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Polyamory is a subject I’ve mentioned a lot and alluded to many times, but I’ve never dedicated an entire blog post to it. Yet it’s something that has been part of my life for a long time. It is on my mind a lot, even though we don’t really practise it at the moment. So what is my standpoint on polyamory? Don’t I believe in monogamy? And how do we incorporate all this in our relationship?

Never Fall in Love Again

I remember clearly when I was living with my last ex, how afraid I was to never be able to fall in love with another man again. I fall in love easily and often. Most of the times it happens with a distant rock star or actor, but I’ve also had flings to near colleagues. It’s part of who I am. I love fantasising about this person, and it usually adds a glimmer of brightness to my day.

Love in My Marriage

This doesn’t mean I love my partner less. You could say it’s a different section of my brain, or of my heart, that loves to look ahead and explore other regions.
For instance, I would never plan on leaving my husband for a life with a rock star. I’ve thought about it, but I know it would make me incredibly miserable. So no, falling in love is fine, but only in my own mind.

Life-long Dream

My husband and I share our view on polyamory. Actually, it’s my husband’s dream to be in a relationship one day with a sub-sub couple, and me. It’s why I joined the real-life community and visited munches. I mean, talking about it is all good and well, but you’ve got to meet people somewhere to ever make this dream come true.
We have looked for a potential partner, or couple, at Fetlife and have met several people.
Another place where you can find polyamorous partners is on swingstown.com. We’re not that much into swinging ourselves. Still, it’s an excellent place to start looking for potential partners, especially now during Covid times.


What I love most about our current arrangement is my freedom to fall in love with other men. Or women. We discuss attractive people we see online or walking through the street. There is very little jealousy in our household.
I don’t think monogamy is a feasible lifestyle for humans. I applaud you if you are in a monogamous relationship and it works for you. I’m too fickle for it, I guess. I want to have other opportunities. I want to be able to meet other people and potentially date them too. But that’s just me.

Dreams and Hopes

I hope one day we’ll get to explore our polyamorous ambitions. It’s my dream to go on dates or to spend weekends with someone else. I want to be in someone else’s energy and see where it will take me.
I’d also love to explore finding partners together with my husband and see where play together could take us.
So no, I’m not a fan of monogamy, and it’s definitely not for me. However, I am faithful to my husband and would never cheat behind his back. I have no idea where our road with polyamory will go. I think this is one of those: only time will tell…


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