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Next Wednesday is the release of a new meme: Erotic Fiction Deluxe. This new meme is available to everyone, about sex stories. What are my thoughts behind starting this meme?

I Love Memes

Early in 2019, as I first began blogging, I found the various memes and contributed to them. I would add my blog posts to Tell Me About, Sex Bloggers for Mental Health, Food4Thought and Wicked Wednesday. I loved the prompts, else I found it challenging to come up with what to write about. I also liked how it made it easy for other people to find my blog and respond to articles they enjoyed reading.

Release New Meme

So instead of waiting for someone else to set up a new fiction meme, specifically tailored towards the erotic genre, I decided to set up my own. Starting next Wednesday, February 24th, a new prompt will be added each week. The prompt will be open from Wednesday 12:00 until Tuesday 23:59 my time, which is Amsterdam time.
The website is already online, so please check it out. You can add your story once the prompt opens on Wednesday.

All Erotic Fiction

Erotic Fiction Deluxe is open to all sorts of erotic writing. Stories can be in any genre and be anywhere from vanilla to BDSM and everything in between, as long as they’re sexy. The prompt isn’t mandatory. You can use it for inspiration, but you can also choose to ignore it.

Since this is a new project, I will first do everything myself. I do have plans for doing round-ups and will invite other bloggers to do them in the future once the meme has found its audience.


I’m incredibly excited and nervous to get this project started. I’m an introvert, and I was perfectly happy writing by myself, for myself. However, I feel it’s essential to grow as an individual and start giving back to the community, which has given me a lot.

I hope this project will bring people happiness, either as a reader or as a writer.


  1. This sounds really interesting Liz and I wish you all the best. Fiction is not my thing but I do dabble now and then when I have an idea. I find that the ideas are my biggest block so the fact that you have a prompt is great as hopefully that will give me some inspiration. You are wonderful at erotic fiction so I think this will be a big success for you. I look forward to talking part. Missy x

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