Electro-Play: Stickers, Simon, and Sensations

Text by Liz BlackX
Stickers like these come with the Rimba-set

I’ve always been intrigued with electrical play. The same goes for my Dominant. As a teenager, he even constructed such a device himself. He has a background in electricity, so he knows how to do this safely.
Yet even when we were together, it took us several years to buy a sex toy using electricity. But then, one day, we were at a sex fair, and we saw a deal too good to ignore. We bought the set, and finally, we were able to live out our dreams.

Beginners set

The set we bought was a set-top box by the brand Rimba. You can attach different accessories to it and manage different channels. We purchased it roughly six years ago, so today’s box will have more features, but for us, it was a good starter kit. We started out with only the stickers that came with the set.


I was terrified when using it for the first time. It was during a period when I was focusing on spirituality and eating healthy and sugar-free. My body is sensitive, so I was afraid of strange side-effects the current might have. I was scared of having allergic reactions, or that somehow my inner energy would become unbalanced.
I can assure you: no such thing happened.


On the lowest settings, it feels like a soft prickly sensation. I remember one time in particular when the pads were placed just right. It felt like the Hulk was eating me out. That was my best experience with electro-play ever.


It’s challenging to get the pads in the right place. Just a millimetre to the left and the sensation is painful instead of pleasant.
We bought additional accessories like a small dildo. That item didn’t wow me as much as I had hoped. Since you don’t have many nerve endings inside your vagina, I felt little. The dildo was quite thin, so it just didn’t work for me. It worked better anally, but even that we only did a couple of times.
The major downside to the Rimba box is that it’s quite a hassle to use. You need pads, which only work a couple of times before they lose their stickiness. You need conductive gel. You need time and patience to get it right.

Sizzling Simon

Luckily there are other solutions too. I’ve been lucky enough to test a variety of electrical toys.
One of them that I enjoyed was Sizzling Simon by Mystim. It’s a vibrator combined with electro-effects. The combination was magical.
I know I just said that with the dildo-plug I felt little stimulation, but that was definitely not the case with this Simon. It was definitely intense, even bordering on too much. The toy is too big for me, so it’s hard to get inside of me. That’s a shame because I would have loved to use it more often.


Three months ago, I got the opportunity to test another sex toy with electro: an electro-wand vibrator. The head of the vibrator gives out both vibrations and electric stimuli. My Dominant loves to use this toy on me. I’m less of a fan. This is mainly because one time we didn’t use conductive gel, and I wasn’t wet enough, so it hurt a lot.
Only when wet enough, the stimuli are pleasant. And even then, the most intense setting is too much.
It’s not my favourite toy and should be used with caution.

Who Knows…

So yeah, I’m intrigued by electrical play. When we talk about things we want to explore, it’s always on our list. But for us, it’s challenging to get it right. It’s not enough, it’s too much, or it’s outright painful.
We’ll continue to explore. Maybe we will find the perfect combination. And there’s one toy we haven’t tried yet, that’s been on our wishlist for years. The violet wand. Who knows, maybe that’s our solution.


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