Picture of the Tarot card 'Wheel of Fortune' 

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As we close the door on 2022, LizBlackX is taking a moment to reflect on the highs and lows of the past year. From working on her popular blogs and publishing sex toy reviews, to navigating major life events and struggling with health issues, Liz has had a rollercoaster of a year. While she may have experienced some setbacks, such as having to stop writing fiction and ending her cooperation with Easytoys.nl, she also made progress in her relationships with Bettystoybox.com and Womanizer, and established new partnerships with other websites.

Looking ahead to the future, Liz and her husband are focusing on making more time for fun and adventure, and Liz plans to continue writing sex toy reviews and sharing her thoughts on various products. She may also branch out into writing about her offline interests and activities, and if her health allows, she may even delve into more sexual interests and activities.

Despite the challenges of the past year and the uncertainty of the future, Liz remains optimistic and determined to make the most of every day. Here’s to hoping for a bright and fulfilling 2023 for all!

Since ChatGPT, an AI service that was released within the past two weeks but which might be a technological disruptor, I fed it my original blog post and asked to adjust it. I’m following this development closely to see what it may mean for me as a writer. This is my original post:

Liz’s Life in 2022

At the end of 2021, I was hopeful for the future. I enjoyed working on Lizblackx.nl and on Lizxlikes.com, writing my stories for Medium.com and publishing sex toy reviews. When I drew my Tarot card for 2022, the result was ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ In my mind’s eye, I supposed this would mean I would break through, my stories would become immensely popular, and all would be well. The reality was different.

A significant life event happened on January 22, and it would set the course for the rest of the year, resulting in many hospital visits, bodily discomfort and, in the end, confusion and depression. I’ve not been well, and I’m still recovering.

Having so many stressors in my life meant I couldn’t write fiction anymore. Writing fiction requires a particular mindset that I couldn’t access this year. So, while it broke my heart, I had to stop writing for Tantalizing Tales on Medium.com.

Instead, I focused on writing sex toy reviews. I also experienced a setback as my cooperation with Easytoys.nl ended. This was impactful since I enjoyed working with them. But not all was bad!

I intensified my relationships with Bettystoybox.com and Womanizer. I reviewed over 40 products this year and established cooperation with other websites. I have received many products from JeJoue.com, many of which I still need to review. I’ll say this: they’re all high-quality.

When I feel a little better, I hope to write comparison posts. I’ll also continue to make Unboxing videos and even buy a more decent camera for my videos instead of the old compact camera I now use 😉

In light of all that happened last year, my husband and I have decided to do more fun activities from now on. This means more meetings with friends, going to munches to make new friends and being more daring overall. We’ve just returned from our first holiday in ten years, and we definitely hope to do it again!

I have sixteen toys lying here, waiting to be reviewed, with at least four still on the way, so LizxLikes is guaranteed plenty of content in the coming weeks 😅

As for the future of this website: I have no idea 🙂 It’s brought me so much that I’m unwilling to take it offline. I have plans to write about my increasing offline life, with activities such as collecting DVDs, playing on the Wii and playing simple games of cards. Maybe if I got some of my sexuality back, I could write about more sexual interests and activities, but I can’t predict that at this moment.

Life is hard, also with the world’s unrest which is troubling me. I’ll be here, and I plan to be here for a long time to come.

Best of luck for 2023!

Lots of love,


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