Content Warning: This story contains themes of adultery and dubious consent. No characters were harmed during the recording of this tale.

BDSM Sex Story

Picture of Collar and Rope

Copyright Liz BlackX

The collar stared at me from the dashboard. I hated the symbol of our relationship. Our broken relationship, I should say. His betrayal had erased all good memories. For that reason, I simply couldn’t have that item in my house anymore.

Holding the collar, I walked up to his apartment. I briefly considered throwing the thing in his letterbox, but somehow that felt too much like sacrilege. It was still a collar.

It took him so long to open the door that I almost turned around and left. But no, there he stood, with this evil smirk on his face. My former Dominant.
“Come in,” he merely said. I hated the smug tone of his voice.

We faced each other in the living room, standing awkwardly in the middle. He didn’t speak. Of course, he didn’t. He saw how uncomfortable this whole deal was making me, so he would do all he could to prolong it. I knew his methods.
“This is yours,” I said while lifting the collar.
“I know.” He didn’t move.
I took a deep breath and walked over to the coffee table. That would have to be sanctimonious enough for a collar.
“Okay, I’ll see myself out then.” I turned towards the exit.

“If only you hadn’t flirted with Danny the way you did.”
His words were enough to fan the flames inside me. “What did you say?”
He shrugged. “If you hadn’t flirted as much.”
It was like my insides exploded. “If I hadn’t flirted? Is that what you’re saying? How about Sylvia? How many times did she suck your cock?”
“At least she listened to me.”

I gasped and turned away. “I did everything you wanted, even when you pushed me to do things I didn’t want.”
When I next looked at him, his expression had changed from defiant to grim. He took one step closer.

“Is that so? Did I push you? That’s funny.” He crept up behind me so that I felt his hot breath in my neck. “I never heard you complain. Maybe I couldn’t hear it through your screams of pleasure.”
“You never…”
He took my ponytail and pulled my head back. “Tell me, I never what…?”
“It’s just…I don’t…” Fuck, the position he had me in now, had me whimpering like a little girl.
He brushed his lips over my cheek. “I made you cum over and over, don’t you remember that, girl?” He bit in my cheek.

I gasped. No, not at the pain, but at what he unleashed inside of me. Deep down, I knew he spoke the truth.
“Until you begged me to stop, remember that?” He forcefully took control of my mouth, pushing his tongue inside me. And what did I do? I returned the kiss. I could not withstand this man. Every time I melted in his arms.
Our tongues battled. He wanted to claim his dominance, I didn’t want to succumb, and yet I did.

With one forceful move, he ripped apart my blouse. Instead of fighting him, my resistance melted. I offered him my chest as if I had no choice, which I knew full well I had. He pulled away my bra. Once seeing my breasts, his eyes softened. This moment of weakness didn’t diminish our passion. He mauled my boobs hard, grabbing and twisting them. I didn’t just moan from discomfort, my moans were also of pleasure. I had always loved his hands, his firm grip.
He undid the button of my jeans and yanked them down, together with my panties.

I gasped again when he jammed a finger inside of me. “You’re still wet for me, slut.” A shudder went through my body hearing that term of endearment. One gasp went over into a series of gasps as he started to fuck me with his finger. He still had that perfect touch.
“Do you like that, slut? Or would you rather have Danny finger-fuck you?”
“Fall dead, Sir.”
He chuckled. “Sir?” He rubbed my clit, and I squirmed at his touch. Why had I even said that?
“I didn’t think I was your ‘Sir’ anymore. But this ‘Sir’ can fuck you if you want.”

By now, his fingers had me on the verge of orgasm. I was squirming around him. I was melting like butter all around him. He knew it, and I knew it.
“Get me a condom,” he commanded after pulling out of me. And like a brainless doe, I did. I followed his command, walked over to the drawer where they always had been and pulled one out.
In the meantime, he had taken off his pants and underwear. His cock was hard and ready.

He took the foil packet from me and opened it. “I’ll put it on. You always made a mess of it. Or did you practise with Danny?”
I should have walked out, then and there, but I couldn’t. Right now, I needed this man.

“Shut up and fuck me,” I replied, while my chest was heaving. I surprised even myself.
He smiled as he stroked himself through the latex. “Still the whore I remembered.”
I swallowed at the insult. Degradation. He knew that was my soft spot. And seeing his dick made my cunt clench in wanting.
He walked over and pushed me against the door, again breathing in my neck. The scent of our aroused bodies brought back instant memories. His hard meat was poking at my buttocks.

“Are you ready for me, like the fuck meat you are? Or did Danny turn you into a decent woman?”
I cringed at his words. I needed his sex, not his humiliation, but I couldn’t deny how hot he made me. I rubbed my ass over his cock, trying to wiggle him in myself.

“Beg for it, Selina.”
“No, I can’t,” buy my voice wasn’t as firm as I would have liked.
“Beg for me, like the slut that you are.”
I really didn’t want to. I fought with everything inside of me not to say the words.
“Fuck me.” It came out as a whisper.
He outright laughed and let his dick slide over my labia.
“What was that?”
“Fuck me, Sir.”

He bent close to me, and with his lips touching my ear, whispered “good girl,” before thrusting his hard member into my slick pussy.
I inhaled sharply at his intrusion. A thousand sensations ran through me, all at once. How he felt, how hard he fucked me, how he controlled me. We instantly found our rhythm again. It was as if we had never been apart. All fights were forgotten, all that remained was our bodies doing this primal deed. Even he let out moans of pleasure.
Soon I was on the verge of orgasm. And, like before, he knew. He noticed and his hand found my tit. “Cum for me, slut.” He pinched my nipple hard. I didn’t want this, I was stronger than this.
I lost. After just a little longer, that one pinch, and I went over the edge. My world exploded in a thousand stars. My muscles spasmed, and I stumbled into the door. He held me up and continued to pound me. I knew he wouldn’t let me go until he had had his release.
It didn’t take long for him to reach his orgasm. He gripped me hard and spilt his seed inside of me with irregular thrusts.
After only a few breaths, he pulled out of me. He rolled off the condom and walked away. I breathed into the door a couple more times, before finding the courage to collect my clothes.

He handed me my blouse after I had put on my jeans. I couldn’t face him. I just couldn’t look him in the eye. It was too much, too awkward, too wrong.
“Thanks for the collar,” he said, his voice laden with emotions.
“Anytime.” My automatic response was the best answer I could have given.
“I guess I’ll see you,” I said, without looking at him directly.
“I guess. Get home safe.”
“I will.”

I walked out and nearly ran to my car. What the fuck had just happened? I had only wanted to return the collar. Instead, I had been fucked like my life depended on it. I needed to get home. Danny must be wondering what took me so long.

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