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In Part 1, Donna went to the spiritual helper Topaz Gord to seek help with improving her sex life. In Part 2, Donna returned to Topaz for another session and learned how to give the best blowjobs, with help of two others, Onyx and Ruby. In Part 3, she showed her husband what tricks she had learned and he was convinced Donna must be cheating on him. In Part 4 Donna leaves Randy to stay with Topaz, Ruby and Onyx for a while. Ruby takes care of Donna and introduces her to girl on girl love-making. In Part 5 Randy visited Topaz to ask about her plans with Donna. An argument ensued. Donna, on her part, became so emotional, she sought refuge in Ruby’s arms, and also had an encounter with Onyx. In Part 6 Topaz spoke sharply to Ruby. Ruby, as a result, made a visit to Randy which went further than he had foreseen. In Part 7 Donna receives spiritual guidance from Onyx. They connect on many levels. In Part 8 Ruby has troubles adjusting to the new situation, while Onyx and Donna get another chance to reconnect.

Part 9

“How pathetic must you be to steal another man’s wife, huh?” Randy spat at Onyx.

“Is that sadder than having your wife run into another man’s arms because she longs for love and affection?” Onyx replied. “At least I have something to be proud of.”

Ruby rushed towards Randy and held him back. Donna was closest to Onyx and placed a hand on his chest. “Don’t, please,” she pleaded.

“So what’s it gonna be, Donna? Did you like his dick better than mine?” Randy was furious.

Onyx pulled Donna with her back against him and held her by her hips.

“I’ve always chosen you, Randy. I had no idea life would send these two upon my path,” Donna replied.

“So you say while riding him still,” Randy said. Ruby tried to assuage him.

They all froze when a key was put in the front door, and Topaz entered moments later.

After looking from left to right, Topaz gave a brief shake of her head. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this looks like a stand-off. I thought I asked you to stop arguing. What happened here? Hi, Randy,” she finished with a nod to him.

“We were making amends. Our connection reignited, and one thing led to another,” Onyx answered while still keeping Donna close to him.

“And you happened to come by?” Topaz asked Randy.

“I came to check on my wife, only to find her being ravished by that brute.”

“I see. So that’s one fight solved, another one begun. Randy, I hope you can understand this doesn’t mean Donna loves you any less. Monogamy is quite an archaic institute, and our biology sometimes leads us to different choices.”

“Yeah, sure, go ahead, fuck everyone in town.” He shook his head at Donna in disdain.

“But now that I’ve got you all here, I have another topic to discuss,” Topaz said. “I haven’t received any of your payments yet.”

Donna frowned. “Didn’t you pay it yet, Randy?”

He scoffed. “I cant just pull $2000 out of my sleeve. And why should I have to pay while you “find yourself” bobbing on another man’s dick?”

Donna blanched. “That much?”

Topaz nodded. “Yes, Donna. Living here, receiving my guidance, including the extras, does cost that much.”

Donna felt Onyx tense behind her before he spoke. “You’ve received my last payment, Topaz. I’m moving out tomorrow.”

It was as if a bomb was dropped inside the room. Both Ruby and Topaz turned to him. “You what?” they uttered almost simultaneously.

Onyx shook his head. “I’ve had enough of this bullshit. I thank you for all your guidance and for setting me straight when I had lost my way. It’s time to move on.”

“But Onny, you can’t leave me.” Ruby came over and took his hand. Donna took a step aside to give them space, but Onyx still held her by her hip.

“Onyx, this is no way to show your gratitude to me,” Topaz chided him.

“I need some time away from all this. I’m not sure if the life I envisioned for myself is still my true wish. I need to explore what is my path.”

“But surely you can do that here, Onyx. I’ll give you my guidance,” Topaz said in a sickly sweet voice.

“I don’t need that anymore. I think there are better ways to spend my 5000 per month.”

“But Onny, we were going to live together, forever.” Ruby pleaded.

Onyx decidedly shook his head. “You will never be faithful to me, Ruby, so I’m not sure that’s what I want.”

“I can’t live without you,” she sobbed and rested her head on his chest.

Onyx pulled her and Donna close to him.

“I doubt this is a wise decision, Onyx,” Topaz stated.

Randy shook his head and walked towards the door. “You guys figure your shit out. I’m outta here.”

When Ruby leaned in for an intimate kiss with Onyx, Donna turned away. This was too much for her right now. 

What she’d considered her safe haven for the last few weeks was rudely shaken up, and it left her in turmoil. All this from wanting a little more excitement in her life. She hadn’t meant to break Randy’s heart or to come between Onyx and Ruby. Now how would she fix things?

The next day Onyx indeed moved out. He wouldn’t tell them where he would be staying. 
Only one day later, Ruby moved in with Randy. Donna wasn’t even mad. Neither of these two people could live alone, and it gave Donna some air to breathe. 
She had scrambled together her savings to pay Topaz. Donna figured she might as well stay the month and see if she could figure things out this way. She kept away from Topaz as much as possible. Funnily enough, she never was offered any tablets anymore. Sometimes she longed for the times when she had taken one of those pills. She had enjoyed the warm, glowy feeling and, she didn’t know if this was a co-incidence, it was usually followed by extremely hot sex.

Exactly a week after Onyx had left, his name appeared on Donna’s phone. Seeing it set off butterflies in her stomach; what could he want from her now?

“Hi, how are you?” Donna answered the phone.

She heard him exhale. “I didn’t know if you would answer the call.”

“Of course I would. Why wouldn’t I?”

“It’s so good to hear a friendly voice, Donna. I’ve been to hell and back this week.”

“What? Why?” Donna laid down on her bed. This was going to take a while.

“I needed to disentangle myself from that place. When you’re in there, these women, man, they put a spell on you.”

“Who? Ruby?”

“Not just Ruby. Topaz too. That woman is a viper.” His voice sounded tired.

“What has been so bad? Where are you?” Thousands of questions tumbled through Donna’s mind.

“You set my world upside down, Donna. The connection we made…it was too much. I was losing myself.”

Donna kept quiet. Partly because she felt the same way and partly because this wasn’t what she had expected, not from her tough Onyx.

“Did I scare you away?” he asked timidly.

“No, Onyx, no. It’s just…I…oh, I don’t know. How are you doing now?”

“Better now I can hear your voice.” He did sound relieved. “I thought I would never see you again. Really, the things that I have been picturing this week. I couldn’t bear that thought.”

Donna shook her head while her heart was overflowing with love for this man. How could he feel this deeply for her? One idea persisted inside her. Would she dare speak it?

“You’re thinking something - I can sense it,” Onyx said.

Donna hesitated. It might be a terrible idea.

“Whatever it is, say it. You can’t make my week any worse than it already is.”

“I need to see you.” There, she said it.

The line was silent for a moment. She heard him swallow. Her heart was racing. How was he going to respond?

“Where are you?” he asked with a broken voice.

“Topaz’ place.”

“Go outside to the big tree at the end of the street. I’ll come and pick you up.”

“Okay. Now?”

“Yes, now. Go.”

Donna was amazed she could still hold on to her phone while her entire body shook with excitement. It took her longer than necessary to spring into action. She rubbed her forehead, wondering if this was real.

Donna took her purse, shot into her coat and left the house. The tree Onyx had mentioned was only a few minutes away. During the walk, a thousand thoughts were running through her mind. What was going on? Why were they going to do this? Shouldn’t they discuss things with Ruby and Randy? How could this possibly make anything better?

Donna had nearly made herself crazy by the time she got to the tree. What if he had been joking? What if he wanted to make a fool of her and leave her here waiting for nothing?

Blond girl in white shirt wearing jeans looking over her shoulder into the camera. Picture from
Picture from

Her heart skipped a beat when his car turned the corner and slowed to a stop in front of her. Onyx lowered his window. “Get in,” he commanded.

Donna did as he had instructed. Before she could fasten her seatbelt, Onyx’ lips were on hers. It felt like coming home. Last week’s worries were forgotten. Nothing else mattered but their connection.

A car honked behind them. Onyx grinned. “Let me drive to someplace more secluded.”

Donna smiled shyly and felt her cheeks. They had not been so red from only a kiss in a long time.

While Onyx drove to a quieter spot, he kept glancing at his passenger.

Donna chuckled. “It’s really me, you know.”

“Oh, I know. I just, I can hardly believe it. It’s like a dream to have you in my car tonight.” Donna stared out the window. She couldn’t believe it either, but all her senses screamed this was true and it was the right choice.

Onyx drove to a park and found a parking spot where they could be alone.
He turned to Donna in his seat and took her hands. “Thank you for being here. Words can’t describe how much I missed you.”

“Why didn’t you call me earlier?” Donna asked.

He shook his head. “I couldn’t. I didn’t even know what was real anymore. All my life, I only wanted to start a family and get a good job. Well, I got the last part; I thought Ruby would fulfil the first part and then you walked into my life. I…” He looked away. “I was actually jealous when Ruby got to make out with you. And then Topaz made me so angry, and I needed Ruby, and you were right underneath her. Oh Donna, how I wished it was you I was fucking.”

“I never knew, Onyx. I wished the same thing.”

“And when I finally had you, it was every bit I had envisioned it to be. And now you’re all I can think about. Get out of my dreams, woman,” he ended with a chuckle.

“And you out of mine. But what about Ruby? And Randy?”

Onyx expression turned tormented. “What do you think sent me to hell this week? I tried to forget you. It isn’t fair towards Ruby. But I need you. But I don’t want to live without her either.”

“I feel the same about Randy.” Donna focused on their hands which were clasped so tightly as if holding on tight could stop her drowning in this dilemma.

She bowed her head until their foreheads touched. When their eyes met, their connection was reestablished.

They sat in the car like this for hours, talking, kissing, crying, enjoying each other’s energies.

Finally, Onyx decided it was time they went home. He drove to Topaz’ house.

“Is it okay if I call you tomorrow?” he asked.

“I’ll kill you if you don’t,” Donna replied with a smile. “Don’t ever abandon me for so long again.”

“Same goes for you, my sunshine.” He kissed her one last time.

“Goodbye.” Donna felt lighter than she had in weeks. Onyx still loved her, loved her a lot even. And it was clear she felt the same way about him. These few hours had done her good. Tired though she was, she was charged up fully mentally. She needed this man in her life. There was no doubt about it. Now she needed to find a solution to have all of them in one happy relationship. She had not yet solved this puzzle, but now she was determined to make it happen. As long as it ended with her and Onyx sharing a bed, she would be happy.


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