The following story is purely based on my opinion, or rather dream (?) and is in no way endorsed by either Oomph! or Die Kreatur. It’s just a fantasy…

Come and use me
No matter what you feel
Have no consideration for me
And do what you want

Die Kreatur
Die Kreatur

In March 2019, I visited a concert by Oomph!. It was a small venue, and I had conquered a spot within the first five rows. Not the first row, because then you can’t move, but just behind it.
The show began with the loud sounds of the song ‘Trrr Fckn Htlr.’ I thought it was a cool song on the album, but hearing it live I was blown away by its force and magnitude. Soon I was singing and chanting along.
Then it happened—the most magical moment of the evening. I locked eyes with the singer of the band, Dero Goi, just as I was shouting along ‘Benutz Mich.’ (Use me). Many things went through his mind at that moment. I could see his mind racing.

Oh, awkward.
She won’t understand it, we’re in Holland.
Fuck, she does understand.

I knew full well what I was saying. I’m a sexual submissive with a rockstar fetish, so of course, I knew. And yes, part of me definitely meant it too.
But okay, the concert was fun, it actually kicked me out of SAD, finally, and I stored this moment away as a fun concert interaction.

Come and use me
No matter what you feel
I know you love me to death


Then the album Panoptikum by ‘Die Kreatur‘ was released in May 2020, a collaboration between Dero Goi from Oomph! and Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost.)
Judging by the cover picture, I thought it would be way too dark for me, but the opposite was true. It’s a catchy album with many different styles of music. Sure, it talks about dark themes that I don’t always understand, but it’s my favourite album of 2020 so far. I love singing along and even dancing to the songs. The overall genre is still metal, but some tunes are almost pop.
And you know what one of the songs is called? ‘Benutz Mich.’ No, I’m not making this up.

Come and use me
No matter what you feel
Have no consideration for me

I like to think the moment we shared was special to the two of us. That my longing look inspired this song. That my sheer sexuality exploded and transferred to him, and the only way he knew to guide this energy in the right direction was to write a song about it.

Just a Dream

Yeah, unfortunately, I’m more realistic than this. I know he performed the Oomph! song at least twenty times during his tour. I know there are many younger and prettier fans out there who have chanted the same lyrics with the same intensity as I did. I’m not that arrogant.

But please, let me enjoy this fantasy. It satisfies my groupie heart to think I was the main inspiration for this song—me, being the muse for this seasoned rock star, that would be a dream. Of course, he could do whatever he wanted to me. I would stroke his tattoos, fondle his strong arms and open up in every way. My submission would inspire him to many more works of art.

Until that day, I’ll stay here and write. I will let him be my muse, like when I wrote ‘Seven Minutes in the Closet.’ And I will keep all this as a treasured memory.

And do what you want
Come and consume me because I need you more
Than anything in the world

Benutz Mich – Die Kreatur


  1. Aha! Here’s the comment box. 🙂

    There’s a unique kind of intimacy that’s created when you lock eyes while you’re singing like that. I’m not surprised by your dream/wish/fantasy — it’s a very hot thought! 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I love locking eyes with the musicians during their show, in a non-creepy way 😉
      That’s why I love the smaller venues where such contact is easier.


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