You know, I’m quite strict with my blog. I mean, I can write about any topic I want, but there has to be a purpose to every single blog post. Either a glimpse into my personal life, a submission to a meme, a fictional tale I wrote or a review I did. I noticed I can never “just write” a short piece because it was something I wanted to share. I came across this clip by ‘De Vliegende Panters‘ a few weeks ago, and ever since, I wondered how to post it on my blog. I finally got the answer: I’m just gonna post it! Sometimes the answer is so simpleā€¦

De Vliegende Panters

De Vliegende Panters are or were, I guess, a ‘cabaret’ group, a group of comedians. This particular show, De Grote Drie, was performed between 2002 and 2004. I haven’t seen this show in the theatre, though I do seem to recall seeing them or members of this group during a theatre festival.

Total Touch

This particular scene just had to be shared on a sex blog. The three comedians play a group of girls in this sketch. One of them shares they have a new vibrator called the ‘Total Touch.’ It’s similar to the Tarzan, but instead of a monkey, there’s a piranha on top to stimulate the clitoris. And behind the piranha is a moisturising, liquid infusing llama. And the Rocky vibrator they share afterwards, well, you don’t need any Dutch – English translations for that. Trust me, their comedy is physical enough for everyone to understand. Just watch the clip. You won’t be disappointed.


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