Image by Christian S from Pixabay
Image by Christian S from Pixabay 

When I saw this prompt, I knew I wanted to join. Between 1995 and 2005, roughly, all I listened to was R&B.
But then I reached the next problem: which songs to write about. Songs that made me sad, musical pieces that turned me on, fun stuff? There were too many categories to cover in one post, so I started up an Apple playlist with 90s R&B and hip hop and jotted down which songs I liked best. Finally, something of a category emerged: songs I loved the most. So no in-depth emotional stories here, nothing sexual either, just pieces I loved listening to because of their composition and sometimes the lyrics.

Allure feat. 112

All Cried Out – Allure feat. 112

I loved this song when it was released, and I still enjoy it today. It’s beautiful, and the voices of the two groups merge together splendidly.


If You Love Me – Brownstone

Another group with amazing harmonies is Brownstone. I loved listening to this song so much, though I didn’t care much for their album. For me, it was basically just this one song.


Anything – 3T

When just released, I enjoyed listening to this piece by Michael Jackson’s nephews. I loved it so, I copied it back to back on a cassette tape like you can repeat one song on your favourite streaming service today. And you know what? I got tired of it real quick. Waste of time that was, really.
I saw 3T live in Amsterdam in a shopping mall. I remember one of my friends being groped in her crotch by a bystander. We were fourteen/fifteen year old, and that made a lot of impact on us.


Yesterday – Boyz2Men

There are many Boyz2Men songs I love, but this one stands out from the others, primarily because of the harmonies and a capella structure. I know it’s a cover from The Beatles, but I’m not a particular fan of their music, so I prefer this version. I love how their voices blend together.

Az Yet

Last Night – Az Yet

Just now, I gasped as I listened to this song. I never listen to it anymore, but I love it a lot.
I know my friend and I went to one of their concerts in a night club, but I can’t even remember if we saw them. I remember the band was very late, which shortened the time we had to see them. I think we saw them perform some songs, but then we had to leave early since my friend’s stepfather was there to pick us up. We weren’t exactly of legal age, but yeah, which club was gonna turn away two cute blond girls? Ah yes, memories.

A Capella and Harmonies

So you see, I did come up with a common denominator somewhere: a capella and harmonies. All these songs transport me back twenty years to another world when I was living with my father and had very different friends from today. It wasn’t a bad time, per se. I was exploring myself. I definitely had loads of fun, hanging out with my friends, listening to music and seeing the artists live. It’s an excellent place to return to now and then.