Tantaly Sex Doll Care Kit Review by Liz BlackX
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Last year, I received my first TPE torso sex doll from Tantaly to review. It was love at first sight, but it was also a steep learning curve. I mean, I know how to handle dildo’s and vibrators. I can clean them, keep them safe and charged. I’ve got that under control. Toy cleaner is your friend here.
But a TPE sex doll was a different story altogether. You can’t just take it out of the box, use it and then stow it away until next use. Like with the female sex toys, there is some cleaning involved. But how do you clean those tight canals? And is there an easier way to insert lube? And how do you store the doll at all? Tantaly developed this kit to help you with these issues.

Packaging and Description

Tantaly Sex Doll Care Kit Review by Liz BlackX

The Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit is delivered in one box. Inside this box are a lube applicator, two drying sticks, one portable sex doll washer and a doll storage bag. Funnily enough, my husband designed his own drying stick before we had this convenient kit. He made a stick of regular kitchen towels which served the same purpose. Drying your doll is of the utmost importance. You can understand why cleaning is essential, but you definitely don’t want any mould to develop inside your lady friend. The best part of these drying sticks is that they can be used multiple times.

The sex doll washer is basically a sex doll friendly variant of your shower head. My husband indeed used to use our shower hose. The version Tantaly delivers in this kit is safer to use on your doll with less chance of doing permanent harm. The water spray from the bulb is not as strong as when connected to the tap. It is strong enough to rinse out lube and sperm.
The storage bag is 75 x 57 centimetres big, and it’s made of grey satin. It’s a perfect solution to storing your doll safely and hide her from unwanted eyes.

My Experience

Tantaly Sex Doll Care Kit Review by Liz BlackX

I will rely on my husband’s experiences here since he uses and cleans the doll.
He was very content with the Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit. All components made using, cleaning and caring for the doll just that a bit easier. The lube applicator made sure the lube was better spread inside the canal instead of just holding the tube against the opening.

The drying sticks were way more convenient than my husband’s own invention. This is also because the material is better suited to absorbing liquids and won’t tear like regular kitchen towels. The washer was gentler to the doll than how he did it prior. And wrapping the doll in the storage bag is a great solution, especially with nosy mother-in-laws putting away clean laundry.


Tantaly Sex Doll Care Kit Review by Liz BlackX

The Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit is an excellent addition for any doll owner. Yes, you can do without, but having the kit makes things a thousand times easier. It’s easier to apply the lube, it’s easier to rinse and dry the doll, and the storage bag is like the cherry on the pie. Especially when you’re buying your first doll, I would add this to my order if I were you. I wish we had known of its existence when we got our first. It would have saved us from several headaches for precisely the issues we encountered. And proper care will only ensure a longer and happier life for both you and your doll.


Tantaly Sex Doll Care Kit Review by Liz BlackX


  • Complete set
  • Drying sticks are reusable
  • Storage bag is indispensable
  • Simple solutions for a lot of problems
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only two drying sticks

Overall: 8 out of 10


Where To Buy

UK Store(tantaly.co.uk): Deluxe Care Kit

from: Tantaly

Use the code ‘dream’ for 10% discount on everything on

www.tantaly.co.uk and www.tantaly.com

All Pictures

The doll featured in these pictures is Britney, also from Tantaly.co.uk. The review of this doll will come to this website soon.

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