When I saw this week’s prompt was ‘coffee,’ I looked forward to writing the post all week. There was only one song possible: ‘Le Cafe’ by Oldelaf. Years ago, we were notified of this song by a friend of my husband’s. My husband and I both love coffee and will not start the day without it.
From what I can gather with my high-school French, Oldelaf is a French artist who loves to make people laugh and is a comedian.
No matter what mood I’m in, this song, especially combined with the video, always manages to bring a smile to my face. I love the upbeat music, and I would definitely recommend watching the video to the end, even if you don’t speak French. It’s not that suitable for small children, though, nor for the easily offended. Just a heads-up 😉


To get my day
Started well
And to wake myself up
I had a coffee
An arabica
Black and strong
I put on my jacket
There, I can go now

“Where are you going?”
Cries my love
“Lets have a cup of joe
I just got up”
Being ahead of time, and a little hasty
I change directions
And have another coffee

At quarter to eight
Gotta admit
The desks are empty
One could get bored
But I stay calm
I know how to adapt myself
Before they get here
I have the time for a coffee

The day flies by
Everyone can work
At least until
The coffee break
My secretary enters
“Strong, as you like it”
Ah shoot, I just had some
But now that it’s made

A business lunch
Right by the Sentier
It’s a beautiful day
But I’m stressed
My colleagues are having a good time
“Relax, RenĂ©
Have a nice cigar
And a little coffee”

Once we’re done
My colleagues, exhausted
Call a taxi
But I just wanna jump
I do all of Paris
Then I find a coffee shop
I order a decaf
But recaffeinated

I get back to the office
My secretary tells me
“You’re a little late
I was worried”
I throw her out the window
She was asking for it
Anyway, I gotta get home
But before that, a coffee

Waiting for the subway
I’m assaulted
A little old woman asks me
“Do you have the time, please?”
I break her head open
I push her on the platform
I run back home
And serve up a guess what

“Father, father dearest
I’m first in class”
What the hell is it?
Stop pissing me off
This kid’s so dumb
He even starts to cry
I lock myself in the kitchen
There’s still some coffee left

I’ve been cooped up
For fourteen days
I’m alone in my kitchen
And I’m drinking coffee
I should get some sleep
The cops are gonna get me
So I board up the door
And have some more coffee

Le café

Pour bien commencer
Ma petite journée
Et me réveiller
Moi j’ai pris un cafĂ©
Un arabica
Noir et bien corsé
J’enfile ma parka
Ça y est, je peux y aller

« OĂč est-ce que tu vas ? »
Me crie mon aimée
« Prenons un caoua
Je viens de me lever »
Étant en avance et un peu forcĂ©
Je change de sens
Et reprends un café

À huit heures moins l’quart
Faut bien avouer
Les bureaux sont vides
On pourrait s’ennuyer
Mais je reste calme
Je sais m’adapter
Le temps qu’ils arrivent
J’ai l’temps pour un cafĂ©

La journĂ©e s’emballe
Tout l’monde peut bosser
Au moins jusqu’Ă  l’heure
De la pause café
Ma secrétaire entre
« Fort comme vous l’aimez ! »
Ah mince, je viens d’en prendre
Mais maintenant qu’il est fait

Un repas d’affaires
Tout prĂšs du Sentier
Y fait un temps super
Mais je me sens stressé
Mes collĂšgues se marrent
« Détends-toi, René
Prends un bon cigare
Et un p’tit cafĂ© »

Une fois fini
Mes collÚgues crevés
Appellent un taxi
Mais moi j’ai envie d’sauter
Je fais tout Paris
Puis je vois un troquet
J’commande un dĂ©ca
Mais recaféiné

J’arrive au bureau
Ma secrétaire me fait
« Vous ĂȘtes un peu en retard
Je me suis inquiétée »
J’la jette par la fenĂȘtre
Elle l’avait bien cherchĂ©
D’façon faut que j’rentre
Mais avant, un café

Attendant l’mĂ©tro
Je me fais agresser
Une p’tite vielle me dit
« Vous avez l’heure s’il vous plaĂźt »
Je lui casse la tĂȘte
Et j’la pousse sur le quai
Je file Ă  la maison
Et je me sers un devinez

« Papa, mon papa
En classe je suis premier »
P’tain mais quoi ?
Tu vas arrĂȘter de me faire chier ?
Mais qu’il est con ce gosse
En plus y s’met Ă  chialer
J’m’enferme dans la cuisine
Y reste un peu d’cafĂ©

Ça fait quatorze jours
Que je suis enfermé
J’suis seul dans ma cuisine
Et je bois du café
Y faudrait bien que j’dorme
Les flics vont m’choper
Alors je cloue les portes
Et je reprends du café

Writer(s): Olivier Delafosse, Stephane Prin

Song Lyrics Sunday is a prompt by Jim Adams, other entries can be found here:

Link: https://jimadamsauthordotcom.wordpress.com/2021/03/06/not-a-frappe-or-macchiato/


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