Six Unique Ways to celebrate Valentine’s with a Doll

Doesn’t she look like your perfect date for Valentine’s?

Spending Valentine’s Day as a single isn’t easy. All you see around you are happy faces and people in love. But just because you aren’t in a relationship, doesn’t mean you need to feel sad. Especially not if you have a sex doll in your house.

Today’s society isn’t only for married heterosexual couples anymore. All combinations are accepted and welcomed, so why not a human and a doll? Sure, there’s still a stigma on it, but there’s no need to tell anyone. Start planning early and prepare your private party. And if you don’t have a sex doll yet, maybe this is the perfect incentive to pick one up!

1. Lots of Lube


Early on in your preparations, make sure to check the basics. If you’re going to spend a special day with your sex doll, make sure you have plenty of lubrication in stock. No matter how realistic she might be, she will not get wet on her own. She will need your help. And if it’s your preference, also make sure you have plenty of condoms. Using a condom can make cleaning easier, but it’s all up to you!

2. Change her look


Remember, we’re going to celebrate a party here, so your doll will want to look her best. And what would be more perfect than getting your synthetic partner a completely different look with a new wig! Maybe choose a different colour for her or an entirely different style. You will be amazed by how fresh she will seem.

3. Get a new outfit


Why only change her wig when it’s just as easy to also pick up a new outfit for your doll. Choose whatever you like. Maybe a stylish party dress or you skip right ahead to a sexy lingerie set. Keep in mind this is for Valentine’s Day, so the basis must be romantic. But other than that, the choice is all yours.

4. Clean her up – sexy style!


If you have a silicone doll, you can try taking a romantic shower together. Make sure to wrap up her removable head in plastic though, we don’t want to cause any lasting trouble. Your TPE doll can also join you in the shower, but only on lower temperatures. To add a finishing touch, you could spray perfume on her new outfit. Make sure the fragrance has dried into the fabric before dressing your doll. But now your sex doll is clean and smells great: she’s ready to party!

5. Valentine dinner


How could you celebrate Valentine’s without a romantic dinner together? Take your doll with you to the dinner table and enjoy her company. If your doll is in a lying-down position, then don’t worry! Just make it a fun picnic! Place a blanket on your floor, decorate it nicely and enjoy your dinner together with her.

6. Enjoy the Night


The evening together… After dinner, it’s all up to you. Maybe you’ll want to watch a romantic movie together. Perhaps you’ve had enough preparation, and it’s time to move into the bedroom. Your doll will look and smell like never before, so she’s sure to smash your senses.

End the day of partying with a massage while you whisper sweet words to her. Make soft and sweet love to her, or take her roughly from behind. It’s your Valentine party, so make sure your dreams come true. And remember, your sex doll is there to fulfil all your wishes!

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