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I enjoy the music by Nightwish, though I don’t love all their songs. I have a few favourites, and this one for the prompt ‘beautiful’ is one I like. I love the intensity of the music.

I had no idea of the backstory. I was aware Nightwish have had three different lead vocalists during their existence. The first was Tarja Turunen, who was replaced by Anette Olzon. When I saw Nightwish live at a concert in Amsterdam, I saw this performer. She was a decent singer, but not my favourite.
In 2013, Anette was replaced by the Dutch singer Floor Jansen. She has a powerful voice and can reach a great variety of tones.

The song ‘Bye Bye Beautiful’ from 2008 is rumoured to be about Tarja leaving the band. It makes the entire piece even more intricate. I hope you enjoy the song and the backstory.

Written ByTuomas Holopainen

Release Date: February 15, 2008

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