Nothing to see here, just a gagged and bound lady on the coffee table ?

Last December, I followed the news about the outbreak of this new coronavirus in China. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. I was slightly amused at the fact that they held an entire city, roughly the size of my country, in quarantine. How was that even possible?
A mere three months later, I myself was in self-quarantine. Nope, not by force, but merely as a precaution to prevent contracting the disease. How exactly did that affect us, and our sex life? Are we already applying for a divorce?

Regular Rhythm

Not that much has changed in my daily life. My husband is now home seven days a week, where before he would go to the office for three days. Luckily, we enjoy each other’s company, and we have separate offices to give us some semblance of ‘alone-time’ throughout the day.
We have our groceries delivered to our house. The only thing I really miss is our extra outings to the supermarket and shops like Ikea or the garden centre. Yes, some of these are still open, but we choose not to visit them to be extra safe.
We do go out for a walk every night. We’ve also brought our rowing machine down from the attic, so we do get some additional exercise.
I’ve made sure to meditate every day. I use the Insight Timer app and use guided meditations. I fall asleep to one, and I listen to a short meditation after my first coffee. It gives me just a tiny bit of calmness and relaxation.

Sex Escapades

So what about our sex life? Has it improved or diminished?
Well, I’m happy to report that last week we had a fantastic week. My husband actually managed to surprise me with an ambush while I was taking a shower. He tied me to the cuffs we have there, that we had never used in this fashion before, and gave me a good spanking. It was an unusual sensation to be spanked while the water was running. It made the slaps more intense, and it all stung a bit harder.
The next day, lingering hotness from that impromptu spanking remained, so we went for a second round of play. This time we went for strict breast bondage, combined with nipple clamps. I was on cloud nine with this being one of the most extreme pain play we had ever done.

Porn Therapy

Directly related to these events was my rediscovery of another proven method for stress-relief that I have used in earlier parts of my life: porn-therapy.
Before I met my husband, I used to do this a lot. I would browse Tumblr or other websites and peruse the images, welcoming the happy buzz it would give me.
Ever since Tumblr removed its adult content, I have lost this ability. Once in a while, I would browse through Pornhub or Spankingtube, but it wasn’t the same. I love looking at the separate pictures and gifs and use that to become aroused, instead of having to look at an entire scene. But last week, through Mewe and Bdsmlr, I got the same buzz. I was elated!
I lost a full day of work because I was looking at those pictures.
It gives me a substantial distraction. It replaces everything in my head, everything that’s on my mind, and I can focus only on what I see on the pictures and how it turns me on. I call it therapy because it gives my head some respite and relaxation that I otherwise find hard to achieve.

Animal Crossing

That was last week. This week is less sexy, but I’m still doing all right. I have trouble focusing on work, but I guess that’ll pass. For further distraction, we have bought a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing New Horizons. It works perfectly as a distraction. The world within the game is sweet and cute, everything the real world isn’t at the moment. If you want to come to visit my island, please send a message.

Less Daily Stress

We’re slowly starting to think about coming out of the lockdown. In a way, it’s terrifying to think about going out into the masses again. And, in all honesty, I’ve not been this relaxed in a long time. No more family visits, no more hurrying for my husband to leave the house for work, just us two together doing our stuff. My husband printed a sexually themed statuette which we left on the coffee table. I love being able to leave it there. We usually pack away everything BDSM-themed for when our family comes over. I never realised how much I would enjoy looking at something from the kinkier side of my life in my living room.
Yes, I miss my friends. We still talk through Whatsapp, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again. I miss my hugs. I miss doubling over in laughter, but I’m sure one day that’ll return.

We’re Good

So yes, I’m holding on. And no, I’m not heading for a divorce. We’re actually doing pretty well together, better than I had expected. We take care of each other, we clean our house together, we’re holding on. Only a few more weeks before the lockdown will be lifted, and we will slowly venture into the world again. I’m thrilled that, up until now, we have survived this crisis as a couple, and I think we’ll come out stronger too.



  1. I really enjoyed reading about a real life d/s bdsm marriage that is honest and a sneaky glimpse into what a “healthy relationship” should look like

    Thank you for sharing
    Stay safe and well
    Swirly ???‍♀️

  2. Lol, it’s funny isn’t it, how we went from looking at Wuhan and China and then suddenly it hit here, something no one imagined could happen!
    The surprise of your husband when you were taking a shower sounds lovely, it makes me smile reading it. Also I had the same with tumblr!! And I lost the ability when tumblr stopped the adult content and nothing has really replaced it. I might check out Meme and Bdsml, they sound good? o:

    1. Mewe.com is kind of like a competitor to Facebook, but if you, like me, follow some BDSM groups, some nice pictures show up ☺️
      BDSMLR is like a follow-up to Tumblr, it just isn’t that big yet.

      Thanks for reading ☺️

  3. I am so with you on being amused about the lockdowns in China, and look where we are now. Like you and your husband, my husband and I love to be together, but also miss our little outings. In a way I am wary for things to get back to ‘normal’ and for us to have to go out there again. I prefer for us to stay in just a bit longer, just to make sure none of us get the virus. I do enjoy not having to drive to work!

    Rebel xox

    1. Yes, I think exactly like you ☺️
      While they’re talking about opening up the schools again, I hope the lockdown will continue just a bit longer. My life is kinda nice and quiet right now. And I can imagine you don’t miss the ‘files’ ?

  4. I am pleased that u are still having sexy times Liz – our living space means that is not happening for me – well sex is but no kink – also meditating is an excellent idea
    May x

    1. Well, at least that’s something ☺️
      We need to wait until all our neighbours are inside. Don’t want to scare the neighbourhood kids ?

  5. I enjoyed your post, I’m glad sexy times are on the up. We have our grown up kids in the next 2 rooms so ours has gone down – but that is since they moved back home, not entirely related to lockdown! Mental state during the lockdown can vary but I may try the meditation you suggest. I have found that the audioporn created by @girlonthenet and some vanilla podcasts have been good for taking my mind elsewhere. Glad you’re trying out the rowing.

    Posy Churchgate
      1. I shall browse that website. Have you tried frolicme.com? I write for them so I know they have a great mixture of erotica, but they have galleries of pictures too. Not sure if they are still doing their ‘lockdown’ deal on the film membership, but they are truly beautiful, female friendly porn.

        Posy Churchgate
    1. Whoops! Sorry. Itchy trigger finger!

      It’s great that you are finding benefits in the time and space afforded by lockdown. I feel the same about the prospect of the end of the lockdown and the possibility /likelihood of losing the positive aspects that have come out of it. Having an (enforced) break from the rat-race has had lots of good sides as well as bad. I hope that we could find a way to hold onto some of those positives when it comes time to emerge into the “new normal” world to come.

  6. It sounds like you are in a really secure place and making the most of the situation. I have the lovely Mr Hunt home all the time to, but having kids at home and going to work myself is not quite giving us the same experience. 🙂

    Alethea Hunt
  7. I really loved reading about the creative ways you have approached the restrictions. I know what you mean about it all being strange and also the way the pace of life feels calmer too. I really enjoyed reading about the ways you have been able to adapt your dynamic to suit your new circumstances ?

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