad. I’ve had a busy weekend with lots of visitors. Okay, three, but that is a lot in my case when you’re used to none. My husband had to work early today, which is something that never happens. As in, once or twice a year. So we were both upset by our change in rhythm. The cats were too while he was eating breakfast, three hours earlier than usual. The three of them sat next to each other in the living room with an expression like: What is this? Why are you here? Why are you even up? Has the world gone mad? Little neurotics.
I couldn’t wake up, stayed in bed for way too long. Then when I was up, I delayed my breakfast for too long, so I was miserable all over.

No Inspiration

I tried to come up with blog posts for this week, and I couldn’t find any. Okay, I thought, this is it. I’ve had my fun, but I will never write again. It might have been a little exaggerated, but that’s the way my mind sometimes works, especially on days like these.

The Top 100

So I got a notification for Sweetgirl’s new post, and I scrolled through it. It was about the Top 100 list, so I scrolled through that one too. I know many of the people on this list, and I thought ‘well, yeah, these are the real big names, the prolific ones. I can imagine why they’re on this list. They are the great ones in blogging.’
And then I saw my own name. Liz Black X. Nr. 81. I scrolled up, I scrolled back down, and it was really there. Liz Black X Nr. 81. Tears sprung to my eyes.


How could this be? I hadn’t asked for any nominations. I didn’t even know this list was coming up. How can my work be in the same list as those people I had earlier denominated as the ‘great ones of the sex-blogging community’?
Well, as you can see. Here’s another post of mine. Turns out I did have more to say.

Acceptance Speech

I am incredibly honoured to have made this list. It feels like a thank-you speech at an award show, but yes, I would like to thank whoever nominated me, and of course Molly and her husband for doing the hard work of putting this list together. I would also like to thank Chaturbate for sponsoring the endeavour, and I would like to give a special shout-out to the winners of the New Voices Awards. You guys are amazing.
Congratulations to the blogs of the Top 100, and let’s keep on doing our job: infusing the internet with more sex- and kink positive entertainment and information for everyone to enjoy.

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2019


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