Read how Reina continues her journey of selling her milk to willing patrons of the new venue she has begun for this purpose. Her current lover Jim helps her run the new business, but what happens when things get out of hand?

Lactation Temptation – The Milky Chronicles of Reina’s Success is out now. Check it out!

Lactation Temptation – The Milky Chronicles of Reina’s Success

Lactation Temptation – The Milky Chronicles of Reina’s Success

Her boobs are still filled with milk, and she sells it!

Book 2: Continue the journey with Reina in "Lactation Temptation - The Milky Chronicles of Reina's Success." Strap in as you follow this resilient, 22-year-old woman on her unscripted journey of discovery, and how her unconventional business idea brings more than just financial gain. In this sequel, Reina finds support not in her boyfriend, Reynold, but in the arms of Jim, a charismatic stranger who captivates her heart. As she delves deeper into this peculiar enterprise, Jim's steadfast support helps her navigate these unfamiliar territories. Reina's continued venture to sell her milk becomes a labyrinth of emotional upheavals, relationship dynamics, and exhilarating success. In these pages, you'll witness a young woman challenging societal norms and the contours of commodifying the intimate. The daunting obstacles of public perception and personal boundaries are stretched as Reina bravely charts her course towards autonomy and a taste of success that's as sweet as the milk she sells. "Lactation Temptation: The Milky Chronicles of Reina's Success" isn't simply a continuation, but an evolution of Reina's intimacies, ambitions, and her daredevil ventures. She's redefining norms in both her personal and professional lives, and she is far from done. Embrace the unexpected. It’s more than a wild ride— it’s Reina’s unapologetic journey towards an unfamiliar freedom.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sex scenes. If this offends you, please don’t buy this book. All characters are over 18. This is an erotic fantasy. It is a short story, about 5000 words long.

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About the Book
Series: Lactation Temptation, Book 2
Genre: Erotica
Tag: Lactation
Length: Short story
ISBN: 9798215454824
List Price: 2,99
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